Hello. I am 21 years old and I have been wanting a breast augmentation since I was 14 (I’m an A-B cup). My boyfriend’s mom and aunts all got their breasts done in Colombia for half the price (they are from there), and they have advised me to go there as well. What do you think, should I.. Is it safe? What should I look for?

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  1. Dr. Rod Rohrich wrote on :

    Both saline and silicone implants are safe and FDA approved. All breast implants have a 10-15 year lifespan. The best thing you can do and look for, is to find a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who has expertise in breast augmentation. I would interview 2-3 Board Certified Plastic Surgeons to see which one tells you the most about the risks and benefits of breast augmentation.

  2. Dr. Sam Sukkar wrote on :

    For your safety I personally would not advise it. If you were my daughter I would strongly advise against going to Columbia for any procedure. Unfortunately they do not have all of the requirements of safety/sanitation that we do here in the state of Texas.

    I would love to have you as a patient. You may contact one of my Patient Care Coordinators that will get you taken care of.

    Phone: 832-742-6021

    All the best!

    Sam M. Sukkar, MD FACS

  3. Dr. Dustin Reid wrote on :

    Hello. I rarely get a chance to answer these questions, but when I saw yours, I had to answer it, because I feel obligated to protect patient safety. Do NOT go to Colombia for your breast augmentation. Even though it is cheaper, and you could possibly get a good result, the simple fact is that they do not have the same safety requirements in place. It sounds like your family had an OK experience, but they were lucky. They are also accustomed to the culture, speak the language, have other family there if there were major complications. You will have none of that. Breast augmentation is usually straightfoward but can have SERIOUS complications. You will be unable to get help if you have problems and will certainly have no legal recourse. How could you possibly know the doctors training or background? I’ll stop ranting, and I’ll hope you take this response for what it is: a plea for your to consider your safety over cheap surgery. It’s just not worth it.

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