Game-Changing Advancements

Texas—FOF recently chatted with Dr. Charles Wallace, board-certified plastic surgeon in Dallas, Texas, about the latest—and greatest—innovations in the field. “We’re really excited about a couple things that I believe are game-changing advancements,” the doctor believes.

The new implant in town!

“Sientra has introduced FDA-approved, shaped breast implants that come in a broad selection of sizes, profiles, projections, and surfaces, giving women more options for breast augmentation and reconstruction than ever before,” Dr. Wallace reported.

“The new Sientra implant is simply the best we’ve ever seen. In my opinion, it’s the first truly meaningful change in breast implants for decades,” Dr. Wallace explained. These high-strength, cohesive gel implants are made from a more viscous gel than other FDA-approved, silicone gel-filled implants, he said. “They feel natural, yet retain their shape very well and are less likely to rupture and leak. If they’re cut in half, for example, they remain form-stable. The silicone gel inside the shell does not ooze or migrate out of the casing.”

The Sientra implants also minimize the potential for ripples and wrinkles, so the results are more predictable, with fewer potential problems and less likelihood for revision surgery, the doctor added.

Sientra Implant Shape Retention Demonstration. Left: Cut implant with visible gel stability. Center: Pressure induced gel displacement. Right: Gel retraction demonstration shape retention.