I am 69 years and considering a cheek lift or cheek implants. I would like to know if your midface is sagging, which of these procedures would be more beneficial?

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  1. Dr. Thomas Mustoe wrote on :

    For changes of aging, for almost all patients, a cheek lift, which restores the tissues to their original position is a much better solution than masking the aging changes with an implant, which can often result in an altered unnatural appearance. There are some situations in which a patient has a flat cheekbone where adding volume can be pleasing, but a softer more natural appearance is most often achieved with a filler or fat. For the most natural appearing results it is best to restore youthful contours rather than attempting to mask them with an implant.

  2. Dr. Janet Turkle wrote on :

    It is impossible to make a recommendation without seeing you. Possible procedures could be a face lift, with or without cheek implants. You may also be able to restore volume with VOLUMA XC, a dermal filler made especially fore the mid-face area. Contact a board-certified plastic surgeon for a consultation and recommendation.

  3. Dr. Ellen Janetzke wrote on :

    Cheek implants are falling out of favor. Most cheek correction is now being done with fat grafting or with other fillers such as Voluma which achieves excellent correction. It could be that you need both volume and a lift. This can best be determined at your consultation with a surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

  4. Dr. Ronald Stefani wrote on :

    Although the best way to determine this is through a consultation with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon some general thoughts apply. Cheek implants replace volume while a checklift is often better to correct sagging.

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