{Giveaway} Rainraps


Rachel Teyssier and Stacy Struminger are giving away one of their stylish Rainraps, a lightweight wrap that protects your clothes from the rain without weighing you down. Enter to win one by answering this question in the comments, below: Which color Rainrap is your favorite?

Best FOFriends Rachel and Stacy met at a playgroup in 2001, when their kids were just a few months old. Once they started talking, they realized that they had a ton in common. Both ladies grew up in New Jersey and eventually moved to New York City, both relocated from New York and were raising families in Richmond, Virginia, and both have kids who are the same age.

Ten years later, Stacy was headed to a meeting when it started downpouring. As she sat at that meeting, soaking wet, she thought how convenient it would be to have a waterproof wrap, similar to her favorite pashmina, that she could throw on over her outfit to protect her from the rain. She told Rachel about her idea, and the two searched the web to see if their dream raingear already existed.

“We were typing in ‘waterproof scarfs,’ ‘waterproof capes,’ ‘waterproof pashminas,'” says Rachel. “We did tons of different online searches to see if there was anything like it out there, and realized that there wasn’t.”

In late 2011, Rachel and Stacy rolled out the first prototype of their Rainraps, a fashionable alternative to the slicker which protects your clothes without leaving you looking like…well..a tourist at Seaworld. The waterproof wrap folds up into a tiny square that fits in your purse, and can be worn several different ways to compliment any outfit.

In the four months since they started selling online and at retail stores in Virginia and North Carolina, Stacy and Rachel have sold over 1,800 Rainraps. The stylish rainwear has also been featured by nearly every magazine under the sun from Good Housekeeping to More to Oprah’s O Magazine.

So, how did they climb the ladder to success so quickly? Rachel offered this piece of advice:

“You’re never going to know unless you give it a shot, and I truly believe that if somebody has an idea, there’s a way to get it made.”

Enter to win a Rainrap of your own. View the Rainraps collection, here, then enter to win by answering this question in the comment section: Which color Rainrap is your favorite?

One FOF will win. (See all our past winners, here.) (See official rules, here.) Contest closes June 21, 2012 at midnight E.S.T.


  • Dana Smith

    I love the red & black!

  • intenseot

    All of them are Fabulous!
    I would Happily take and Wear and one of them!!

  • Gigi

    Definitely the gray/black one. Very versatile.

  • Sandra

    All are lovely. I can’t choose!

  • Elizabeth Freer

    Love the spring green Rainrap! What a clever idea!

  • Lori Merkley

    The orange and Pink scream Spring and showers. Love it!! Wouldn’t mind the rain as much if I could be stylish while enduring it!!

  • Sherry Ann Abrams

    Turquoise and navy is my favorite color of Rainraps to brave raindrops in style!

  • susanne james

    I love your brown and bronze. However, you did not design one with a hood yet?? Great design!!

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  • Black and Grey. The other color choices are beautiful but I tend to get the most use out of black.

  • I love the grey and black. The brown and lavender is beautiful also!

  • DrD

    Brown & Bronze

  • hannah millican

    I think black and grey, the other colors are a bit bright for my taste.

  • erika stone-robinson

    Favorite is blue.

  • Jenifer

    I like the blue the best!

  • Jackie

    Rainwater is usually so ugly. This stuff is stylish and colorful. You ladies have found a hole in the market and filled it.

  • Hermine

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  • kls99

    Camel and grey – neutral and goes with everything, but not black (like my entire wardrobe!)

  • Bronwyn Whaley

    The Fuschia and Orange Hooded one is lovely- what a way to cheer up a rainy day!

  • karen

    I love the navy & avocado!!

  • Paula Pil

    I love the hooded nectarine and Fuchsia rain rap the most , however I would be happy to win any of them.

  • valorosa

    Camel + Light Gray Rainrap would be a great addition to my travel clothes. It is so hard to take a regular raincoat when you travel. The Rainrap would be just fabulous.

  • rhonda

    Gimme Please!!

