{Giveaway} The Perfect Summer Scarf


Designers Troy and Stephano are giving away one of their signature “Necklush” accessories. Enter to win by answering in the comments below: Do you have a signature summer accessory?

Can’t wait to find out if you won? You can buy the Necklush now in the FOF shop.

In 2008, FUF artists Troy and Stephano were twenty-something NYC artists who spent most of their time “in the clubs.” Rapidly tiring of the nightlife, “we were left with a decision,” says Troy. “Work for the ‘man,’ or find something that made us truly happy.” They chose the latter, and began hand cutting, sewing and selling unique necklace-scarf hybrids on the streets of SOHO.

Composed of multiple, seamless cotton loops, the vibrant neckwear was an immediate hit. “We were nervous people would be like, ‘What is that?,’” says Troy, “but instead it as more like ‘I want that!’” No surprise: it’s a perfect way to add polish to jeans and a t-shirt or a tunic and leggings and it’s light enough to wear all summer long.

Since launching, Necklush has since been lauded as a design triumph, appearing in Smithsonian’s Cooper Hewitt Design Museum and the Art Institute of Chicago Museum Store. Now, it’s available in the FOF Shop!

Enter to win a bestselling a “Necklush” by answering in the comments below: Do you have a signature summer accessory?

Can’t wait to find out if you won? You can buy the Necklush now in the FOF shop.


One FOF will win. (See all our past winners, here.) (See official rules, here.) Contest closes March 31, 2012 at midnight E.S.T.

Thank you for entering. This contest is now closed.

  • sbowen521

    Any summer shoes and sunglasses will do!

  • vclark500

    I have summer bag with a lighthouse on it. I used it every summer. It is my signature accessory for the season.

  • junogirl

    This looks great. I’d wear it with a white boyfriend shirt worn open with a pink tee underneath, along with white capris and a pair of pink/white/gray sandals. I’d add a pink polka dotted messenger bag to the whole thing!

  • theresa

    A boho headscarf and oversized sunglasses… Instant Balearic summer casual! Great for those summers when you’re too broke to make it to Spain…

  • Amanda

    My “My Girl” Shorts… Cut off jean shorts with a rolled hem, perfect for bike riding.

  • Marijke Lambrechts

    Yes I do!
    Since last summer it’s my Necklush I bought from you guys on Etsy 😉
    I want them all!

    Kind regards,


  • sara

    My favorite summer accessory is a scarf……and my ray bans, of course 🙂
    I love Necklush! Thanks for the opportunity to win 🙂

  • Christy Piwowarczyk

    My favorite accessory is a scarf at night and sandles for day!

  • Christy Piwowarczyk

    Gorgeous! Love, Love, Love.

  • Diane Mary

    Very pretty!

  • IntoTheMist

    Going for colorful but comfortable sandals, with earrings of course.

  • beachwoman

    A sterling silver sea star pendant is my summer signature, along with black flip flops with pink ribbon, and a small pink purse. Summer, here we come!

  • doreenhicks

    Yes, I love my sparkling starfish studs. I find them perfect for the summer. They also can be worn during the day and for an evening affair.

  • Wanda

    flip flops, sunglasses, and a smile

  • Rozzie68

    Yes, bring out my “sparkly” flip flops. I just turned a really “senior” age (70) and love to see the new seasons. It is like “renewal” for me.

  • Jennifer Cashin

    I usually have a sun hat and sun glasses with me at all times in the summer- and flip flops to match- nice ones tho…with some bling 🙂

  • spurnky

    My favorite accessory would be my Sunglasses and Sandals. THANKS! 🙂

  • AngelaK

    My favorite summer accessory: a pair of oversized, chic sunglasses. They protect the sensitive eye area from sun damage, keep me from squinting (wrinkle prevention), and I feel fabulous wearing them.

  • sattalia

    Pink flip flops and small pink bag

  • Sharon Haas

    I have a sweet jadeite bracelet that i wear all summer – it makes me happy whenever I see it

  • melissabrown

    I can’t say that I have a signature summer accessory but this beautiful, unique necklace could become one for me! I just saw this necklace featured in a magazine and was so intrigued–would love to own one.

