I am having saline implants replaced after 21 years. My dilemma is replacement with saline vs silicone. I would like more cleavage with the replacements. My surgeon is leaning towards saline rather than silicone because of my body habitus, 5’4″, 110 lbs. I currently have 330 cc. She thinks she would need to go to ultra high profile silicone vs high profile saline 500-600 cc. Your thoughts regarding saline vs silicone? Thanks.

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  1. Dr. Janet Turkle wrote on :

    Both saline and silicone implant types can provide excellent results. It is impossible to offer an opinion on your situation without a consultation.

  2. Dr. Thomas Mustoe wrote on :

    If you have had a good experience with saline, then it is reasonable to replace with saline. However, with a larger implant, you will feel the implant more, and silicone does feel more natural. Saline has a much better chance of staying soft over many years, because there is no silicone gel ( which over time undergoes silicone gel bleed which can cause inflammation and capsular contracture). I do think you want to be sure about the size: in a patient with your height and weight, 550 cc implants are large, and I have seen issues with back pain, and interference with exercise with that size. Also, your surgeon has to go with high profile or ultra high profile in that size to fit your overall frame, but those style implants look more round and less natural. So…what you have planned is reasonable, but it is important that you understand all of the ramifications.

  3. Dr. Ellen Janetzke wrote on :

    I do not think that an implant that is over 500cc is a good idea in silicone or saline for someone of your size. You should be able to achieve more cleavage with a slightly wider implant and better dissection (essentially cutting) of the capsule (what your body formed that is currently surrounding your implant) in the area of your cleavage. It is done from the inside. I would also be concerned that more skin stretching would thin your skin even more. You would be even more prone to visible rippling causing a very unsatisfactory result. A saline implant would only make this situation worse. I truly believe you can get a very satisfactory result with a more reasonably sized silicone implant.

  4. Dr. Ronald Stefani wrote on :

    In general, both saline and silicone implants can provide good results. This particular situation would be a little difficult to determine an opinion via email without the opportunity for a consult. Second opinions are always a possibility.

  5. Dr. Bahram Ghaderi wrote on :

    Most patients choose silicone gel implants today. They have less rippling and feel softer. However, over the years many patient have been extremely happy with their saline implants. The size of the implant is more important than the type. A very large implant can stretch the breast tissue and skin making it thinner and, therefore, the implant becomes more visible no matter if it is saline or silicone gel. I would make sure the size of the implant is appropriate for your breast and body type before choosing between saline or silicone.

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