{Giveaway} Sexy Set from Sinclair Institute

Summer just got hotter.

You read about them, you understand them, and you identify with them. The FOFs we’ve come to know and love in our SEXcellent blog have already spiced up their sex lives– now it’s your turn.

Our friends at Sinclair Institute are giving away a sexy set (retail value: $300) of toys, videos, and lube that will keep you and your man hot and heavy… all summer long. This bundle has you covered, including sex toys, adult DVDs, and personal lubricant.

The full set includes:

1. Sinclair Institute Select® USDA Certified Organic Lubricant

2. Sinclair Institute Select® Body Blossom

3. Sinclair Institute Select® Endow Vacuum Pump System

4. Sinclair Institute Select® OPTIMA Vaginal Toning & Pleasure Balls

5. Sinclair Institute® Live Better, Love Better 2 Volume DVD Set

6. Sinclair Institute Select® Enhance Couples’ Love Ring

7. Better Sex Essentials® Toy Cleaner

8. Better Sex Video Series®: Sexplorations

To enter to win, answer the question: What has changed about your sex life in the past 10-20 years? 1 FOF will win.*

Want your toys now? Take $10 OFF any purchase of $20 or more at SinclairInstitute.com using code 10OFF at checkout! Valid until 8/31/13.

*By entering this contest (commenting below), you agree to receive e-mails from Sinclair Institute. We respect your privacy and will not publish your e-mail address anywhere.

1 FOF will win. (See official rules, here.) Contest closes July 11th, 2013 at midnight E.S.T. Contest limited to residents of the continental U.S.

  • Julie Kelle

    I would like to win this because I just went through horrible menopause and have no desire whatseover. None none none. On the verge of divorce I think because of it and am desperate to try anything to make our sex life better.

  • PJ

    Nice set.

  • u become more comfortable with ur parterner maybe too darn comfortable…need to constantly spice stuff up… humor is always good, we become more daring with each other… and maybe take each other for granted which is never good…sex is sometimes routine but always good….but should be more of a routine…chocolate and whipping cream begins to look better and creativity ….well even older..well experienced like Capt Morgan there…needs to wake up and smell the rum

  • Kristine P

    What has changed most is the comfort with knowing what we want as we age.


    Vibrators are awesome

  • michelle

    After all these years, we need some help in the bedroom. Hoping to help get the conversation started.

  • Jocelyn Rice

    Sounds interesting

  • mandradany

    Dare, I try anything! Imagination, play with sex toys could enhance a better adventurous sexing!

  • mandradany

    Dare I try, anything. But, imagination and toys are helpful and could be adventurous.

  • Adina Weinstein

    Getting older has put a damper on our loving. This would give us the needed lift.

  • wai man

    nothing change for the sex life for 20 yrs. a stale mate. entry for wonderful package plx.

  • deb

    needs help since menopause

  • lindsey

    I get less sex 🙁

  • jodi

    has become more fun..since he is gone 5 out of 7 days


    Love vibrators

  • Katherine

    Sweet justice to any relationship. Who doesn’t like to play sometimes?

  • Louise E.

    Very routine….


    Massage oils have been great


    Videos have been very useful

  • Brenda C.

    Every needs a little help from time to time.

  • Sandy Cain

    What has changed about my sex life in the past 10-20 years is that it’s now almost non-existant! Help!

  • mm

    sounds like a great gift

  • April

    Becoming more comfortable in my own skin.

  • Sue Epling

    We are more comfortable with each other after 17 years of marriage. Our lives are less hectic, less stressed and it carries over into our love life. However, there is always room for improvement!!

  • Shari R

    What has changed sexually in the 32 years we’ve been married? We both have gotten fat which translates to lack of desire and lack of ease of movement. We’ve only made love once in the last three years. It would be so nice to get some desire back and some sex into our lives, other than just “maintenance” for him. This kit looks like it would be a good starting block.

  • Pamela

    After 40 yrs , something new would be fun.

  • Stephanie Hartman

    Not as spontaneous as we used to be.


