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Will nasal surgery help with my severe nasal pain?

Story below.

My pain started after I was hit by a heavy object on the right side of the root of my nose. At that time I felt a dent on the right side of the root of my nose (see picture) which is still present today.
The pain at that time was not as severe or as constant as it is today. Within time I developed a small pump on the front of my nose. The pump resembles much of the top of a glass bottle cap. When I press down on the pump the pain gets better.
As time went on I began hearing a cracking sound every time I pressed my nose together, like my nose was cracking. The pressure I out on my nose was more then just pressing my nose together, I pressed my nose together until I heard that cracking sound.I had a really bad habit of pressing my nose together until I got that cracking sound which was only present on the right side of my nose. As time went on I began experiencing pain on the right side of my nose and in my eyes (like there was sand in my eye or that feeling you get when you are really really tired and your eyes are giving in for the day) the pain would go away once I pressed on the pump on the right side of my nose. Now as I look back I believe this was the sound of my cartilage and I have manipulated my nerves in that area. No doctor at that point knew why I was experiencing this pain or what the cracking sound was. (This was 2008) I would always and still am found touching/ pressing on my nose for any form of relieve.

I believe that as the pain got worse, I started touching it at night and began picking at my nose as my right nostril is larger then my left and my skin on the right side of my face near my nose has stretched( I am not sure if this has added to the pain I am experiencing). So I began wearing gloves at night when I went to sleep. I have seen numerous doctors including the following: dentist, ENT, Neurologist, ophthalmologist, neurosurgeon, pan specialist. I have had the following treatments: acupuncture, hypnosis, chiropractor, light therapy, physiatrist, therapist. I have had the following tests complete: CT scan and MRI. I have tried the following medications: various neuorpoatic medication, pain killers and sleeping pills. I have changed my diet to eat foods with high folic acid and vitamin B. I am overall a very healthy person who works out twice a day.

As time went on the pain slowly got worse to the point of now. My nose does not hurt any more or less when I touch it, am working out, in the cold, in the warm, brushing my teeth, blowing my nose, eating or pressing the side of it. I have noticed the pain becomes worse when I breath through my nose, squint, indent my nose inwards or wiggle my nose to the right. The pain is constant and at a 9 on a scale 1-10. The pain hurts the most on the area where my skin ha stretched the most ( see picture below). My nose also feels as if it is swollen on both sides and feels as if it does not have much support- loss of cartilage.

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  1. Dr. Neal Goldberg wrote on :

    Unfortunately, I do not think that surgery will help. i wish you the best of luck.

  2. Dr. William Rosenblatt wrote on :

    Nasal surgery is not for pain.

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