ConstanceGoins-daniels SAID:

31 years old and 336 lbs , 5″10 will lipo help

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  1. Dr. Lawrence Korpeck wrote on :

    You definitely are not a surgical candidate. Your BMI is 48, which is extremely unhealthy. As a rule Plastic Surgeons don’t do elective surgery if your BMI is over 40. The risks of post-surgical complications are very high. I recommend losing weight first, get your BMI down to 30, than reconsider a surgical procedure.

  2. Dr. Jeffrey Scott wrote on :

    I would not consider liposuction with your current weight. A long term controlled weight loss regimen consisting of not only diet, but also exercise should occur first. After this you would be a much better candidate for body contouring surgery such as liposuction, tummy tuck, etc. If your are unable to loose weight on your own you may want to consider an evaluation for a lap band or gastric bypass procedure.

  3. Dr. Alexander Nein wrote on :

    Unfortunately, liposuction is not a substitute for diet and/or exercise. It is a contouring procedure to remove localized areas of excess fat accumulation. One cannot effectively reduce body weight through liposuction. Dietary counseling and exercise will be the best way to reduce your weight. After you’ve achieved weight loss, you may consider plastic surgery to remove excess skin if needed.

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