  • Lynda Neighbors

    Hard to pick! Love the teal and navy but the gray and black would go with everything!

  • SandraKay

    I love the brown/bronze.

  • Sacha Schroeder

    My favorite is the black and gray because it would go with anything!

  • twinklegirl20

    Pink and orange

  • Pat Noel

    I love the pink and orange!

  • Marla Shoemaker

    The brown and bronze are wonderfully warm colors! I love that one! I only wish it was available with the hood, too. But it’s awesome. I also like the navy and avocado with the hood pretty well!

  • Vickie

    Great wrap for our mild weather!

  • margaracantu

    red and orange should be a cheerful combination to contrast the cloudy weather!! i love them all! a classy alternative to your usual dull raincoats!

  • Teresa Scarborough

    orange and pink is so colorful

  • tornadol


  • julie levine

    Black and Grey!

  • R. Feng

    My favorite color of the Rainraps is the black and grey because it goes with any color. But all of the colors are amazing. I hope to win. Thanks for the chance though. 🙂

  • flordeliza parker


  • Deb M

    Wearing the bright pink and orange would be a great way to add a little “sunshine” to a rainy day!

  • Lesley Cunningham

    I can’t decide on just one colour, they are all so beautful, I guess the brown, or no maybe the pink and orange.

  • Susan

    I love the orange and pink rainraps. it just looks like fun to wear. I live in Florida and we have our share of rainie days and nights.Just because it’s gray outside the orange and pink Rainraps would brighten up any day. love the color combo,.


    My favorite rainraps color is the camel and grey combination. Look great and you can wear it with anything. The hood is a plus too!

  • joyzkim

    Black and gray…of course

  • sisterjtc

    Black and Grey Hooded would go with everything

  • sisterjtc

    Hooded Black & Grey – great neutral to go with everything.

  • Jani

    Navy + Avocado

  • proud_mary53

    Black and grey with hood is my favorite,,

  • Phyllis Marion-Landais

    Love the pink and orange!
    What a great way to greet the rain.

    Wish they had this color with a hood!!!!!

  • PattiD033

    I really like the Navy/Turquoise Rainraps. I am disabled and it looks like it would be easy to put on and take off.

  • BECCA8688

    I love the Original Black and Gray Rainrap. It goes with everything.

  • Deena

    black and gray is my favorite. But if I could I would have one of each for every combination of my outfits. You NEVER Know when It’s going to rain. And i would never have to worry about color cooordinating wardrobe to match overlay ever again

  • nascarblue3

    Good Morning, after looking at allof your rainraps lease let me say this is an awesome idea, they are very stylish and the colors are great. My favorite is the navy & Turquoise, thank you

  • patricia assanowicz

    LOVE the Silver/Gray, these colors will go will alot of different outfits, I have to give you giant kudo’s, what an awesome idea. Thank you

  • I love the camel/light grey combination. So classic! I’m sure I’d get many compliments. A great idea!

  • Judy

    Pink and orange is the cheeriest combo, in my opinion.

  • kim

    I love the grey! so classy

  • Sara

    Like the pink and orange one!!!!
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  • susitravl

    Black & Gray

  • Wendy

    favourite Rainwrap colour – bronze and brown!

  • rhonda

    I won`t even try to be cute so…I want them all.

  • Tammy Allen

    There isn’t a color I don’t like but since I have to choose, I’d pick Brown and Bronze. Though believe when I say I would proudly wear any!

  • rhonda

    the blue is perfect for great jeans.

  • Nonnie

    I’m loving the grey and black – it just looks very classy and would go with workwear or casual wear –
    way easier than that soaking wet umbrella!

  • rhonda

    Now I want the blue…Oh boy. decisions.

  • rhonda

    I can`t make up my mind. I brown is pefect for fall. You sure couldn`t get lost in a rain storm in that orange, love them all.

  • susan

    Pink and orange would be my choice.

  • TybeeHouseCat

    I love the black and grey Rainrap! What a wonderful product!

