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In 2009 I had bariatric surgery. I lost about 100 pds. My stomach is so flabby it causes my hips to burn like fire. I wasdiagnosed with parenthetica meralgia. I would like to know ih a tummy tuck will help. I live in york, pa. But would like to know if there are any good surgeons in baltimore, md. My bariatric surgeon, dr. Chrfistina li at sinai hospital

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  1. Dr. Janet Woodyard wrote on :

    A tummy tuck may or may not help your symptoms. Nerve entrapment symptoms usually improve with weight loss. A tummy tuck may relieve the “pulling sensation” of hanging abdominal skin, but if there is another cause for the pain, this may not help. You may want to see a pain mangament physician and have electrodiagnostic studies done to be certain that nerve entrapment is, in fact, the problem and if the site of nerve entrapment can be determined. A tummy tuck or body lift procedure are great to improve contour by removing the loose skin after weight loss, but no guarantee can be given about improving your hip pain. A visit with a board-certified plastic surgeon would be important and I am more than happy to see you. Best wishes, Dr Woodyard

  2. Dr. Rondi Walker wrote on :

    Dear Ms. Arrington,
    Thank you for your question. Meralgia paenthetica is a condition that is caused by trauma or nerve entrapment of the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve. In your case the excess weight of your abdominal skin and tissue may play some role. Your recent 100 pound weight loss should have helped, but obviously did not. There is a possibilty the nerve is entrapped in deeper tissue, an abdominoplasty may possibly help by taking the “strain” off the tissue, but it is not a guarantee. It is probably best to consult with both a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and Board Certified Neurosurgeon who specializes in the spine.

    Good luck!

    Dr. Rondi Walker
    Washington, D.C.

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