KarlaMed SAID:

Im looking to get my chin done, so far ive seen 2 surgeons who have told me 2 completely different things im confused. Since this surgery has to deal with my face, I really want to make sure I get the job done right. one of them told me that all I needed was a chin implant that goes on the chin the other surgeon told me that I needed the longer one to help my face define better.

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  1. Dr. Diana Ghosh wrote on :

    I recommend you see another 2 doctors. Make sure one is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and the other is Board Certified in Ear Nose and Throat with a Cosmetic Fellowship. Choose the surgeon who you feel is listening to your concerns and addressing the issue you want corrected.

  2. Dr. Scott Miller wrote on :

    I never say never, but … I really believe that often the chin implant is used as a crutch for a surgeon who cannot achieve a beautiful neck!
    I consult with people from all over the world with concerns about their neck and jaw line. Many ask if a chin implant is necessary. I always ask such patients if their chin was too small when they were 21 years-old. If not, I point out that it didn’t shrink. In such cases, there are more natural ways to achieve a more NATURAL, yet elegant appearance. Even in younger patients with poor neck definition, proper and artful muscle contouring can achieve a beautiful appearance, without foreign parts.

  3. Dr. James Wethe wrote on :

    Well, there is the “problem” with multiple surgeons although it IS a good problem. There is definitely more than one solution to the problem of a small chin. Both solutions, a chin implant or a re-arrangement of the bone structure, are reasonable procedures and are based on your anatomy and many other factors. If you are in doubt after two consults then perhaps a third would be a good option. I would also encourage you to re-visit with the original two surgeons and go through the alternatives. Most surgeons would be happy to explain why they chose one option over another and their reasons for doing so. As with many things in plastic surgery, there is more than one correct answer. It can be difficult to decide which approach suits you best and it is reasonable to take your time to fully investigate those options prior to having anything done.
    J. Wethe, M.D.

  4. Dr. M. Bailey wrote on :

    There are two types of surgery to improve the chin profile (assuming your teeth fit correctly, and the whole jaw does not need to be moved) – placing an implant over the bone, or moving the bone of the chin prominence forwards (sliding genioplasty). For most patients, I recommend repositioning the bone. It also pulls the muscles under the chin forwards and tightens the neck profile. With either procedure, it is important in female patients not to make the chin look masculine. (Men’s chins are more square and more prominent.) Selection of the right chin implant, or the amount and direction of bone repositioning require experience. I recommend consulting a board-certified plastic surgeon who is comfortable with both procedures, understands the look that you are aiming for, and can explain the best way to achieve your goals.

  5. Dr. Susan Kaweski wrote on :

    Yes, no two consultations will be the same. Each physician has their own take on how to achieve what you desire. Seek out a surgeon that you feel comfortable with and has the qualifications you desire. You can contact my office for a complimentary consult by calling 619-464-9876.

  6. Dr. Regina Rosenthal wrote on :

    Hello Karla,
    Different physicians have different treatment plans. It’s a good idea to do as much research as you can and gather a few different opinions. Make a few more consultation appointments and compare the different treatment plans. The important thing is that you’re happy with the result in the end. My office offers complimentary consultations. Please contact Lacy at 408-559-4700 to set up an appointment.

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