  • Debra

    Love them all, but especially the navy/turquoise. Such a great idea!

  • nascarblue3

    without a doubt i choose the navy/turquoise, to me these two beautiful colors are very versitile, these colors can take me throughout the entire year, living in Connecticut our weather never surprises me, the spring we get alot of rain and the flowers start blooming, summer, Oh summer, the navy/turquoise blends so well with mother natures beautiful colors, being waterproof and reversible i can wear so many different outfits along with this beautiful wrap, yes it would be easy to go on, thank you for this great chance…

  • MIchelle

    Love the pink and orange!

  • rhonda

    What a great idea. Black and grey is the most versitale.

  • Sandhya

    Pink and Orange looks fabulous . . . . Can’t decide as Black and Grey looks cool, too

  • linda

    Even though I am a “blue person”, I would die to have the pink and orange combination to enjoy during the Florida summer rains!

  • Linda

    Black and grey-goes with absolutely everything!

  • Aliciar

    The Pink and Orange look very Glamorous!

  • Amanda Williamson

    I really like the blue Rainrap.

  • Kathryn

    What a great idea these are! The black & gray is my favorite since it would be appropriate in every season and go with virtually any outfit.

  • Mary Kueppers

    I love the brown and bronze Rainrap!

  • Cyndilou1

    Love the blue/turquoise, fabulous!


    pink and orange

  • Adina Weinstein

    The black and grey rainrap is so coooooooooool and it will keep me dry when it’s important and the colors go with everything.

  • Valerie L

    I can’t decide between the pink and orange or the navy and turquoise. I love them both

  • Jessica Murphy

    I really like the black and gray.


    Blue for rainy day.

  • Ron Miller

    Navy + Turquoise

  • Emily E

    The pink and orange, it’s so cheerful for a rainy day!

  • Jeanie

    What a wonderful and practical idea!~! I would currently choose the pink and orange wrap as I am so into these hot colors right now. It would be a fun item to wear. I also like the brown wrap as well for the fall. I do not like rain but would welcome it to just wear it!!

  • Lee Epstein

    I Love the gray because it looks great with black and just about everything I own is black or gray. It would be the perfect item to take on a cruise.

  • CJ

    Blue/Turquoise – beautiful!

  • Rose

    I love, love, love the pink and orange one…usually whenit rains it is so dreary…so I think bright colors just make things look happy!!

  • S Kay DeGroot

    Love the Black + Gray, will go with everything!

  • deborahf2

    Orange and pink would make any rainy day more fun..


    I would choose the blue if I won.

  • 1wicket46

    Navy and turquoise would be the one I choose. I also love the orange and pink and black and grey. Adorable!

  • Wanda Addy

    The black and gray is beautiful!

  • tarheel4ever

    Such a difficult choice since all the color combinations are pretty! I’d probably choose the gray because it matches more of my clothes but I’d be happy with any! 🙂

  • Gwenn Atkinson

    Navy + Turquoise RAINRAP is my favorite!

  • kakkie60

    I love the blue and black wrap. The fact that it is light but fashionable at the same time is wonderful.

  • Lee

    The pink and orange Rainrap is lovely!

  • lindsay

    Pink + orange!


    Enter me to win the blue.

  • beth

    love the blue!!

  • Delores J. Davis

    I LOVE the RainRap. It is perfect for traveling. Gray is my favorite color

  • Christina

    What a great idea! Would love the black/grey.

  • Jojorrt

    pink and orange!

  • Deb

    Orange pink

  • Tish

    I love the Pink and Orange Rainrap the best. It’s a juicy color combo which suits my personality perfectly.

  • katie novotny

    Pink and orange, but all the colors are wonderful. What a way to brighten a rainy day.

  • Radmila

    hi, this is a great giveaway! If i won, i would go for a pink+orange one! Radmila, [email protected]


    The blue would be great for rainy days.

  • Leah Houseman

    My favorite is the blue and turquoise because it reminds me of the sky and the ocean – I love being near water which is why my home overlooks a large lake. I love this RainRap – what a super, creative idea! Kudos to the creators!

