Better Than A Loofa!

I am in love with a new kind of skin exfoliator I recently discovered at a Brooklyn shop that offers unique natural health and beauty products. Called The Ayate Washcloth from Flower Valley, it’s hand woven in Mexico from 100 percent natural agave fiber (from the same plant that gives us Agave syrup), and it works better than any loofa I’ve ever used.

When the washcloth is soaked in water, its natural fibers expand, and the weave instantly tightens. I applied shower gel  to the cloth, and used it all over my body, especially on my knees, shoulders and elbows. I even used it on my face!  After a single use, my skin felt invigorated and exceptionally smooth.

The washcloth dried pretty quickly, and the package claims it’s “long lasting and resists mold.”  The native term ayate describes loose-woven products, a tradition that goes back thousands of years to the Mesoamerican culture. The Ayate Washcloth also can be used in the kitchen as a utility cloth.


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  1. Jeanette Q says:

    This sounds like a great purchase. I like to exfoliate regularly, and this natural choice is going to be a lot better for your skin that the synthetic options on the market.


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