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Hi there, I am considering rhinoplasty. I have been to several consultations in London, however I have quite a specific issue and haven’t yet found a surgeon that I feel confident with. I want to change the dorsal hump, I also want to refine the tip of my nose, however the issue is that on the tip of my nose – off center I have a growth – one that I have had since my early teens, and I am now 28 years old now. I have had the growth looked at by 3 different dermatologist and they are all very confident that it’s a benign cyst/ skin lesion. Please see photos attached. When discussing the removal of the growth I was told that I would require open rhinoplastly and that the options for removing the growth where : 1) cutting out the growth with an elliptical cut that would then require sticking to close the wound, however I was told that due to the location of the growth, in order to close the wound the skin would be pulled and this would result in nostril deformity – which of course I do not want
2) The other option suggested was skin graft, removing the growth with a margin and grafting skin from behind my ear over the space created by the removal – with this I am worried that the skin grafted will be to obvious and perhaps leave too much scaring.

I would really appreciate your opinion on the matter, perhaps you a have another approach to delivering the best possible result.
Thank you, best Regards Val.

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  1. Dr. Neal Goldberg wrote on :

    As the previous doctor explained, photos or an exam are absolutely required to give you good advice. If there is a significant lesion on you nose right now, however, it might be wise to consider treating it first before going ahead with a more complicated rhinoplasty. This was we are not trying to adjust too many variables at once.

  2. Dr. Douglas Monasebian wrote on :

    Thank you for your questions and concerns Val. The aesthetic components of your rhinoplasty are straight forward. The medical concerns are more involved. I have often performed functional and aesthetic rhinoplasty together and would like to assist you. I would need to examine you to discuss all treatment options. I trust we can come up with a mutually rewarding plan that will meet all objectives. Please call our office to schedule this appointment. We look forward to meeting you soon.
    Regards, Dr. Monasebian.

  3. Dr. Elliot Jacobs wrote on :

    Dear Val

    Removing a dorsal hump and refining the tip are routine parts of a cosmetic rhinoplasty. I am equally comfortable doing rhinoplasty “closed” (ie through the nostrils) or “open.”

    I cannot offer an opinion on removing the skin growth because I haven’t seen it and do not know it’s size. If it is a cyst, then it might be possible to remove it through a small incision, which should heal well. If it is a solid structure, then some alternative methods may have to be used. The pros and cons of each method would be discussed at the time of your consultation. Please call 212 570 6080 for an appmt.

    Elliot W. Jacobs, MD, FACS
    New York City

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