BethanyStephens SAID:

If I recently had a breast augmentation, but we’re unhappy with the size after the swelling went away, can the implants I already have be enlarged or do I have to have a new set of implants?

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  1. Dr. Brooke Seckel wrote on :

    Unfortunately you will need replacement of your breast implants to enlarge them. There are adjustable saline breast implants but they would have to have been used during your first procedure. Be sure to undergo a breast implant sizing system evaluation in which various sizes can be placed into a non padded bra so you can see how you will look with various sizes.

  2. Dr. Janet Turkle wrote on :

    Implants cannot be enlarged. It would be necessary to have your existing implants removed and another, larger set implanted if you feel the existing set is too small. In our practice we use Vectra 3D imaging as part of the consultation, which gives you a computer image of what you will look like with a particular implant size and profile. While not exact, it is very helpful to visualize a surgical result.

  3. Dr. Gustavo Galante wrote on :

    If they are silicone gel implants, they would have to be replaced. If they are saline implants and they are filled to the minimal volume, then additional saline can at times be used to enlarge the implant to its maximum filling volume. However, in most cases this is never enough to make an appreciable difference; a larger implant is usually needed as well.

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