How Probiotics Can Help Revitalize Your Skin

Before FabOverFifty shares a new skin care or beauty product with you, we dig in to understand the science behind the product that can benefit your skin. We also look for brands that have intense research behind their formulas, making them especially appealing and definitely worth passing them along to you.

An exciting new line, called BioEsse, has been structured to interact with the microbes on our skin to brighten, smooth, strengthen, and protect it. That’s great news because our skin is the largest organ in our bodies.

Microbes, for those of us who long ago forgot 8th grade biology, are microorganisms that can only be seen with a microscope, and live inside us, around is, and on us. As a matter of fact, the microbes in our bodies outnumber the cells of normal human bodies by 10 times. 99 percent of microbes are beneficial: They facilitate food digestion to give us energy, synthesize vitamins, and stimulate our immune system and prevent infection.

A limited percentage of microbes aren’t good and cause our body harm, but when we attack them with antibiotics or products like antiseptic hand soaps, we also remove some of the good microbes. The BioEsse Probiotic Skin Care system was lovingly formulated by two doctors, an immunologist/allergist and a facial plastic surgeon, to restore skin health. They scientifically developed an active ingredient, called Qi ProBiomics, that stimulates the growth of our ‘good guy’ microbes and can’t be found in any other skin care regimen. Furthermore, Qi ProBiomics is uniquely derived from the human microbiome, rather than a plant, animal or the soil. Qi is a proprietary probiotic extract that promotes skin immunity and defense, all important to reducing visible fine lines and deep wrinkles and other signs of aging, such as roughness, dullness, redness, sagging, blotchiness, and dark spots. It improves skin texture and smoothness, and results in a younger appearance and firmer facial skin, BioEsse asserts.

A BioEsse cosmetic study was performed on participants aged 22 to 69 years old, who used its hydrating cleanser and rejuvenating facial serum twice a day. The clinical results were impressive:

  • After 28 days, 100% of the participants demonstrated visible improvements, including reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles of up to 76%, with less skin dryness and better skin texture of up to 37%.
  • All participants who reported they had skin redness improved by two weeks, with continued reductions in facial redness of up to 52% at four weeks. Even panelists who said they had sensitive skin tolerated the products well.

Here’s a rundown of the product in the BioEsse Probiotic Skin Care system, all of which Geri had the wonderful opportunity to try:

BioEsse Facial Cleanser ($34 for 3.4 ounces) Containing Qi ProBiomics and infused with soothing lavender and refreshing spearmint, this sulfate-free cleanser soothes delicate facial skin, evens out skin tone, redness and dullness, and helps balance the skin microbiome.

Geri Note: “I am a huge fan of facial cleansers (I never ever use drying bar soap on my face) and this one is a gem. Besides smelling delightful and fresh, it has hyaluronic acid so my skin feels well hydrated.”

Facial Serum ($95 for 1 ounce) incorporates the Qi ProBiomics with hyaluronic acid, green tea extract and vitamins B3, B5 and E to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, as well as revitalize dull skin cells.

Geri Note: “This is the first facial serum I’ve used that has the light, wonderful scent of jasmine. It’s essential before applying the BioEsse Facial Lotion, and helps prepare my skin for cosmetics such as foundation and blush.”

Eye Cream ($72 for .5 ounces) fights roughness, sagging skin, dark spots and dullness in this sensitive area. It includes Qi ProBiomics and Kokum butter to nourish the delicate skin around the eyes.

Geri Note: “I had never heard of Kokum butter until I learned about BioEsse products. It has natural healing properties and promotes regeneration of the skin. The eye cream was easily absorbed by my skin, and didn’t leave a greasy residue that I get from many eye creams.”

BioEsse Facial Lotion ($74 for 1.7 ounces) hydrates, illuminates and pampers your skin with the rich formula of Qi ProBiomics, hyaluronic acid, and BioEsse’s proprietary 5-Omega Blend technology, which is a blend of skin-essential fatty acids made from black currant, chia, borage, evening primrose, and pomegranate.

Geri Note: “This is one rich, luxurious lotion, with a delicate citrus scent. It contains regenerative Kokum butter, and when applied after BioEsse Facial Serum, it seemed to plump up my skin and give it a lovely glow.”

Learn more about the benefits of probiotics in skincare. Enter code FOF at checkout to receive an exclusive 20% off your order!

This post is sponsored by BioEsse. FabOverFifty appreciates the support of this outstanding beauty brand.

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