  • BeBePfab

    I just turned 60 on Feb 24th and I am celebrating being a 1 yr Survivor of Breast Cancer on March 30th. So what a cooler way to wear my favorite color “Pink” this summer! love it!

  • Debbie Lange

    I love my orange/pink summer sandal’s can hardly wait for the temperature here in the NW to get above 50 degrees, they make me feel flirty!

  • orchidlady01

    Sandals and shorts

  • Naomi

    I don’t have a signature summer accessory… yet!

  • Sabi

    My favourite summer accessory is a gorgeous pink pedicure! Looks so terrific with tanned feet …. happy spring everyone!

  • j27

    My signature summer accessory would probably be my sunglasses, sunscreen and sandals. SSS Can’t wait. Would love to add this beautiful Scarf.

  • fes5128

    How cute and unique! Perfect for the scarf replacement. How many colors does it come in. If I don’t win this one I’m sure there is one I could always use!

  • I love pink and my sunhat. Plus earrings.

  • April S

    spring wear

  • seawitch1165

    I buy two matching season-appropriate clip-on or pin-on flowers and wear them on my shoes, my jackets, sweaters, hairbands, tops of my ponytails and even attached to a large chain-link bracelet I have.

  • leo39

    Sandals and light colors – the best for summer.

  • kmcnich

    Love sandals…always the right accessory

  • military work

    No, I don’t have one but would love to start!

  • Karen Cunningham

    My favorite summer purse is a vintage straw one.

  • debby

    Pearl necklace on invisible fishing line

  • Michi

    I love wearing sandals and pastel colored summer jewelry.

  • lkish77123

    My baseball cap

  • sccoed09

    NO, but I would love to win this great Necklush, and pink has always been my favorite color, thanks, and here is hoping I win!!!

  • Mary Kime

    I love wearing sandles.

  • christy smith

    my signature summer accessory is my jewelry I create and make. Everyone comments how pretty it is and I love to sell and sometimes give it to special people in my life. you see I am a 6 year breast cancer survivor and am unable to work as a nurse anymore due to severe back pain and I have aphasia. I worked 35 years as a RN and was devistated when they told me i couldn’t function as a nurse. So I fill my days with jewelry making and as a volunteer. I finally love my life now and hope to win the necklush. pink is my favorite color Christy Smith RN

  • gshep

    I enjoy wearing colorful necklaces,clothes and handbags for summer. Scarfs add pizazz to any outfit,especially for Church.

  • mary knox

    flip flops!

  • ellen

    My signature summer accessory is a cycling jersey, but when around more civilized types I love a big cotton scarf that can be used as a shawl, scarf, tote adornment, or shopping bag.

  • Pamela

    A strand of pearls

  • Laurakb

    My aqua purse

  • Jewel Hopson

    I like to stand out in the crowd. That’s why I’m a scarf and hat lady.

  • golfchick

    Hot pink is my go-to in summer

  • Cynthia Smith

    I love to wear orthotic flip flops in the summer.

  • Nancy Haan

    I would have to say my ballet slippers and a crisp white blouse; thanks for asking!

  • hofken

    I like toe rings with sandals

  • BeBe Pfab

    Yes, I want that!!! lol Plllllleeeaaassseee!!!???

    Thanks xoxo

  • Toni

    I have a coral, blue and gold layered necklace that looks great with a white summer shirt

  • rockroad


  • Betty Herbert

    ooh. I have the perfect outfit to go with this scarf.

  • Sheila Chaffins


  • Portia2

    My favorite summer accessory is my purple handbag: of course it’s also my favorite winter accessory!

  • janetatchley

    My favortie summer accessory has to be my flipflops and sandals. I can’t stand wearing shoes in the summer but don’t like to go barefoot either.

  • Ann Russell

    Michael Kors gold metallic and wicker bag with chain strap. It’s the new neutral!

  • Sue Epling

    My favorite summer accessory is long, airy earrings. I wear my hair up, off my neck for style and out of necessity (hot flashes)! The longer earrings are visible and add fashion to whatever I am wearing!

