treslyns SAID:

i had the lap band done in 8/2009, i lost more weight than expected, i started at 280lbs and i’m currently at 166lbs. during the weight loss my breast are now deflated. would it be possible for a breast lift to be covered with insurance

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  1. Dr. Elliot Jacobs wrote on :

    Congratulations on your weight loss! You are now much healthier.
    One of the problems with major weight loss is that the stretched out skin on your breasts (and other parts of your body) has no where to go except down. The result is often droopy, deflated breasts.

    Unfortunately, this surgery is NOT covered by insurance — it is considered cosmetic. However, you may have some luck if you visit a hospital with a plastic surgery training program, such as NYU, Cornell, Mt Sinai, Montefiore, etc. If you visit the plastic surgery clinic, you may qualify for this type of surgery at a greatly reduced rate — but you will still have to pay a fee.

    Elliot W. Jacobs, MD, FACS
    New York City

  2. Dr. William Rosenblatt wrote on :

    A mastopexy is usually considered cosmetic by almost all insurance companies. Call your company and find out. Also if your breasts are quite deflated you may need to have implants inserted at the same time as the mastopexy. We usually find that insurance pays for the weight reduction surgery not to cosmetic skin removal that is needed after you lose your weight.

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