    Vibrators are a great part of our sex life

  • popper10

    My husband and I need all the help we can get!
    Our sex life has gone from fair to non-existent. We’ve been married for 39 years and his lower sex drive has always been a problem. I tried, with no success, to improve our sex life. I tried to entice him by wearing sexy lingerie, buying special lubricants, and buying a few how-to sex books which he didn’t “get around to reading.” I got tired of being the one to be the instigator and about 5 years ago just gave up.
    Now, for the past 2 years, it seems our roles have reversed. He is the one reaching out to me and I have no desire to have sex with him, even though I still think about sex often. He denies we ever had a problem though I remind him of the lingerie and show him the how-to books, and my final purchase: The Sexless Marriage.
    I’ve always had an excellent figure and I know he likes my body because he comments on it all the time.
    I’m hoping your product package will put the missing spark back into our marriage, especially now that he probably will be more open to new ideas. Please choose me as the winner!

  • sarah

    Ha, divorce and a new lover did wonders!!!

  • Aggie

    We are older and things slow down….enough said!

  • Jerrilynn Atherton

    I believe it’s changed for the better now that birth control is no longer an issue…it’s very freeing!!

  • brandon

    its gone from some to not so frequent.


    Not much has changed, but this is a sexcellent giveaway that I’d love to win!!!

  • Diane Ecksine

    Great site, Thank you

  • Henry

    My sex life has not been good in recent times. We are trying to revive it and this would be a great help indeed.

  • burt

    cool running

  • elizabeth

    It has actually gotten better over the years. My husband and I have been together for 13 years. We like try new things together, so this would be great.

  • lrg48

    our sex life has gotten better because we take our time getting to know each other’s body

  • tim smith

    These tools would really help a slow period in our lives for excitement.

  • tim smith

    This would be a wealth of information and pleasure.

  • pamela kolozsvary

    LOVE this giveaway!

  • Victor Galbraith

    We are more playful in the bedroom, and pool and….

  • Berti

    We need this kind of help!

  • richelle bowers

    my husbands sex drive has gone down and mine has gone up. after over 10 years we could use a little help

  • Darcy B

    now when we make love I end up with racoon eyes—same mascara I’ve always used.

  • Basya Skalozub

    WOW! This is something we could really use. Our sex life become too predictable and boring. We do need to spice it up a bit…

  • HunnyBerri

    Now that my sons have become teenagers, we have way less privacy and “Us” time than ever before. So we opt for quality over quantity right now. These products would certainly intensify our situation 😉

  • Renee D.

    Our sex life has gone way down hill over the years. My husband and I would love watching the videos and using the toys.
    Our anniversary is coming up in August. What a gift this would make, Yeah baby!!

  • Lisa

    Same old yogurt- different day- would love to try some new toys!!

  • Laurie Nemeth

    My husband is unable to do all that we use too.. I would love this. We are coming up on our 31st wedding Anniversary.

  • Gail

    Because of menopause, we’ve had to experiment with different lubricants.

  • Larisa Khodorkovskaya

    My sex life become more skillful and more routine. I would love to win this products to put some new sparkle in it.

  • Laura Hoal

    I’m in new relationship with a wonderful man (in every way) after a horrible divorce. We SO deserve this!

  • Anice Stonerock


  • lindawwww

    Not much. It’s time for a change.

  • Jacki T.

    It has been better because we talked about it.

  • Cynthia Matz-Smith

    My husband got a vasectomy. It changed everything about our sex life.

  • Charlotte Walker

    I’ve had physical and other health problems that have kept me from living my sex life to the fullest. I need to get my mojo back.

  • Tracy Schwartz

    Everything, it’s always exciting and fresh when you first meet but slows down with age. When it does happen it’s still good/safe though and these products help too.

  • bob mauriello

    nice for my wife

  • Steve

    Sounds great! We will try everything!


    Lubricant is so helpful

  • msortet

    What has changed in the past 10-20 years? No sex is what has changed! My husband is on anti-depressants and has no sex drive anymore.

  • Walker Thornton

    I’d love to win this package. I’m unfamiliar with the Sinclair Institute but I write about sexuality for over 50 women so this would be just wonderful!

  • kim crane

    I’d love to try this out and I know my husband would agree with me on this!

  • suzanne

    Kids!!! Not having enough free time for ourselves…and not feeling too tired to have some fun!! Need to work on all of that ….xoxox

  • Debbie Chaney

    What has changed about my sex life in the past 10-20 years is 5 kids and a hubby who couldn’t care less about sex after kids!!

  • Pamela Goldman

    I’ve become more open and much less inhibited. A gift like this would be perfect now in my life.

  • Wendy Sullivan

    I really need to win this trust me

  • Rosie Britton

    I’m not as horny as I used to be 🙁

  • Kristi McDowell

    Only gets better with age!

