lupton SAID:

Is there a way to use a filler on vertical lip lines without puffing up the whole area above the lip? I’ve seen very famous people with too much filler and it is way out of proportion. They look like caricatures of their former selves.

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  1. Dr. Farhad Rafizadeh wrote on :

    Combination of Belotero injected very superficially in the lines and small amounts of Dysport can be very effective. The borders of the lips could also be defined with Restylane. This prevents any filler under the skin to produce abnormal bulging.

  2. Dr. Kevin Tehrani wrote on :

    Strategic placement of product like Belotero or Restylane above the upper lip rather than the lip itself, in conjunction with a small amount of Botox will help relax the strong muscle that create the vertical creases of the mouth.

    Doing so will improve the look of the surrounding tissue and decrease the vertical lines rather than altering the natural shape of your lips.

    If you may have any other questions feel free to call us or make an appointment 516-498-9790.

  3. Dr. Beverly Friedlander wrote on :

    Hi, Belotero is an excellent filler for lip lines. It can be selectively used without puffing up the lips. The puffier lips that you see are usually an attempt to enhance the fullness of the lip and not an attempt to correct the lines. I hope this helps to address any concerns that you have. Please feel free to set up a consultation by calling 973 912 9120. The treatment can often be performed on the same day as the consultation. Best Regrds, Beverly Friedlander, MD

  4. Dr. Brooke Seckel wrote on :

    Careful injection of Belotero along with Botox can help avoid the overdone look. Adding Erbium laser resurfacing can improve the result and the duration of improvement.

  5. Dr. Elliot Jacobs wrote on :

    Certain superficial vertical lip lines can be easily treated with a new skin filler called Belotero. We usually apply a numbing cream which will make the treatment virtually painless. On occasion, we can prolong the effect of the filler by using a very tiny dose of Botox as well.
    Please call 212 570 6080 for a consultation appointment. We look forward to meeting with you!
    Elliot W. Jacobs, MD, FACS
    New York City

  6. Dr. William Rosenblatt wrote on :

    Yes — we use Belotero which is designed for the vertical lip line. It does not puff up your upper lip. Call and set up your complimentary appointment where we can discuss what you need.

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