VictoireDekenty SAID:

I am 20 year old student, weighing 130 pounds and 5’4. I just wanted to know if I could qualify for plastic surgery. Current I do have kidney failure and on dialysis. And I also have Systematic Lupus. And I potentially wanted a breast lift and brazilian butt lift

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  1. Dr. Brian Reedy wrote on :

    Hi Victoire. Thanks for your question! At this point in time, a mastopexy (breast lift) is a reasonable request, but also doing the Brazilian butt lift would be too much surgery for you at one time. Additionally, we would require medical clearance prior to a consultation to assure that you can safely have cosmetic surgery. Good luck!

  2. Dr. Csaba Magassy wrote on :

    Dear Victoire: Before we can get you thinking and medically qualified for Plastic Surgery we have to find out a few more things about your medical history and physical condition..A consultation with your internist and nephrologist can certainly shed a light if you are in physically reasonable condition that your body can withstand the stress of surgery. If the answer is positive then you will certainly be able to have the Breast Lift and Brazilian Butt Lift…….Dr. Csaba L.Magassy

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