  • Susan Navidad

    brown and bronze

  • leo39

    I love all of them, but if I have to choose, I would choode black and grey one – it fits for all ocasions and with anything.

  • Lita Smith-Mines

    The brown & bronze is beautiful!

  • mcrisafi

    What a fabulous idea!

  • Laura N

    I love the navy and turquois. This is an awesome idea and those are some of my favorite colors.

  • kls_sea

    I am sucker for all red, so my favorite color is pink wit orange.
    RainRap is cool and original.

  • Micaela DeChaves

    I have been searching for the perfect protection from the rain with style ,that’s lightweight !! This is beyond perfect !! I find any color would do,but, The black is always my fave!!

  • Michelle

    I would pick either the brown and gold or the black/grey so that it would go with most of my wardrobe.

  • ann heffner

    I’m torn between the blue and the brown. The brown would probably be the more practical, but the blue might be just the mood lifter I need on a rainy day.

  • Tanya H

    I love the Brown & Bronze one – I think it would be the most versatile for my wardrobe.

  • Alison

    I think the “Black + Gray RAINRAP” would be most versatile for my wardrobe. Thanks for the opportunity to win 🙂

  • Oakley

    I love the navy and turquoise!!!!!! I am out in the rain a lot due to my job an would love a Rainrap…


    I would love the blue for rainy days.

  • Ashley Stevens

    Love the Brown and gold!

  • Martha

    What a novel idea! It is hard to chose but think the Navy/Turquoise would brighten up a gloomy Day!

  • cobrateacher

    I always drag around a heavy vinyl slicker=sort of thing, since rain hits in Miami without warning. This would be so much more pleasant, and certainly better looking! I really hope I can win one.
    I thinkj the black and gray would be the most neutral, although I LOVE all the colors!

  • Sherri Landmark

    pink and orange all the way! My favorite color combination of all time!!

  • casey04

    Adorable great job! Rainy day in Texas. Black one my fav!

  • mell

    I would love to have the mandarin and pink Rainrap.

  • Marguerite Krenek

    I love the Rainrap. I was walking down the street in Paris last week (really!) and saw two women wearing the Rainraps. I was immediately attracted to the look and stopped them to ask about them. I love grey and black. So easy to wear with a scarf or colorful jewelry. Thanks Rainraps!

  • Deborah Carlson

    I love the Pink and Orange but the brown and bronze would go with most everything. Great rainwear.

  • Cynthia

    I have this email address fixed now if you want to use it.

    I love the Rainrap in orange and pink. Very fashionable.

  • Cynthia

    I love the Rainrap in yellow and pink. I think they look very fashionable.

  • Sheila Chaffins

    I love the black and gray!

  • Kathi

    I Love the Raindrops! What a Great idea! Very Fashionable, I Love theBlack one ! Its also slenderizing , Would be thrilled to wear one!

  • Karen Christian

    Love the blue one!

  • Rhonda Cartier

    These Rain Raps are very unique and I love the design. I really love the Brown and Bronze color. A color that would go with just about anything! 🙂

  • Marcia

    I live in the NW. Can you make a longer version and put a hood on it?

  • Andrea

    Wow, what a Fab idea! So Chic! I love the Coral, it’s stunning!

  • FabulousMimi

    All the colors are nice of course, but love the pink/orange or the blue/turq the best. Such a great stylish idea!

  • Terry

    Hard to choose, but I’d start with the blue.

  • Linda Letto

    Love the grey !!

  • Sandi

    I love the Navy + Turquoise RAINRAP™!!

  • Christy

    Brown and Bronze — classic!!

  • lisa mcfarland

    the pink and orange


    Adore the blue.

  • Suzanne

    What a great idea! The pink and orange Rainrap would brighten up any day!

  • AthertonQueen

    I love,love,,love this RainRap. And blue is my favorite!

  • Bernice

    I like the idea of a rainrap, and I really like the grey and black color. I can see myself wearing it.

