Rita51411 SAID:

Hi!! I’m 18 and a couple of years ago I went from 127 lbs to 168 lbs, this significant weight gain all started once I went on birth control. With the weight came the boobs. 7 months ago I quit the birth control and slowly losing the weight, but I’m still big chested and now I have back problems plus my breasts look saggy, the complete opposite of what an 18 year old’s breast should look like. I want my perky breasts again!! is a breast reduction/lift the best option?

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  1. Dr. Rondi Walker wrote on :

    Dear Ms. Sebo,

    Thank you for your question and congratulations on your recent weight loss. If your breasts are not too large (greater than a D-E Cup Size) then a mastopexy(breast lift) may be performed. If however, you have larger breasts it is best to undergo a breast reduction. A breast lift is part of the breast reduction procedure, and the incisions are usually identical.
    Gook luck! Remember to seek the opinion of a board certified plastic surgeon.


    Rondi K. Walker, M.D.
    Washington, DC

  2. Dr. Janet Woodyard wrote on :

    Congrats on the weight loss! The answer to this is decided simply by what size you wish to be or become. If you want to be a smaller cup size, then you want a reduction. A lift is always performed with breast reduction. If you like your current size(and it’s not over a D cup, in my opinion) and you just want lifting, a mastopexy is the procedure for you. The only difference between the two procedures is whether you remove breast tissue or not. The incisional scars frequently are the same or similar. Best of luck.

  3. Dr. Brian Reedy wrote on :

    Thanks for your question!

    First of all, congratulations on losing the weight again! In my opinion, if you truly want your breasts “perky” again, we might suggest a staged approach. We could do an aggressive reduction for the first surgery and then come back in 3-6 months to put in an implant. It depends on the size of your breasts, how perky you want them, etc. If you don’t have much volume left, we could potentially just do a lift with an augmentation. When you’re ready, please call a board-certified plastic surgeon and set up an in-person consultation. That’s the best way to determine what you truly need!

    Best of luck!!

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