  • Casey04

    My silver heart bracelet my son gave me.

    I love this color pink.

  • msortet

    Bring out the white! White crops, white sandals, white sunglasses, white purse, etc…all of which would accentuate this pink scarf beautifully!

  • Linda


  • Shivaun

    My rainbow sandals — with all the colours they go with everything.

  • Jeni Shyrigh

    My favorite summer accessory is a silver snake necklace.

  • novastorm

    a comfy pair of leather sandals

  • carrieobrien

    I’d say sandals and sunhats



  • wetc87

    Love wearing airy fabrics in white and bright colors, shorts, swimsuits and sandals.

  • nancdep5

    Colorful sandals for every outfit!

  • Diane

    Nothing. I like to change things up. I’d sure like to win that scarf!

  • linda

    No, I don’t really have a signature anything, but I almost always wear white pants of some length during the summer. Love the lightness of the look of the necklush.

  • Ctgal

    Mine is my beautiful straw hat, w/ the black ribbon, to keep my hair from turning red and my skin too!!

  • robbie

    My sea glass earring collection – says summer all the time, even more special because it was made by my daughter, its how she started her career as a jewelry designer!

  • audrey dirisio

    no I do not

  • Beth Lowe

    Love summer sweaters and bright colors. I like to accessorize with jewelry, shoes and hopefully a pretty scarf.

  • beth w

    a signature summer accessory? hmm…don’t have one yet. summer is not my favorite season…too hot for me. maybe a fun accessory would help.

  • questdriven

    No summer signature but this scarf would dress up my black linen dress!

  • smfsprout

    The hot pink polish on my toenails says “Hello Summer”!

  • Gail Armstrong

    My signature summer accessory is a huge straw floppy straw hat with feathers around the brim to keep the sun out. It goes great with all outfits from gardening ware to evening wear. Everyone identifies me by my signature straw floppy hat by Rachael Zoe. I absolutely love it!

  • kmariem18

    I greet warm weather with colorful scarves, jewelry and sandals!

  • JulietteC

    Too cool! Love it!

  • Nancy

    Loads of sandals! Wedges- I love them!

  • wufferhund

    Sandals are my way of celebrating summer. Love this accessory!

  • elizabeth

    Nice white sandals are my favorite.

  • mcapizzi49

    How cool is this? Beautiful and breezy!

  • flowerdiva

    A bright trendy purse coupled with sandles and longer silver earrings and bracelets. This scarf would be wonderful with a plain white or torquois shirt and white bermudas!! I can see it now!!

  • Angelia Howard

    A great silver necklace

  • starsmom

    I really don’t….maybe this could be a start!


    I love the colors.

  • lorraine

    My only constant is a good pedicure. I tend to wear more bracelets in the summer since they can finally be seen without the long sleeves and sweaters.

  • ladybird

    My summer pedicures always include bright summer colors and a flower or something swirly painted on my big toenail.
    This “Necklush” just screams summer!!!

  • Becky

    Hats for the sun. I also have a thin rosegold toe ring that looks nice with my pedicures.

  • Angela

    I love different fun hair barrettes and clips!! Flowers, butterflies, etc.

  • sherry stewart

    I have some bracelets (different styles and colors) made from old LP’s that I like to wear in the summer.

  • Terrie

    I’m a scarf wearer. I have some great light weight ones I picked up in Calistoga that have lace and trim and I wear them often.

  • dwellinpossiblity

    Would a vibrant, electic attire count? For me, summer is fun in the sun season and that extends to clothing. It means being able to wear bright colors, patterns and unique pieces that you can’t wear the other ten months of the year, where I live anyway. I have a few such signature pieces – long, breezy skirts, brightly colored and patterned maxi dresses, Indian cotton tunics with leggings, form flattering sun dresses with matching heels or sandals, sometimes paired with brightly colored silk scarves. Of course, this is completed with a mani/pedi in my favorite color for the summer: coral. I pride myself on having a “different” look and have a feeling this bright, unique necklush would be THE summer accessory I would be known for.

