JessicaDougherty SAID:

My breasts are pretty much the same cup size, however one sits about an inch and a half or two inches higher than the other. Is there a procedure to fix this?

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  1. Dr. George Bitar wrote on :

    Thank you for your question. I see a lot of women in my practice with asymmetrical breasts. A breast lift performed on the lower breast can fix this issue. You can see our before and after pictures of patients who have had a breast lift (with or without an augmentation) on

  2. Dr. Janet Woodyard wrote on :

    Jessica, Yes, there are procedures to fix this. A mastopexy is a breast lift procedure and elevating nipple position is a part of this procedure. It can be combined with augmentation if the goal is to increase breast size. It can also be done as a part of a breast reduction if you desire smaller breasts. It can be done alone if your goal is to remain the same size. Best of luck, Dr Woodyard

  3. Dr. Gregory Lynam wrote on :

    This level of difference is normal. As lift could be performed on the lower breast. This may be a brief procedure with minimal downtime. The scars do fade in time for most patients.

  4. Dr. David Berman wrote on :

    it is very difficult to tell without seeing a picture both from the front view and side views. i would encourage you to come in for a free consult. it is definitely possible to raise one of your nipples to make them look much more symmetrical. this can be done in my office under local anesthetic. you can go to work the next day, if this is all that i have to do. my personal em address is

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