Better Than A Loofa!

I am in love with a new kind of skin exfoliator I recently discovered at a Brooklyn shop that offers unique natural health and beauty products. Called The Ayate Washcloth from Flower Valley, it’s hand woven in Mexico from 100 percent natural agave fiber (from the same plant that gives us Agave syrup), and it works better than any loofa I’ve ever used.


[GIVEAWAY] A Beauty Product With A Critical Ingredient

This post and giveaway are sponsored by Neutrogena.

If you ask any respected dermatologist or plastic surgeon what ingredient should absolutely be included in an anti-aging skin cream, they undoubtedly will answer “retinol.”

That’s why we were excited to learn about Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Regenerating Cream ($24.31 for 1.7oz), which provides a generous dose of retinol at an affordable price. We’re also offering one lucky lady the chance to win a jar of this miracle worker!


How Probiotics Can Help Revitalize Your Skin

Before FabOverFifty shares a new skin care or beauty product with you, we dig in to understand the science behind the product that can benefit your skin. We also look for brands that have intense research behind their formulas, making them especially appealing and definitely worth passing them along to you.

An exciting new line, called BioEsse, has been structured to interact with the microbes on our skin to brighten, smooth, strengthen, and protect it. That’s great news because our skin is the largest organ in our bodies.

Microbes, for those of us who long ago forgot 8th grade biology, are microorganisms that can only be seen with a microscope, and live inside us, around is, and on us. As a matter of fact, the microbes in our bodies outnumber the cells of normal human bodies by 10 times. 99 percent of microbes are beneficial: They facilitate food digestion to give us energy, synthesize vitamins, and stimulate our immune system and prevent infection. (more…)

[QUIZ] How Well Do You Know Your Active Ingredients?

Although wrinkles, lines and crow’s feet aren’t diseases, most of us feel like they are, and we want to be rid of them. We’d also like the skin care lotions and potions we buy to live up to their claims but, how do we check the endless promises….promises that all of these products make?

The answer is simple:

Arm yourself with knowledge about “active” ingredients, which can be critical to the effectiveness of skin care formulas. These are substances that may deliver flawless skin, and understanding them will help you sort through all of the products on the market.

Take the FabOverFifty quiz and see how much you really know about the “anti-aging” products that vow to give your skin back its “youthful” glow! (more…)

Why You’re Unhappy With Your Neck

A whopping 89% of 875 women, 45+, are unhappy with the appearance of their necks, according to a FabOverFifty survey. Learn the reasons why, and what your FOFriends are doing about it!

What’s Happening To Your Neck!

It’s always enlightening to learn what other women in our generation are thinking and doing. We like to ask members of our community a series of simple questions about pretty complex issues (and some not so complex issues), then we report the results back to you!



[GIVEAWAY] A Full Skincare Regimen From Yon-Ka Paris

Yon-Ka Paris, an exceptional French beauty brand, has been creating cutting-edge skincare technologies since the brand’s inception in 1954. Developed by its own team of pharmaceutical and biological doctors, chemical engineers, biologists and bacteriologists, Yon-Ka incorporates essential oils, as well as other fruit and plant extracts, into its line of over 80 products.

Today, Yon-Ka is offering one lucky lady a full skincare regimen of six products, valued at $568!


Win Asrai’s Touch, A Cool At-Home Fat-Freezing System!

Want to freeze away your belly fat?

You’ve probably heard about costly treatments and procedures that promise to freeze away stubborn fat areas around your body, like love handles or saddlebags. Today, FabOverFifty is pleased to report that we’ve found a “cool” at-home kit that works using the same principle, but costs a fraction of the price. Five lucky ladies will win!


Yon-Ka Paris Delivering Revolutionary Skin Care For Over 60 Years

Although there’s been quite a bit of buzz the last few years about essential oils doing wonders for our skin, these oils have been widely available in skincare products for decades.

Yon-Ka Paris has been using them since 1954, when “botany aficionados” Cécile, Ernest and Charles Mühlethaler began testing their therapeutic properties. Since its inception, the brand’s in-house team of pharmaceutical and biological doctors, chemical engineers, biologists and bacteriologists has been successfully creating cutting-edge, customized skin regimens for a wide range of skin conditions. (more…)

Win Skin Treatments That Are “Like Liquid Surgery”

SecretSerums is the newest in science based anti-aging skincare, effectively utilizing over 10 active ingredients to give you the optimal results. Today, FabOverFifty is giving away 5 duo sets that include My Secret Anti-Aging Treatment ($99.95 for 1oz) and My Instant Line Filler ($99.95 for 1oz), which work together to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, tighten the skin, and improve the look of  brown spots and discolorations.


My Secret Anti-Aging Treatment includes apple stem cells from Switzerland, plant growth hormones from Korea, over three peptides to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, stimulate collagen production, and even out the skin tone. Both the Anti-Aging Treatment and the Instant Line filler have a patented delivery system allowing the active ingredients to work their magic giving you that youthful appearance once again. (more…)