Dindy904 SAID:

I have two little fat pockets under my chin…I had a neck lift…but was left with these fat pockets…what can I do? My surgery was six or so years ago, and I should have requested help at the time. I just was too overwhelmed.

0 Answers

  1. Dr. Adam Basner wrote on :

    I am confident there is a solution to the issue you are describing. In order to determine the most appropriate and effective treatment, I would need to see you for an exam.

  2. Dr. George Bitar wrote on :

    Thank you for your questions. These fat pockets could be residual fat, loose skin or a combination of both. They could also be submandibular salivary glands that have been unmasked by the surgery. A definitive answer will require and exam. Treatment may be as simple as touch up liposuction or as complex as a repeat neck lift. Best wishes.

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