  • kgritts

    Our sex live has been on the skids for some time. It’s mainly my problem. I suffer from vaginal atrophy but I would love to turn this around. So many of my friends extol the “empty nest” sex. I still have one at home but he’s gone a lot. I fell sorry for my husband. I’m not exactly “there” for him. He’s patient and kind but I’d love to surprise him with the opportunity of a revival of our sex life.

  • Chloe

    Lets just say the ride is not the same in the old cadillac, we need a major tune up!

  • Nancy P

    I am more comfortable in my own skin & with my own sexuality.

  • Patti Stern

    Please bring on the new magic for a couple who would definitely appreciate the journey!

  • Patti Stern

    Please bring on some new magic for two people that would appreciate the journey!

  • Linda G

    I could certainly use some of this giveaway to spice up my life!!!

  • Christine burd

    We enjoy a variety of lubricants and enjoy intimacy more now that the kids have flown the nest

  • Jane Ketzler


  • Abby Sherman

    oh yes, please….yes, yes, yes…..

  • Mary

    Don’t have sex as often as we used to.


    non existant, perhaps this will help

  • Sheryl

    We seemed to have lost the spark and connection we had years ago. I believe these items would definitely help us to get it back! Our sex life has gradually gotten less and less over the past few years and I for one really miss it.

  • Elizabeth

    Toys, toys, toys… what more do we need to be playful again and boy do I/We need something to bring the love/joy back!!

  • drmrs

    Since the past 20 years, we now have the Jerry Springer Show. It never ceases to amaze me how complicated peoples’ sex lives have evolved. According to most guest on the show, there is no shame anymore. Either you can perform sex, or you’re not part of the “new generation!” Wow, I was born too early in life. Maybe your “sexy set” is what I need.

  • Katie

    Hard to say.A broken heart

  • Julie Gurley

    In the last 10 years, I’ve learned to stop being self-conscious and enjoy myself!

  • Joanne

    I will play 🙂

  • Cheryl Lee

    Most definitely, ready to spice it up!

  • Marilyn Legault

    Our sex life has improved with the use of sex toys that we both enjoy.


    With our busy lives and responsibilities it has slowed down, coud be more fun and spontaneous!

  • Bobbie Crippen

    The winner wins in more ways than one! I like that.

  • Cecilia Rhoades

    I can relax now and enjoy and toys are always helpful.

  • Bob

    Could be fun, but doubt wife will be willing to try.

  • Terri

    My husband is still ready, willing and able every time I turn around…me, not so much! This might be just what we need. I’ve never used these type of products before – I KNOW I KNOW….but that’s the truth! I guess I’ll be 60 next month so it’s about time right?

  • Rose

    not as hot as it should be…ouch

  • Janet Keyser

    I would be willing to try these things out. Thanks for offering this giveaway!


    Happy Anniversary to me!


    Perfect Anniversary Gift



  • Karen

    What has changed about my sex life in the last 10- 20 yrs. I would say it is better. But winning would just make it even better than it is now. You can always learn new things and that make it even better…

    Thank you,Karen

  • Daphne B.

    Well, for one thing, I have adult offspring with their own lives and sex lives. Also, people tend to speak much more openly about a lot of stuff, including sexuality. Learning is good. These products seem quite interesting and fun. I would love to win. That’s all I have to say about that.

  • smfsprout

    Less frequent and more ‘sweet’ than ‘hot’. We could use some spice.

  • Diva Mom

    I am more comfortable in my skin and so is my husband.

  • Pam Dickson

    Sadly, it went from mind-boggling to absolutely nothing. I’d love to win.

  • Karen C

    We are no longer shy and enjoy every minute with honesty.

  • Linda L

    Last 10-20 years? The good news is our communication skills have vastly improved. We talk about sex all the time. The bad news is we rarely actually have sex. Between menopause and slow-to-respond bodies, we have hit an all-time low. I’m seriously interested in a sexy set to rev up our engines.

  • Robert Curtis

    i am having more sex now than i did when i was maired

  • Michel Brown

    Help!! That is my only comment.

  • Edmond Leung

    Pick me, pick me! Your next winner!!! Show me the money!!! . It would be a dream come true & means more to me than anyone else to win. Starving artist here desperately needs the prize to have fun , feel alive & inspired again. A life changing experience. Top of my bucket list. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, & generousity.

  • cindy b

    wow this looks great! thank you!

