pstaniscia SAID:

Never thought I would ask about anything plastic surgery related , but my eyelids are getting droopier and droopier. Is there a procedure available for this? If so, what is the approximate recovery time? And lastly, being at 50 y.o. mark, will it be something I will need to again when a few more years tacked on to that? Thanks!

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  1. Dr. Olivia Hutchinson wrote on :

    Dear Ms. Staniscia,
    As we age the skin of the upper eyelids begins to sag and the fat behind the eyelids may bulge, resulting in the appearance of droopy eyelids. Sometimes the eyelid muscle doesn’t function properly resulting in ptosis, which is a functional problem. A cosmetic procedure called an “eyelid lift” or “blepharoplasty” is designed to correct droopy eyelids which are due to excess skin and fat, whereas ptosis correction surgery is indicated if there is a problem with how the lid functions. The recovery is usually less than 2 weeks for the cosmetic procedure, and results from the procedure often yield a significant improvement in appearance.
    Dr. Olivia Hutchinson

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