Win And Review This Dermatologist-Grade Skincare System

Win & test the MD Complete skincare system, along with FOFounder Geri!

“I believe everyone should have access to the professional skincare ingredients I recommend in my office,” says Dr. Brian Zelickson, renowned Minneapolis dermatologist and creator of MD Complete. A multi-product skincare system that is said to feature higher doses of proven, effective ingredients than traditional mass market beauty lines—ingredients such as pure retinol and peptides—MD Complete is designed to provide “affordable skin care with professional results.”

Geri Brin, FOFounder, started using the MD Complete system three weeks ago, and now you have the chance to use it, too. Check out her experience with the products so far, then enter to win and review this exciting new skincare system!

Anti-Aging Restoring Cleanser & Makeup Remover: This non-foaming cream cleanser includes aloe vera (to hydrate, calm and soothe the skin); chamomile (to soothe stressed skin), and green tea (antioxidant protection against free radical damage). I was instructed by a company spokeswoman to use the cleanser only before bedtime (“the only time it’s necessary to use any cleanser,” she said), and I have obeyed.

Although I normally like foaming products, I still like this cleanser because it’s rich and creamy, and my skin doesn’t feel dry after using it. A little bit also goes a long way.

Anti-Aging Youthful Skin Sun Shield: Key ingredients include octinoxate and zinc oxide (for broad spectrum sun protection, SPF 50); vitamin C (for antioxidant protection and to help brighten skin tone), and essential fatty acids (to strengthen the skin’s natural moisture barrier).

The cream is light, not at all greasy and fragrance free. The fine lines, at both sides of my mouth, are diminished, as are the nasolabial folds (those two lovely lines that run from beneath my nose, on both sides, to my lips). My skin feels smooth and soft.

Anti-Aging Eye Wrinkle Remover: Key ingredients include peptides (to help support collagen production); vitamin B, C, & E (to protect against free radical damage), and ceramides (to strengthen the skin barrier).

The cream easily absorbs into the skin beneath and around my eyes. My crow’s feet are definitely less pronounced, and the thinning skin under my eyes is firmer.

Anti-Aging Advanced Wrinkle Remover: This cream is used all over the face, every other evening, starting in week two, because a key—and potent—ingredient is pure retinol, the same formula dermatologists prescribe to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as lift and firm the skin, moisturize, soften, smooth, and brighten the skin. Other ingredients include peptide (to improve skin tone and texture); Vitamins B5 and C (protection from free radicals), niacinamide (to reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles and even skin tone).

I’ve used this advanced cream only 6 times so far, and will continue to use it every other evening for another week, after which time I will start using it every evening. Finally, two weeks after that, I’ll start to use it every morning and evening. Although I started to see slight improvements, they will become more noticeable over time, the MD Complete spokeswoman told me.

Now you can become one of 30 testers of the MD Complete system, valued at over $160!

Winners also will receive the Radiance Renewing Deep Moisturizer and
3-day Booster Pack to jumpstart their regimen.

To qualify as one of 30 lucky ladies, please complete the questionnaire below.

We only want women who are serious about testing this system for
12 weeks, and don’t just want to win a great product!

Each tester will be assigned an MD Complete skincare specialist to
help maximize her experience with the products.

Enter now!

By entering this giveaway, you agree to receive e-mails from MD Complete and FabOverFifty.

30 FOFs will win. (See official rules, here.) Contest closes February 18, 2015 at midnight E.S.T. Contest limited to residents of the continental U.S.

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  • Laurie Ann Zednick

    I have Heavy Lines and wrinkles! My neck is bad Too!!! Hope I WIN! NEED HELP!!

  • dbishopp

    Ready to try anything! 53 and wanting to stop the aging clock so my outside age matches my inside age! Thank you!

  • Elyse

    These products look excellent. I’d love to try them for 12 weeks!

  • Chris

    I have always looked MUCH younger than my stated age. UNTIL! Hitting the BIG 50! Now, at 51, I would LOVE the opportunity to test this product for you. I have tried many, many products in the past, and feel I would be a good candidate for this trial!

  • Nicole

    Hey everyone-as u can tell I messed up my message. Especially, how it comes to a complete halt & just stops mid sentence. I apologize…it had a better ending. So if any of you would like me to finish please just let me know. And don’t worry the ending doesn’t continue on another half page! I, actually, had 2-3 sentences left to go. But I am sure you know what it’s like, or similar to, taking care of 1 person with a sinus infection, 1 that has been so sick she just had to wait til she was feeling so sick had to b taken to the E.R. and was diagnosed with palsy. And tending to my niece all on having very little sleep last night. On top of all that it’s been 1 of those days that NOTHING goes right. You all know what I mean! So you all can understand why & how somehow in between my Nic can you pls do this, it somehow got send with the fabulous ending of, “to non.”