  • June Ebinger


  • Kari Judd

    What has changed is that my Husband and I are more comfortable with each other!

  • Michelle

    we are dead in the bedroom —— help !

  • susan s.

    After 38 years of marriage to the same man, we would definitely find this package of goodies helpful.


    I fell in love with a most wonderful man and we married later in life. We desire to be young and fresh and creative as if we were in our twenties.

  • sean pynaert

    I would say it’s even better now that the kids are out of the house.

  • vanessa martinez

    what has changed is the desire.. I want it more at my age now

  • dana

    What’s change? Menopause

  • Lori

    I need something like this

  • Jeannette Laframboise

    Well, a lot has changed…without boring you with the details of all that has occurred over the past several years, lets just say any type of intimacy goes on the back burner. For the longest time we could not get enough of each other but now, both of us could really use a pick me up in that department. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Barbara Kesterson

    He wants sex all the time and now I don’t. My drive has got up and gone. Maybe these could help.

  • M

    I’m too embarrassed by the question to give a coherent response to it!


    We re more comfortable with each other.

  • Holly Kennedy

    We have become more experimental. Trying new things to keep it hot. I’m not as shy as I use to be.

  • patty

    Would love to try it all out.

  • Deb Clements

    Wow after rehab…my hubby and I will love these..

  • Antionette Blake

    Wow, what an awesome prize package!!!

  • Trish Hope

    I am just in the early stages of menopause and face many new challenges

  • J Hoult

    I would just love ot have these

  • Josi

    Things have definitely slowed down. This might be the pick-us-up needed.

  • J Hoult

    Great contest

  • Bram Z

    My sex-life has exploded over the past twenty years, no pun intended!

  • Diane Ecksine

    Wow lovely prizes and n stuff

  • Sacha Schroeder

    Ours has changed quite a bit because we work opposite shifts and have kids. It’s hard to find time. This would definitely spice things up. Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  • Kathleen N.

    Adult aged children living at home, difficult to find time and privacy. Need some assistance in the WOW factor.

  • jeanette sheets

    the energy and stamia ,and we both have lost interest in alot of areas ,harded to get an keep erection on his part and alot of dryness on my part i want our wild sex life back! we defentiley could use these products please lord let me win!!

  • Felina M

    Nothing I do helps the lack of lust…

  • Julie murphy

    It has gotten worse

  • Holly Strong

    In the last 10 years I have lost my libido due to a total hysterectomy / hormone changes. My poor husband !!! Help….

  • brian m

    become less frequent

  • shirley weissman

    Absolutely nothing has changed; and that all has to do with the attitude of the people in the relationship. To me, it’s all or nothing; and when the gift is right there in front of you, why would you turn away?
    To love and be loved and to show those feelings in the best way possible is the essence of life, to me.

  • Connie Williamson

    Well, I got married 17 years ago so let’s just say we could use some spice. Maybe this stuff would help!

  • Pamela

    This is a wonderful kit! Every one should have one and so should we! :}

  • cbeetwo

    A lot has changed about our sex life in the last 10 years. Mostly, we have a lot less sex. 🙁 This prize pack would help to get us back on track

  • Diane Giorgio

    I find that I’m not as interested in sex as I used to be, yet my husband NEVER gets old! He’s always ready!

  • Jan T.

    I am much more open and less self conscious, even though I do not look better than I did 10 years ago!

  • Susan Marchewka

    Having an open mind has changed my sex life in the past 10-20 years. I used to be so uncomfortable about going into adult stores. I assumed they would be dirty and that the clientele would be frightening. My friends thought I was silly and after a happy hour they took me into a really nice store. In my mind I thought this stuff was so cool but didn’t want to buy anything on front of them – apparently they noticed & put a gift bag in my car!!!!

    I read the box, features, benefits, instructions and got a bit excited. It took a while for me to actually be comfortable with my “turquoise, pearl filled twisting boyfriend” but I have never felt so many sensations in my life.

    Since then I have a small collection of toys, videos, etc and have actually taken a friend of mine into the same store.


  • Teresa Thompson

    Our sex life is much better as we get older. We’ve become less inhibited.

  • Kobi Hensley

    Much better….found a wonderful man that helps with that 🙂



  • Allison Ross

    Prize..smile..looks like a great one even if I am single!

  • Lindy Wright

    I do not remember the last time my husband and I had sex. I think this might be what we need to get the conversation and bedroom activity going again. If selected, I will give an honest and complete review of each product.