  • MARY K

    A hat. Need that sun protection.

  • skipheart

    No I do not have a Summer accessory, this bold scarf would be perfect!

  • SharShar65

    If I win it, this scarf would definitely be my favorite go-to accessory!

  • Maggie

    My signature summer accessory is my collection of shell jewelry which reminds me of the years we spent living on Cape Cod.

  • Julie

    A smile, which would look even better with this gorgeous Necklush!

  • Michelle

    My signature is my vast collection of sandals. As I lived in Miami most of my life, whenever I was off from work, I was always wearing sandals. Used to go to Key West and buy their “homemade” native ones. Here in the Mountains, where we now live, I only get to wear them for a short time, but I change pairs about 3 times a day.

  • mimi

    My summer accessory is my turquoise jewelry. I only wear it in summer.

  • AJB

    Not really that I can think of.

  • Jojorrt

    My over abundance of flip flops

  • Jane

    My signature summer accessory is a tan – one applied at home, of course, since sunscreen is my number one product. I like St. Tropez bronzing mousse applied with a mitt the best. I’m so pale in the winter, but I don’t feel “natural” even putting on a pretend tan in the winter in the Northeast. Once those warm days roll in, I can’t wait to get some “color”.

  • hrbeck_98

    I won’t go out without my big wraparound sunglasses.

  • Pat

    I do not have a signature piece but I love to throw in for Spring and Summer bold bright colors in many ways.

  • Debbie Chaney

    My signature summer accessory is my white leather Michael Kors watch…love it!

  • catherine anello

    its beautiful!!

  • pat harrison

    I have a necklush and the only problem is people keep stopping me to ask where they can get one.

  • maxine kell

    I was an avid scarf wearer back in the 1970’s and 1980’s. I have gotten back into wearing scarfs again. They are my now accessory. They brighten up my face and cover my neck. This scarf is gorgeous. Pick me so I can show it off.

  • Debbie Martin

    Oh, what a fun piece! I’d love to win it.

  • laura

    Tank tops cause they are so easy to dress up or down

  • Brenda

    My collection of hats are my favorite summer accessory. In the hot Arizona summers, I walk the dog several times a day and always wear a matching hat. Since I like to wear bright colors, so are my hats.
    Love to have a very different pink scarf to start my collection of scarfs.

  • lesudiron

    I like to wear anything light and linen.

  • mawk313

    Not really, but this would be a great one. Hope I win it.

  • RarnChild

    My French pedicure is my way of saying “Hello summer!” I love feeling the sun and warm breezes on my feet.

  • MaryAnn DJ

    my toe rings!!

  • Dianna

    This is something i could use with many outfits I would love it

  • Ianete

    Neon pink toenails!

  • Karen

    I just love this and would love to own one. Thanks.

  • Gdixie

    My blue, actually turquoise, painted toenails that show in my sandals. This blue actually blends with lots of things I wear.

  • Bev

    I have 2 hats in varying shades of this color as well as a sundress. I’m claiming it, Its mine 🙂

  • Patricia

    My Summer signature accessory is my pink Rainbow flip flops. Love ‘um!

  • velder dixon

    my bracelets

  • karen

    i love scarves

  • dreamer1315

    My favorite would either have to be a bronze glow or “sunlite” highlights in my hair – but would love to add this “necklush” to my favorites!

  • Dphillips

    Love, love, love, this scarf/necklace. It looks just like Spring and would go with so many outfits!

  • MoonRae

    My hat and sandals,I have a weakness for Havaiana flip flops….
    Thanks for the fun giveaway!!

  • melmorgan4

    My signature accessory is dainty sterling silver key on long necklace

  • clm1017

    I would love to add this with my signature abalone earrings and bracelets.

  • kalee123

    Hi I’m a BIG scarf person. I’ts jewlery for me which i can wear soooo many ways.



  • eddyrobey

    My signature accessories year-round are wide-brimmed hats. I keep a pile of about 2 dozen in different colors on a shelf next to my front door, and never leave home without wearing one. As a Southern California native, I know that the sun is my skin’s enemy, so it never gets a chance.

