AnonymousinTexas SAID:

Hi, I had a full face and neck lift in March 2014. After 8 weeks of healing, I noticed I still had sagging where my neck and chin meets. I went back to my doctor and he said, “looks like you have large neck muscles” and said he could do a revision surgery. It’s unbelievable I didn’t ask prior to choosing this doctor what would happen if I’m not completely satisfied, but regardless, I did ask if there was something he could have done when he was in there doing the initial surgery and he said, “If I saw something that needed to be fixed or corrected I would have done it then”. So I ended up having to pay for the revision surgery, which was the cost of an entire platymaplasty. Oh geez, his assistant was so sweet to say I didn’t have to pay the facility fee (which was in their office) what a deal >:0 Now, after healing after that revision surgery recently, now I see “pulling” on my neck (it looks like if you were to pull material tight with a needle and thread. It’s not horrible, but I’m not completely satisfied. I’m always hesitant to ask questions I should right up front, but I should have asked “Why do I have to pay for this”???? Now, I’ve emailed the office twice now asking why I had to pay for that and have not received a reply and it’s now been a week. Believe me, if it was to provide payment information, I would have received a reply right away! I wish I had gone to another doctor, but too late for that now. I want to know if it sounds right to have a patient pay for a revision surgery. He is the expert and should have done the job right the first time. If someone isn’t happy with the results, can anything be done?? thank you.

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