Goldi SAID:

I had a rhinoplasty last summer. The week after I had the splint taken off and packing removed, I gently blew my nose and a white piece of “plastic” or something maybe 3/4 of an inch long came out of my nose. I called the office and the manager had no idea what it could be and the surgeon was on vacation. I went to see him yesterday and told him about this. I wondered if it was something that should not have come out because the side of my nose looks still caved in like it was before surgery. He kept saying he did not put anything in my nose so he doesnt know what im talking about, and my nose looks perfectly fine i should just leave it alone. After reading alot and looking at photos I know this was a cartilage graft that came out. I believe it was there to fill out and contour my nose and that he doesnt want to bother re-doing what I already paid to have fixed. Would you agree that this could only be a graft that obviously still needs to be there? Im angry that he is lying about this. And im angry that I have to pay someone to have Artefill injected to fill out the side of my nose.

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