  • Susan Chester

    I change to brighter, more fun handbags in the summer.

  • kls_sea

    I would wear it with any of my summer stuff. Mostly – with wight or light , sunny colors.

  • kariann

    I have a red white and blue necklace, but I love the splashy colors and the way the necklace lays.

  • kls_sea

    It is sooo unusual – everybody must love it. I want to win!!!

  • camilla wilson

    My sunless tan.

  • suzanne

    This is awesome with tees, tanks, really anything that needs pizazz. Love, love, love that it is so light for those hot Vegas days trying to look cool and pulled together. I always want to stand out from the crowd.

  • Lisa

    Ok….I really love this necklush! I realize the contest is completely random, but I want to win!!!!!

  • Rosiey

    Wooden bangles and cuffs, in all sizes and widths.

  • Linda

    How cool is this? This looks like so much fun! I’d love to wear it.

  • Gayle

    Colourful toenails….bright little bags…my signature assessories. With this great weather they have already made their appearance!

  • BcCarty

    I am newly disabled, never been color coordinated, I am just learning all over again! Need to accessorize!

  • Coll6233

    My sunglasses are my signature summer accessory. I have several pairs in different styles and colors and they’re on my head from sun-up to sun-down. Protecting your eyes is as importantly as protecting your skin and can be used as a style statement too. The Necklush can serve the same purpose of functionality as well as style.

  • Marsha Crain

    My signature summer accessory is just being able to wear my bronzer!! Love the look and I love the look of this Necklush!! The pink is so out there and I would love a green one too-my fav color.

  • Janice

    Turquoise and pearls-every summer-always. But how nice it would be to add this brilliant pop of pink with the NeckLush!

  • Tina

    My favorite summer accesory is tourquois jewelry. Very bright and summer-like.

  • Christine

    my sandals and sunhat

  • sgoulet660

    I love the pink one, I am always looking for a signature piece, and this could be it.

  • susan s.

    I’m a blonde and pink goes great with my coloring!

  • Jill Landefeld

    My signature summer accessory is turquoise/oceanic blue polish on my toe nails. It makes everything else look summery!

  • Geri B.

    In the summer I love to wear ankle bracelets and a straw sun hat. A necklush would be a nice added accessory!

  • My summer accessory is my sandals…………many, many pairs of sandals………….all colors, all styles, wedges, heels, flats and made of everything. I love summer shoes……..sandals mostly!

  • Winifrey Ray

    I love this necklace, it would go with my T shirts and jeans and would also go with any of my dress items to wear out on the town, what a great item, would love to have.. Two smart men to create a beautiful necklace for us women,,

  • bouncerb

    Do flip flops count?

  • saintm

    You’ll never see me in the summer without a white linen shirt and a hat. In the evenings, it’s rare to see me without some sort of scarf or wrap. Pretty scarf!

  • sheryl.eastridge

    I don’t have a signature summer accessory but need one desperately. This would be the perfect one. Please pick me…

  • SuperNeena

    My ankle bracelet, toe ring and flip flops!

  • merrylady

    My signature summer accessory is bronzer! And it may well be any “Necklush” accessory now!

  • amkovacs

    I LOVE necklush. Own one and wear it all the time. Love receiving the compliments and comments “Where did you get that?”.

    These guys are the originals. Lots of lame copycats around. Don’t be fooled. Stick with the original!

  • Mary G

    Silver and black bangle bracelets — summer and winter! I already have a necklush (from etsy.com) and love it — another would be great.

  • Treva

    I would love this! I wear jeans and t-shirts all summer and in the sun I wear long sleeved shirts because of skin cancer. This would make me feel better about being in a long sleeved shirt with everyone else in sleeveless shirts!

  • Pamela B

    Love my swarski crystal bracelets, they are my fun summer accessory

  • Cathy G

    I absolutely LOVE this!!! I never thought about having a signature summer accessory, but this just became it!! I want one in every color!!!

  • Margarida

    My signature summer “accessory” is a golden tan, which I acquire with sunscreen on hot sultry Texas days.
    Love the vibrant pink “necklush”!