  • Olivia

    In the past 10-20 years my sex life went from wonderful, exciting lovemaking with my husband to post menopausal extinction. Would love to get back to that thrill of touch, arousal and climax once again.
    Forever hopeful that it can return with openness to learning how to get back to that place of joy.

  • Carole

    Things have gotten less frequent and pretty routine. Seems like some of the excitement is gone… It would be great to renew the spark.

  • glomoney1295

    My sex life has change because I show my partner how to be more relax and not be so intense just enjoy and let things happen. The sexy set oh my goodnes would be so great for the both of us, would love it and all the things we could make happen!!!!!!!!

  • nangnang365

    Looks like fun 🙂

  • Donna A

    Less time is all.

  • Ida

    Less precocious less times also…

  • Pamela Oates

    Better left unsaid! LOL

  • Vicki H

    What sex life? Lol. Maybe this would help!

  • Carrie Goodin

    I dont have a partner 🙁

  • Judy Brenner

    My husband and I are friends and lovers! This makes it so easy to talk about everything and to leave inhibitions behind when we make love!

  • Camille L

    oh my…..if I win, I will let you know what I think

  • Tanya McGowan

    Better and better like fine wine! 🙂 more confident, exciting and passionate! Just a blast in the Beaudoir! We giggle like teenagers 🙂

  • Dee Dee Miller

    Looks like a lot of fun! New toys are always fun 🙂

  • Dave McCausland

    Awesome giveaway i wonder if the pump really works 😉

  • Fran Herzig

    Pick me! Choose me! We LOVE playing with toys. Never too old for those toys!

  • OntarioPapa Detlef T.)

    We got married a year ago and sex is as good as always. Enhancement toys & lotions though are always welcome

  • Sallyois

    Sounds like fun.

  • CME

    Basically since I got married a little over 6 years ago, over half of that time I have had NO sex life. Anything would be an improvement. I had a BETTER sex life when I was single! 🙁

  • Angela Barnes

    My sex life is wonderful with my husband I am turning 50 this year and have never had it better. Age does have a plus side, also a little bit of fun play is a plus too.

  • Sherry

    Looks like a great place to start the next half of our lives!

  • Fratuc

    In the past 18 years I have been a single mother of two African American male children and my sex life was quite boring as it was not a priority or at least not as interesting. Now that my sons are grown I have been dating more and engaging sexually with others. I have found that being non active sexually has dampened my excitement about the socialization of sex than before. I have been reading and trying to find interesting information and activities to put the excitement back in my life. I have met someone who is very patient with me but I realize that eventually his needs will need to met too and I want to be ready to spice it up! I would love to win this package for the both of us.

  • cdmtx65

    since menopause things have slowed down …. could use a little more spice

  • Shannon Orton

    Unfortunately with my husband being older my sex life is almost non existent. I want to change that.

  • Jennifer Thompson

    It’s pretty much non existant and it’s very frustrating. I think this would make a difference, we definitely need something to kick start it again, thanks!

  • The Nan

    Ohhh yeah! This would really steam up those hot summer nights 🙂

  • Shannon L. Barlow

    My husband and I have been married for almost 25yrs. Our 25th wedding anniversary is just over a month away and this stuff looks like what we need to “spice things up”. We use to have an awesome sex life but for the last 10yrs. or so, we have been in one hell of a slump and we definitely need something to spice it up. I miss our sex life.

  • Isis Rey

    This looks like a gerat way to get our sex life going again

  • kat

    I have always had a good sex life, whenever I was active. This would greatly enhance it.

  • Lee

    No worry re: pregnancy………so more pleasurable..

  • Brooklyn Dutson

    This is nice! thank you

  • BlueBear

    Finally! Something wonderful for those of us over 50 and needing a little “oomph” in our bedrooms!

  • Debbie

    Our sex life has become so scripted. Same day, same moves. This set would be awesome to shake things up

  • Tracy

    looks fun

  • Peggy

    Body changes in us both, less frequently. Could use a spark!

  • peg

    wonderful wonderful gift! Something that I think would really help our intimacy!

  • Ginna

    Sounds great! Communication is the key to happiness and its always fun to explore together!

  • S Kay DeGroot

    A lot less and disappointing sad to say. We could use some help!

  • Mary-Ellen

    Now that the kids are grown, we try to be more adventurous and exploring

  • Ray Nita Riley

    Mo’ better fun!!