  • starsmom

    I love them all but my favorite is the Navy and Turquoise Rainrap!

  • Onehsancare

    I love the navy and turquoise!

  • Thilde Peterson

    You never know when the rain is going to hit, so you have to be fashionable at all costs – so I would go with the black & grey. Always a hit combination!

  • Patricia

    While I love the pink/organge wrap the brown wrap would be more versatile and better suit my colors.

  • Kathleen

    The navy and turquoise would be practical for me-but the pink and orange gets my heart vote!

  • Nantie1

    I love the Pink & Orange color. Pink is my favorite color, so this one would compliment my whole wardrobe.

  • sandy eckstein

    i’ld love to win the yellow/pink combination rain wrap. it’s a wonderful burst of color. it’s a happy face maker…

  • msortet

    two tone blue. I buy anything blue!

  • Sherry

    The Navy and Turquoise is fabulous. The combination is classic and and the Turquoise gives it enought of a pop to accent a compliment any number of clothing colors underneath.

  • Rose

    What a stylish way to stay dry ! I would like the black and gray since black pants are my wardrobe staple.

  • Gayle LaSalle

    Love the orange one

  • gramgwen

    What a great idea of a design! I’d pick the orange/pink because it’s one of my favorite color combinations and would really make me happy on a rainy day.

  • Jane Johns

    I like the brown and bronze color RainRap

  • skipheart

    The blue one…matches my eyes. This would be perfect for my walks to post office on rainy days.

  • Valarie Adams

    Looking at the colors in my wardrobe, I would have to go with the black/gray, but I really like the the brown too! And I really like the idea, so versatile!


    Blue is lovely

  • Linda

    I’m crazy about thr pink/orange combination. Boy, wouldn’t that cheer up a rainy day!

  • Tanya

    Practical Grey/Black

  • Allyson

    Ooh! I love the pink & orange one! Great colors!

  • Catherine Davis

    That blue one is absolutely gorgeous and I would love for it to rain just for the pure joy of wearing it and being stylish and dry at the same time.

  • Becky Beer

    Easy, black and grey.

  • Jewel Hopson

    I like the rich tones of the brown and bronze rainrap. It’s perfect for my warm skin tone.

  • Stephanie

    The black/gray is always on trend. You can’t go wrong because it goes with everything.

  • kellykat

    the blue & turquoise and the pink & orange are tied in the close race for my favorite

  • patti stern

    The Rainrap is a “must” for someone like me! I am a full time artist traveling the country 45 weeks a year displaying my art OUTSIDE at art shows- in every iind of weather! Besides being practical incase of an untimely rain shower, the Rainrap is chic and trendy and will keep me dry while keeping me looking artsy fartsy during my working weekends outdoors….love the Pink and Orange one, it matches my art work.

  • hofken

    I like Pink and Orange

    [email protected]

  • Deanne H.

    I love the brown/bronze slicker. Beautiful!

  • Mary Miller

    My favorite is the Brown, but I usually go for brighter colors such as the pink or blue combo. I just think that the brown one is especially classy looking and has a lot of style!

  • Suzanne

    Wow, that’s a tough one; I’d love to have anyone of them. But if I must choose a favorite I would have to go with the blue. Great idea ladies !!

  • Carol

    While my practical nature would want the black/gray, on a rainy day the pink/orange Rainrap would be a day brightener!

  • janis38344

    I love the pink & orange, and besides when you are in that type of weather you want to be seen. These colors are fun colors.

  • Sue Epling

    Beautiful! I think the black/gray combo is my favorite. Love the style!

  • MARY K

    I think I like the grey 1 best.

  • spurnky

    Favorite color: Black + Gray RAINRAP


  • Nancy Jachcik

    I like the Brown and bronze. Great color combo!

  • Penny Birger

    What could possibly shout Spring AND Summer more clearly than the pink and orange RainRap? Gives me a little boost of energy just looking at the colors – especially imagining wearing this to quickly protect my clothing from one of our seasonal/unseasonal showers here in the Pacific Northwest. OTOH, I would love to have ALL the colors – one or another of them would complement everything in my wardrobe.

