Cmartin5 SAID:

I might be at high risk of breast cancer my great grandmother grandmother mother and aunt had it they all past away. Cancer runs in my family bad period. So I was told to go through genetic testing but I don’t really believe a test can predict the future. There a lot a thing I believe and don’t I had a issue before with a doctor saying one thing that the issue was small but come to find out it was worst the. What he said. I would rather just had the surgery done so that I can feel free with no worry of it. My grandmother and mother caught it at around 30. I was wondering how could I go about getting this done.

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  1. Dr. John Ness wrote on :

    I assume you are considering a Mastectomy with a possible breast reconstruction to be proactive due to your family history. Typically a general surgeon does the Mastectomy portion of your procedure and a Plastic Surgeon will do your reconstruction based on what type of reconstruction you want or are a good candidate for. I would first recommend consulting with your primary physician to go over your options and his/her thoughts as they have a better understanding of your medical history.

  2. Dr. J. Cusick wrote on :

    I would recommend that you consult your primary doctor or your gynecologist to determine if you are a candidate for genetic testing. That is something that would fall in their realm of expertise. At this point if breast reconstruction is indicated you would then contact me for a consultation to discuss your options.

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