Fox90 SAID:

I am a female, 24 yrs old, height is 5.2.
A year ago I was 308 ibs, and now i weight 170 ibs. However, my body is very saggy and flappy ( every part of it).
I have been thinking about body contouring, but not sure what to do?
Could you please suggest me, what surgery I should do?

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  1. Dr. Tito Vasquez wrote on :

    That’s great! With that much weight loss, the answer is almost always some sort of excess skin removal procedure, which falls under the category “body contouring”. This excess skin can virtually be anywhere on your body. Therefore your short and long term goals should be considered. Get a good consultation to give you further advice regarding your needs.

  2. Dr. Neal Goldberg wrote on :

    Congratulations on your astonishing weight loss! generally i recommend the tummy tuck first. in some cases we can get insurance coverage for this. Secondary procedures include breast lifts, arm lifts and thigh lifts. I generally stage these sometimes combining the arms and the breasts in a single setting. I would of course need an exam to give you further recommendations. Best of luck

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