  • paula

    The brown & gold..Would look great with Jeans..

  • MorganaJoy

    Pink Is usually my colour, but in this case I favour the brown wrap. The earthy colours are very versitile and would complement most of the colours in my wardrobe.

  • Bernadette

    I love the BLUE Rainrap. What a great idea!

  • Judy Corbett


  • Dara

    I love the Navy & Turquoise as it will highlight my eyes. I have the rain wrap pinned to my Pinterest “Products I Love” board. I love it!

  • Beth Lowe

    The brown with the orange are my colors, love them all though.

  • michelle

    Smart women! The brown and grey are my faves!

  • Margarida

    I adore the bright coral and orange rainrap. As I do a lot of biking and walking this colour would thankfully make me visible to motorists.

  • Gayla

    I love the brown or orange wrap the best. I need this for the rainy weather we have here on the Texas coast.

  • Gayla

    I would love to win this wrap. All the colors are great but love the brown and orange the best. We have many days of rain showers in our area near the coast of Texas and this wrap would be perfect for my needs.

  • Barb

    love, love the blue

  • Diane

    I love them all but I’d for more versatility I’d h ave to say the black/grey or the blue on blue

  • ctgal

    Although I adore the pink/orange, I’d have to go with the gray/black combination, which would be great for travel.

  • Sandra

    All are beautiful but I think the Pink/Orange is my fave.

  • Beth Weatherford

    I love the pink and orange rainrap….what a cheery way to avoid getting drenched!

  • Patti Wilder

    I love the black and grey one.

  • Lynda C

    Love the pink + orange

  • pam clark

    I love the 2 tone blue – it would go with anything in my wardrobe. What a great idea these are!

  • gmcl

    I think I’d choose the pink/orange because it would brighten a rainy day soooo much. The navy/ turquoise would probably be more practical & is beautiful, but not quite as much fun.

  • Paula Diekhoff

    I love the navy/turquoise rainwrap. Too bad it doesn’t come in a pouch, but it still is practical.

  • Janet

    Blue is my favorite rainrap color. Whenever I wear blue everyone comments how blue my eyes look and who couldn’t use that bit of sunshine on a rainy day!

  • Linda

    I love the idea & the pink & orange one is so me!

  • Simona La Corte

    my fav is Pink + Orange

  • Simona Giveaway

    my fav is Navy + Turquoise RAINRAPS

  • kelsi123

    The brown and bronze is lovely and would go perfectly with my wardrobe!!!

  • Terri

    Definitely Black/Gray!!! A classic that will not compete with other colors that one may be wearing.


    What a wonderful idea. I am partial to all things pink and yellow is also one of my favorites. Sure would come in handy running in & out of stores, etc.

  • smfsprout

    Um – the Brown & Bronze…
    No, the Black & Gray…
    No, the Navy & Turquoise…
    Maybe the Pink & Orange…
    Oh, my head hurts too much to decide since they are all wonderful. Okay, I’ll stick with the Brown & Bronze.
    But then again………..!

  • Joan Pagano

    That is a tough call! All the colors are gorgeous, but I think the blue combo would be most versatile, so that’s my pick.

  • Carol

    It has to be the orange and coral combo – WOW! I just LOVE it! And what a bright spot I would be on a dark and wet rainy day ;-D

  • fhoagland

    My closet has lots of black so I would like the black/gray as it would go with just about everything I own.

  • Suzanne Pilon

    Those wraps look absolutely amazing. My favourit is the Pink/Orange!!! Would love to have one.

  • Debbie Absher

    i would love to win one they look great and in style

  • Debbie Absher

    these look great would love to win

  • Millicent Townsend

    I would love the Pink.Orange because it would make me look fab at 50

  • Carol Krutul

    I love the blue. The blue would keep the blues away on a rainy day!