  • cruisinsusan

    Pretty in pick for sure!

  • Ter

    Big rings! I love to wear big statement rings in the Summer!

  • bclaxton

    Theone thing I like to wear in the summer is a white cotten tunic. It is cool, looks good over anything practically and is comfy. Your scarf is really interesting. I’d love to win it. It looks like it does nto require any ability on my part to arrange it much.

  • Deborah Young

    There is nothing like a splash of color to remind us that spring has sprung. It would go with so many things and could be worn in many different ways. LOVE IT!!!!

  • Deborah Young

    There is nothing like a splash of color to make you realize that spring has sprung. I love this piece and it is a piece you could wear a dozen different ways. LOVE IT!

  • Joan Pagano

    Gorgeous! Love the original concept for the necklushes and beautiful execution.

  • Felina M

    I have a little lightweight knit, white lace shrug I take everywhere.

  • Sarah

    Wow, the scarf is a great look and not too hot. So often in the summer, being over 50, I forsake fashion and accessaries for cool, unstylish comfort. This would allow me to be fashion forward and cool (in the temperature sense as I am already cool in every other sense;))

  • Suzy Reschke

    I would love this beautiful scarf to wear for spring and summer! It would go great with many of my outfits!

  • 3thingsuneed

    Living in Florida I don’t get much of a chance to wear my Sloggers Rain Boots until rainy season ..I ♥LOVE♥ my rain boots with jeans, shorts, skirts, dresses.. they are kind of my Florida Tropical Uggs lol..
    if you could see them you would know that they are only 3/4 thigh up and a subtle pattern of foliage/flower Really Cool Looking.. and would LOOK AWESOME with a Necklush..
    THX for the giveaway

  • pattib

    What a beautiful color! Not only that, its my favorite color. Would be a fun win!

  • mizliz96

    I do not have a signature clothing accessory but this looks like a great piece to start with.

  • Penny Boyer

    My Maui Jim sunglasses would be most used summer accessory. I have light-sensitive eyes so sunglasses are essential! Beautiful scarf!

  • No, I don’t have a signature summer piece, but will if I win this necklush! Love it..the name is great, too 🙂

  • Tina Ashton

    My signature summer accessory is my aqua cross body mini bag. The vibrant color and casual style of this purse just seems to go with all my summer looks. Summers in SC are HOT and we like to wear alot of color so this Necklush would be perfect for me. Great idea! Love the simplicity of the design and definitely could see how it would become my new favorite accessory.

  • Gamecockgirl

    My favorite summer accessory is a shell necklace that is mongrammed with my initials. I love it. This is a beautiful neckwear piece!

  • pepper3

    I wear more headbands in the summer. They brighten outfits while keeping my hair off of my face.

  • Catherine

    My signature piece is an ankle bracelet — it goes on the minute the hose come off and the legs get tan and stays on until summer fades and my ankles once again get hidden by Fall and Winter looks. I doubt anyone notices my ankle bracelet, but a scarf brings the attention up to your face — a much better choice for a signature accessory.

  • lydianna

    Fabulous ecru crocheted cotton bag with scarf of the day tied to handle.

  • Jables

    I run a town baseball league as well as the concession stand for it, and shorts, tees, tennis shoes, and baseball caps are what I wear all summer long. And sunglasses!

  • DJ Rogers

    When the weather gets warm and the tosies are exposed, I don my turquoise toe ring.

  • Debbie W.

    My favorite summer accessory is lime green anything. The color shouts summer and looks good on me!

  • Jacquie

    Hats are a biggie with me. Scarves have become my new trend. (I just bought one yesterday) I love them to tie things together. This one is so unusual, I’d love to sport it with linens for summer.

  • ann heffner

    actually, I don’t think I have an accessory that’s specific to summetime.
    I’ve been thinking that I’d miss my winter scarves, so this might be the perfect thing.

  • Robin Bell

    I absolutely love this scarf. The rope look is modern and would dress up an outfit or rock the casual. I would definitely wear this!!