  • loralee roberts

    age and health

  • Heather H

    Ten years ago I married an older man with a 19-year old’s libido. We’d both been sexually unsatisfied in our first marriages, so together we vowed to learn and explore ways to be better lovers. Today, we have an active and regular sex life, and we’re the couple you can’t stand to be around because “they’re just so stinkin’ happy!”

    We would explore every single item in this giveaway with an open mind and some sultry music.

  • Elizabeth C.

    I’m not as introverted. I’m willing to try different things!

  • ikkipoo

    Wow how has it changed? For the worse. I used to love having sex but as I have gotten older my appetite for it has become less. A lot of it is due to boredom but there are hormonal changes too. I love using toys but haven’t tried with my current partner. This would be an awesome way to introduce him to my other side.

  • Lisa Kerr

    My husband and I don’t take the time together sexually like we used to! Thank you for the chance to win:)

  • VMAH

    yes, Yes, YES!!!!

  • Barabra

    More frequent now and much better. These toys would be a great addition

  • Bonnie Fishet

    My sex life has changed because we do not put the effort into our sex life like we used too. These toys would definitely make a huge difference! Hope we win this wonderful giveaway

  • Leomozz

    We will be married for 30 years in Jan…….would love to add this to our intimate moments!

  • sheri higgs

    I became single 18 months ago, and have to get back out there before I forget how to use it

  • chris

    willing to try anything new!

  • Sandy

    Can you say menopause! Seriously need help 🙁

  • Nonnie

    In the past 10 – 20 years alot has changed – less adventure but more love. We could use a little more adventure at this point…:)

  • Carla Coe

    It has been driven to an incredible new existence.. an entire new world of deep intense pleasure!

  • Audrey

    In the last few years, since menopause, things have slowed down…. but I’m getting my groove back and these will certainly help bring him along with me!

  • bethaw

    I feel like our marriage is dying a slow death…this could put some life back in it…

  • Rub

    Greater Sexual Intensity

  • bethaw

    marriage is on rocky ground…this couldn’t hurt…

  • Victoria Zumbrum

    No passion. No desire. Less frequent. I really think these products would help. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Carole Lee

    A lot has changed in 20 years–slower, less frequent and sometimes less enjoyable. We are eager to change all of that (as much as we can)!

  • Such a joyful giveaway! I’m game!

  • Gaye

    It would help my single lifestyle right now.

  • mspurplelady11

    These products sound interesting 🙂

  • Robynn

    It has gotten better than I ever imagined! I am much more comfortable in my own skin and I have an amazing partner. Those two things have made all the difference in the world. We would love to win this prize. Always up for trying new things and enhancing our lovemaking.

  • Stormy Smith

    Who wouldn’t want a SEXellent summer???

  • linda paley

    from 20 years ago – less often

  • Jean

    Sure! Sounds like a wonderful gift!

  • janean steadman

    This would bring us closer for sure!

  • Brenda Cremer

    My husband has tried Cialis and Viagra and that has helped our sex life some but a little more would help.

  • Dorrie

    Much smarter and more satisfying

  • Carol

    More confident in my own body and my likes

  • Marcie

    Definitely less rushed

  • Diane Redcay

    I a bit more open minded then I was and want to keep things fun

  • Marcelle

    I have been looking for something to respark the intimacy, with so many options to choose from I am sure several would fit the bill. Then there is also the chance to try them all!!

  • Gayla

    Our sex life has slowed way down. Maybe this would revive us
    I would love to receive this prize

  • Louis Willhauck, Jr.

    My new girlfriend says we should have fun figuring out what to do with this stuff if we win it.

    • Geri

      Hi Louis,

      Fun to see a man on the site!

      Geri Brin

  • Mary Ann Helmstetler

    I would say a lot less frequent and less spice in the bedroom!

  • Jill

    Bring it on!! Would certainly be a nice addition to what we currently have 🙂

  • Terri

    In the last 20 years I have become a cougar!

  • Erin

    It got betda’. Great package!

  • Margaret Skinner

    Wow! This would make for a perfect weekend!

  • Karen Cogburn


  • Robin Stanfield

    The old drive is not there any more and would love to have some help!!!

  • Pamela Lloyd

    unconditional love for my husband

  • abbygabbie

    EVERYTHING has change.. We lost our “Spark” and this would be GREAT to win and get the passion back.

  • Patricia S.

    Its getting better! If only we were this smart and good in our 20’s.

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