  • niclivjes

    I truly thank you for this offer of such a hopeful ray of an opportunity. In a word HELP:)! Although, I am not over 50, yet, by looking at my face I need your remedy! Like many of us did in our younger years, I baked myself in the Sun. Oh, and of course, I can’t forget to mention the specific type of oil many lathered on ourselves like we do today sunscreen. Due to my past love affair with the sun, today my face is akin to a raisin. Well not quite, perhaps, a prune with spots instead. My deep forehead wrinkles, even though they don’t presently feel as such, look like they’ve been made out of paper mache. In my younger years my eyebrows were voluminous with ample eyelids. As a teenager and being female, I’m certain many of you ladies can relate to the following statement. Finding something, anything about your outer appearance that YOU actually loved, liked, could tolerate, or “that like totally wouldn’t make u want to gag” was for some girls close to impossible. So the fact that I loved the size of my eyelids was awesome. My eyeshadow always looked amazing. Like my 16 year old niece has now. At her age with her crazy schedule, occasionally we we spend a girls day together. It’s what we women like to call shopping head toward the door, take one last glance in the mirror and think, not bad at all today, especially, the way my eyes turned out. As she looks at me and asks, “I thought we were having one of our girls days, how come your not wearing any eyeshadow?” Lastly, as of late I have been wearing hats with my hair pulled way over my checks so I can shield my wrinkles and the fine lines around my eyes. Constantly, pulling my hair to hide my face while through t the strands I can see people looking at me trying to non

  • Patti Kollar

    I love to try new products! I am always the one in my circle of friends to try new products and share my results or findings about them. Plus I need helpwith some “lovely” wrinklesand age spots that seem to be visiting my face lately.

  • disqus_VOaZSthrkI

    Thanks for the opportunity

  • Ely Ros

    Thanks for the opportunity. Willing to test new products. Hope I’m selected.

  • Patti Kollar

    I enjoy testing new products,or being the first to try new items. I am hopingto be chosen to be a “test bunny”

  • Kim McDonough

    I really love to do product testing it’s a great way to try the latest products and share the results for friends & family as well as other women with the same concerns and issues.

  • Tina Marie Helmstetter

    I love to try new products. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • BKLmom

    I would be very pleased to win this because I’m reluctant to try any of these really expensive programs without any knowledge that they will actually help me. I’ve bought individual products — Clinique, Lancome, Neutrogena, etc. — that make incredible claims, but none of them are as great as they say. This would be a chance to try a real system & then, if it works, I’d no longer have to spend $$$ on things that don’t. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • bonniesawinner

    Ugh—under-eye dark circles, and blotchy redness all over my face. I could use something!

  • julie

    I have major sagging along my jaw line. Deep creases on the sides of my eyes and underneath them. Creases from nose to mouth. Fine lines around my mouth also

  • Shannon Moriarty Cooper

    Thanks for the opportunity. Would really be grateful for this since I just turned 42 and have wrinkles and dark spots. Thanks again!

  • Cheryl Lee

    My problem areas are around my eyes, mouth, and neck. Would love to refresh my skin to go with the weight I am working to lose before my 60th birthday in June!

  • dorothy borgese

    Would love the chance to try this line of products

  • Pamela H

    Thank you for the opportunity to try these products!

  • Barbie Garner Hall

    I’ve started getting age spots and wrinkling…would love to get this under control before it gets OUT of control!!

  • Shari

    Would love this!

  • shelley

    what a great opportunity fingers crossed

  • Judy Meidel

    I am 53 and need all the moisturizing that I can get.

  • Tammie Manis

    Currently using several products from different brands, which include but aren’t limited to: LUSH, Perfectly Posh, Club A and my fave..DERMLOGICA!

  • Roxanne Watson

    experiencing severe dryness since heart transplant everyone says its the meds but just need to take care

  • Stella Augustowski Ferraiuolo

    I’ll be turning 56 next month and would love to test & evaluate this skin care line. Fine lines, brown patches and neck sagging are at the top of my list. I would be an honest, dedicated and thorough evaluator.

  • Constance Simon

    I would love to improve the slight drooping lines around my mouth and lines in my neck

  • ogden Kruger

    my new mantra…I am 60, I am free, I am creating abundance every day in every way…all those in my path will benefit! I want to release some puffiness in my face, clear up dark circles and reduce a number of fine lines…gifts to go a long with my recent retirement from 30 years in a high school to a yoga teacher and body worker!

  • patricia

    I just turned 49 and I need to try this have skin issues and redness that stands out on my pale skin

  • Michele

    My birthday is next week and I will be 57…yikes on my way to 60! I do all that I can to keep my skin looking younger and more attractive so I would love to try this product and see how well it works.

  • patti stern

    The clarity and glow of my skin is more important to me than the most beautiful black dress! Please let me show my best face forward.

  • Kimberley Thomas

    Super Excited! I hope I get chosen. I will 53 next month and I have several skin issues I would like to see improved !

  • Gwenda Bruhn

    I would really love to be a part of this, I want so badly to improve my skin and do away with lines and wrinkles, and have more hyrated skin. Please let me be a winner!