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In 1999, I lost weight until I regained my strength and now all has returned. I asked my GP about a pannusectomy but she got down and looked under the over hang and said you could still see my vulva (I guess one of the exceptions is it be covered) I had a hernia repair , they used mesh from rib to rib and pelvic bone to pelvic bone. would a private doctor consider the surgery without requiring great amounts of weight loss?

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  1. Dr. M. Bailey wrote on :

    The answer is maybe! When I see a patient like you in consultation, I am more concerned that their weight is stable, than whether they are at their ideal weight. A lot of weight gain after a tummy tuck often results in a tummy that is very full above the belly button, and no definition of the waist – not attractive! Your general health, and how much overweight you are, are also important when considering surgery.

    Examining you will determine whether the major problem is loose skin, too much fat under the skin, a bulging of the abdominal wall or too much fat inside the abdomen. The surgery (if any) recommended would be different in each case.

    Finally, some plastic surgeons, such as myself, would be comfortable revising, adjusting or replacing your mesh repair, if necessary, while others would work with a general surgeon if the mesh needed work.

    So there is certainly hope that things could be improved, but you will need to consult a board certified plastic surgeon who has experience dealing with more difficult abdominal problems, to give you a personal plan.

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