Nataliemaria87 SAID:

I am a 27 year old female. When I was born my stomach wall did not come together properly so they had to tuck in my liver and close it up. I have a extremely abnormal scar instead of a belly button because of this.

I am wondering if there is anyone that can help me or has worked on something similar in the past. I had my first consultation today with a very highly regarded local surgeon and they couldn’t help me. To say I am devastated would be an understatement.

Please help.

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  1. Dr. Charles Spenler wrote on :

    As my colleagues have wisely suggested, there are, undoubtedly, other plastic reconstructive surgeons in your area of Utah that you could visit for a consultation, particularly at the University. Don’t give up! There are rare instances in which at least some improvement cannot be made. Before you give up, visit at least two or three more board certified plastic surgeons and see what they suggest. Best wishes to you!

  2. Dr. Curtis Wong wrote on :

    There should be many surgeons who can help you, and the University surgeons would be the place to start. If you simply had bad scars, any surgeon would have been able to help you improve that. So that implies your ‘scar’ is way more than just a scar or your insurance wasn’t accepted by that local surgeon. Contact the surgeons at the University of Utah and I’m certain they can help you.

  3. Dr. M. Bailey wrote on :

    In general, missing belly buttons can be reconstructed. Where there is a large area of scar, multiple surgeries may be required to first reduce the area of scarring to a line scar, and then reconstruct the belly button. Unfortunately, since you reside in Utah, not California, I could only legally advise you how this applies to your particular situation during a personal consultation in my office.
    However, if you are unable to find a plastic surgeon willing to take on your case in Utah, we are used to treating out of state patients. As there frequent flights from Salt Lake City to Orange County, you could make a day trip for an initial consultation. Do not give up hope!

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