RebeccaWeaver SAID:

Do you think it’s safe for a teen to have lipo suction? And how much would it cost?

0 Answers

  1. Dr. Ellen Janetzke wrote on :

    Although I wouldn’t advise that a teenager have liposuction, it is probably safe. There is still a great deal of growing that occurs during one’s teenage years and it is possible one could lose or gain weight during this period. The cost varies depending on area, the amount of areas and where the procedure is done.

  2. Dr. Gustavo Galante wrote on :

    It is probably safe, but the real question is this: is the patient mature enough both emotionally and physically to undergo an elective cosmetic procedure. The body may change in just a few years, and in addition, a teenager may not have proper expectations and may not fully understand the risks involved. Cost will depend on the number of areas treated, the facility, the type of anesthesia, and the surgeon’s fees.

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