My Whiter Teeth Even Astonished My Demanding Dental Hygienist

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Lori, the dental hygienist who’s been cleaning my teeth for years, calls me out when she thinks I’ve been lax about brushing since my last appointment. She changed her tune when I saw her a couple of weeks ago. “What have you been doing? Your teeth have never looked this white!” Lori exclaimed.

What I’ve been doing is using Smileactives, a super duper Pro Whitening Gel that lets me safely and efficiently whiten my teeth at home. And, I can use it with my regular toothpaste, so it doesn’t change my brushing routine one iota. More on this powerful treatment in a moment.

I faithfully see Lori a few times a year to remove plaque buildup on my teeth, which helps prevent gum disease. Although the final step of her routine is brushing with a fancy piece of equipment, it never diminished their yellow tinge.  I love most shades of yellow, at least in my wardrobe, and on daisies and sunflowers. But it’s never a good look on teeth. 


Fact is, a substance called dentin that’s sandwiched between a tooth’s enamel outside and its pulp inside gives most of us naturally yellow teeth. Dentin is composed of minerals, an organic compound, and water, and can actually be gray or black, but it’s usually pale yellow. Even though enamel lays on top of it, the yellow color of dentin shows through since enamel is translucent.

If your enamel is especially thin or translucent, due to good old genetics, your teeth will look even yellower.  

Enamel can also thin over time, and become stained from factors including smoking, and pigments in substances such as coffee, tea, red wine, balsamic vinegar, and dark-colored fruits and sodas.

Whitening strips made my teeth and gums sensitive when I tried them 20 years ago. Using them also became a vicious cycle. They’d whiten my teeth, but increase their sensitivity, so I’d stop using them. No surprise, my teeth would become yellow again!

Fortunately, the science of beauty has made great strides since then. Thanks to sophisticated technologies, we can rejuvenate skin, beautifully color hair, and whiten teeth – right at home – without irritating our scalp, face or gums. 

Whiter, brighter teeth in just seven days – with routine brushing 

Choosing the best brand among the countless formulas on the market, however, can be challenging. My due diligence involved checking out the science behind numerous brands, their active ingredients, and how they work to eliminate discoloration.

Smileactives impressed me on all fronts. Its active ingredient is the same as the one dentists use to whiten teeth. And, its proprietary Polyclean® technology creates a fine foam that gently penetrates the enamel to whiten the whole tooth – back, front and top – and gets into all grooves and crannies. It also lifts and removes stains on dental work including crowns, veneers, and dentures. 

I especially liked that I could use Smileactives with my regular toothpaste – fluoride or non-fluoride – every time I brush. I wouldn’t need strips or trays. My regular brushing schedule wouldn’t take a second longer. And, my teeth and gums wouldn’t feel sensitive*.

To prove its claims, Smileactives performed a clinical study of 52 users, whose teeth became up to five shades whiter in only seven days. After 14 days, participants’ teeth became up to eight shades whiter. Those are mighty impressive results.**

I’ve been using Smileactives for about four months, and my teeth are definitely whiter. See for yourself. 

I’m also going to try Smileactives Tartar Control Fluoride Toothpaste, which is packed with cutting-edge, good-for-you ingredients, including amino acids, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C. It’s formulated to fight cavities like Smileactives Pro Whitening Gel fights discoloration.

Besides its quality formula and advanced technology, Smileactives was developed by the same biochemist who invented the one-hour, light-activated tooth-whitening process. So you can be sure it’s the real deal when it comes to teeth whitening. 

Smileactives is so confident you’ll love its Pro Whitening Gel, it invites you to use it for 60 days, and if you’re not beaming from ear to ear, return the tube – EVEN EMPTY – for a full refund, less s&h

There’s more. Buy one tube of Smileactives and get the second tube as a thank you gift with your introductory order, a $29.95 value!

Whiter, brighter teeth in just seven days – with routine brushing 

*In a company-sponsored Clinical Study, most people experienced little to no sensitivity. Individual experiences will vary. 
**Average improvement of 3 shades whiter in 7 days
**Average improvement of 4 shades whiter in 14 days



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