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Hi there, I’m from overseas and currently in the US for around 2-4 months. I am 34 years old, weigh 130lbs / height 5’3″. I am considering getting liposuction (particularly the smartlipo) and bare with me but I have a few potentially silly questions:
1. I understand that there may be aftercare necessary. Considering I’m out of my home country, it’s a surgery and there’s “leaking” of fluids etc. I was wondering if there is a facility where I can stay and be taken care of for a couple of days after surgery? Or would I just be sent on my way after the procedure?
2. Do I need to be an american resident/citizen and have medical insurance to undergo any procedures? I plan to pay with my own funds but would I be refused treatment if I do not have medical insurance?
3. Generally how long does one need to wait for an appointment etc to get lipo done?
4. How soon after treatment can I travel?
Many thanks!

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  1. Dr. Kevin Tehrani wrote on :

    Thank you for your question.

    1) Regarding aftercare I usually like my patients wearing some type of compression surgical garment. It is common to have leaking after liposuction and I always suggest patients wear loose and comfortable clothing post procedure, and use towels to keep dry. I also suggest doing some lymphatic massage and endermologie about a week post liposuction to help with swelling and inflammation.

    For our out of town patients we can arrange for a local hotel and private duty nurse for your comfort and recovery.

    2) You do not need to be an American Citizen nor the need for Medical Insurance is necessary. Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure and will not be covered under Medical Insurance.

    3) Ideally plan for 2 months before surgery for an initial consultation but last minute surgery cancellation may occur.

    4) Depending on areas performed you can travel as early as a week.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions. You can reach us and make an appointment at 516-498-9790.

  2. Dr. Michelle Copeland wrote on :

    Thank you very much for your questions. Patients often travel to our office for surgery from different parts of the country or overseas. If you wish to have a nurse with you for a day or so after surgery that can be arranged, but it is also possible to have a family member stay with you. Ideally, we like our patients to stay long enough to have one follow up appointment a week after surgery, and depending on what procedures you are having done, travel home may be possible after that appointment. You will not be refused treatment if you do not have medical insurance and we can generally schedule surgery quickly after your consultation (which can be done over the phone if necessary), especially in these types of situations.

  3. Dr. Beverly Friedlander wrote on :

    Hi, Your questions are not silly because smart lipo is a surgical procedure and there are potential risks. You are at a good weight for your height and may be a good candidate for CoolSculpting which is a non surgical means of removing unwanted fat that really works. There is no downtime, none of the risks of smart lipo, no incisions, no leaking fluid, no need for post op care, just go about doing your normal routine even travel after the procedure and let the body do the rest. I had it done, I am thrilled with the results and I performed a long surgical procedure right after my treatment. Treatments can sometimes be performed the same day of the consultation. I would suggest you consider coolsculpting before deciding on smart lipo. You would need a consultation to determine if you are a good candidate. Consultations are complimentary and can be set up by calling 973 912 9120 at your convenience.
    Good Luck, Beverly Friedlander, MD

  4. Dr. Brooke Seckel wrote on :

    Thank you for your question.
    1. We have a special discounted rate for you to stay overnight at the hospital for one or two nights-most patients can manage at a local hotel after one night stay
    2. You do not need to be an American Citizen nor do you have to have insurance to be treated for an aesthetic procedure
    3. We usually can book you within a month-a pre op consultation is required
    4. You cannot Fly on an airplane for 10 days after surgery- most patients stay for follow up with me for 10 days-2 weeks

    You can submit photos for a virtual consultation by visiting my website:

  5. Dr. Elliot Jacobs wrote on :

    Welcome to the US — hope you have a pleasant stay in our beautiful country!
    Yes, liposuction is available to anyone — one need not be a US citizen. Since it is considered cosmetic surgery, there is no coverage by any medical insurance — therefore, insurance is not necessary to qualify for any procedure.
    Most liposuction can be performed on an out-patient basis in a doctor’s office operating room — just make sure that your surgeon is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and that the operating room is accredited as well.
    Most of my out of town patients can be accommodated after surgery in a hotel, oftentimes with a healthcare professional in attendance – a hospital is not needed for most after care.
    One can usually travel within a few days after surgery — but this will depend upon the extent of your operation.
    Suggest you call my office for a consultation, (212) 570 6080. I would be pleased to meet with you.
    And again, welcome to the USA!
    Elliot W. Jacobs, MD, FACS
    New York City

  6. Dr. William Rosenblatt wrote on :

    You can be seen quickly. We do liposuction all of the time. Post operative care is simple and if you are alone, we can arrange for someone to take care of you for the first day or so post op. We do people from out of town commonly. Liposuction is not covered by medical insurance so you usually pay out of pocket. You can travel within a week to 10 days depending on how much needs to be done. Call up and set up your complimentary appointment.

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