monicaplatz SAID:

I would like more information about an eye lift — how is it possible that there is no scarring after cutting and sewing? What I am looking for is an explanation of the process. My lower lids are very thin and wrinkly and any advice you have is greatly appreciated. I’m a 51 year old with slight sun damage.
Thank you!

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  1. Dr. Jeffrey Ditesheim wrote on :

    it all depends on your anatomy. The reason we consider eyelid surgery as we get older is that the fat that surrounds our eyes in youth falls away or shrinks. This makes the upper eyelid skin appear extra and deflated the lower eyelids. If the eyes are more prominent, then we see bags. So the upper eyelid procedure is usually a tailoring or removing what appears as extra skin. The scar without tension is in the eyelid crease and so you don’t see the scar. For the lower eyelid, the scar is often on the inside of the lid, so hidden. Fat grafting can help the lower lid if there are dark circles. This woman over 50 had upper eyelid skin removed, and fat grafting to the lower eyelid-cheek zone, without any lower eyelid cutting.

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