  • Linda Owens

    I like anklets

  • ksaucedo

    My signature accessory is a floppy straw hat that follows me just about every where….!

  • Angela Garuti

    I love this piece ~ I really want it!

  • spartn88

    Lush indeed! I’m a big scarf lover. I like that they have grown in popularity.
    Another nice accessory, thanks, FOF.

  • Rallo

    No signature accessories. Love this scarf!

  • EDreyer

    I enjoy scarves as an accessory to all kinds of dressing and think of them as a terrific add on to outfits. Would like to wear this piece of art.


    My signature summer accessory is a pastel purse. This would be great.

  • babelangan55

    I don’t have a signature summer accessory yet, but would if I won this scarf. It’s stunning!

  • vasslt

    My hat! I’m fair skinned and don’t leave home without it.

  • marika200

    Wow! I’ve never seen one like this! It’s so gorgeous!

  • Laura McLendon

    Enter to win a bestselling a “Necklush” by answering in the comments below: Do you have a signature summer accessory?

    Wish that I could say that I did have a signature summer accessory but I do not, a great reason for this win!!

  • Ann Fuller

    Would look great with my Gray/Blonde hair 🙂

  • sharon

    Actually, I don’t. This scarf would work in so many ways though. From using as an actual scarf, or as a pop of color with a off the shoulder top or dress or even adorning a favorite handbag. You could probably even adjust it to become a belt and give the old white/denim dress a pop of color. Instead of buying a new clothes, using accessories like this one makes you feel like you are wearing new ones without breaking the bank. 🙂

  • Margaret Goldsmith

    My young friends just taught me how to tie scarfs in different ways, and I would loe another one to use.

  • quilligan

    I don’t know if I do have a signature summer accessory. Maybe it would be my MaryJane Crocs. They are so comfortable and don’t look like the regular cloggy looking Crocs. I wear those a lot in the summer to slip in and out of. They can also go from the beach to dinner and still look fashionable.

  • Phoenix

    I have several scarves that are signature pieces, & would love to add this to their number!

  • Padma Narasimhan

    I would love to use this light scarf as a summer accesory, tied around the waist on white capri.Or even as a headband.

  • pmack

    I do have a few signature summer accessories. Some are scarfs and some are jewelry. This is very beautiful would love to win it.

  • isntshelovely

    **oops, previous entry was posted before I could edit. **Actually, I have a few: a lovely smile adorned with my favorite red lipstick and an oversized pair of white and brown Coach sunglasses. I feel like a glamorous movie star in them. This gorgeous scarf would complete that feeling and ensemble- or maybe even replace my fav. accessories if I had to choose . It would definitely compliment the bright, unique summer pieces I like to wear, whether it is a dress, tunic with leggings, or tank with a blazer. It also stands out on its own. I’ve never seen anything like it and am definitely part of the “Ooh, what is that? I want it!” crowd.

  • jmb0923

    My signature summer item is a multi colored Brighton necklace and matching bracelet. I have to admit, I’m getting a bit tired of it so please pick me!

  • dmnyes

    I do have a signature summer item my ankle bracelet, that shines against my tan.

  • isntshelovely

    Most definitely. Actually, I have a few: a lovely smile adorned with my favorite red lipstick and an oversized pair of white and brown Coach sunglasses. I feel like a glamorous movie star in them, in addition to being responsible by blocking out harmful rays. This gorgeous scarf would complete that feeling and ensemble- or maybe even replace my fav. accessories if I had to choose :-). It would definitely compliment the bright, unique summer pieces I like to wear, whether it is a dress, tunic, or tank with a blazer. It also stands out on its own. I’ve never seen anything like it and am definitely part of the “Ooh, what is that. I want it” crowd.

  • tcoyne

    very pretty!

  • Faith Moeller

    This is such a beautiful piece and would help to bring some summer/spring color to my wardrobe. Living in Alaska, believe me, you want to see bright colors as soon as possible just to give you an emotional boost!

  • Myfoursons

    This scarf is absolutely beautiful and would compliment many wardrobe pieces. I could also use as a bright head wrap for Spring.