  • deborah

    Hi girls, I just love the Navy + Turquoise wrap. It is so cute and will go with everything for a pop of color for summer. What a great design. Would love to win this one!!! Thank you for the giveaway and enjoy your summer!!!

  • lorraine

    The black and gray would fit in more with most of my wardrobe

  • camilla wilson

    I really like the blue on blue

  • Cheryl

    All are beautiful! Love the orange and pink! What great “pick me up colors” for those gloomy rainy days!

  • Kristine

    love the navy and tourquiose!

  • Audrey Aguiar

    I’d have to go with the Brown and Bronze….. so cool looking and will go with everything!

  • Debbie

    So creative! I like the Navy and Turquoise best. I would wear this is a heartbeat!

  • S Smith

    I like the “chocolate” with “mustard” rap

  • Cindy

    Pink/orange would definitely cheer up a bleak day!

  • Trisha

    Navy and turquoise. This would be perfect for our “monsoon” season here in FL.

  • Mrsfitz

    WHat a perfect item for my impending trip to England! Having planned a navy blue , turquoise and white wardrobe for the trip the navy and turquoise wrap is just the ticket!

  • Charlie

    I love the 2 tone blue.

  • Pat

    I’d choose any of them, but because I HAVE to choose one, I vote for the black and gray-will go with anything!

  • pfunnylady

    Definitely the navy and turquoise for me.

  • Kaye Barasa

    What a great idea this is! I truly can’t decide between the pink and orange one and the navy and turquoise. If I win one, I’ll have to buy the other.

  • joni

    Love the blue tones. Maybe if I prepare for rain we will get a needed splash!

  • debra

    black and gray are classic

  • Nancy Luebke

    Although I like the pink, I’m not crazy about the other color. So I pick the Navy and torquoise.

  • Stephanie V.

    Navy + Turquoise is my fave but considering my black dominated wardrobe would probably get the Black + Gray one. LOVE THEM!!

  • Barb

    I love, love, love the navy & turquoise. The pink & orange color is the runner up.

  • deb c

    The Pink + Orange RAINRAP is my favorite. Love those colors together. Plus, I love the style!

  • ISIS360

    Brown and Bronze, certainly making it a “lovely day for a walk in the rain”.

  • Karen Mumpower

    I like the Pink and Orange Rainraps

  • MoonRae

    The Orange & Pink! We could really use some rain here in my parts!!

  • Barbara F.

    I love earth tones (brown, tan, etc.) but, I really love the Blue-on-Blue Rainrap. Reminds me of blue skies.

  • naomi

    black and grey RainRap would go with anything, in every season!

  • Michelle

    What could be better? Beauty and practical. Would love to have the Pink/Orange. These colors would surely brighten a rainy, dreary day. Plus inprove my mood.

  • Michaela Haugabook

    Hard decision!! Either blue or gray!!

  • Lyn Valone

    I need something light in Fl and this seems perfect. Great idea- canmot believe this hasn’t come up before!

  • Cindy

    The blue is my favorite, 2nd is the brown.

  • Sherri

    The black & grey would be great! Would go with just about anything!

  • Sandy B

    Yay! This is SO much better than a rain coat, and it looks like it will fit over anything. They’re all beautiful — the brown and bronze is unique. And I always love black. Great for downtown over business wear.

  • elr

    The blue, no the brown, but then again the pink and orange are so in, but, the black and gray will go the distance.

  • Cheri Magee

    Love the brown/gold!!!!!!

  • jean


  • Kathy Stephens

    I love the blue!

  • Christine

    Navy & Turquoise Rainrap

  • Marion Haughton

    What a clever idea. I love it. All of the colors are great, but my favorite is the pink and orange. I recently traveled to South Dakota and since it was thier rainy time of year I needed some rain protection. I was unable to find anything like this. So glad you followed your dreams on this one.

  • Faith Moeller

    Wow! This is a wonderful change from my plastic poncho that I use when hiking or from the London Fog coats that are much more formal. What vibrant colors! They seem to chase the clouds away!

  • Carole Penner

    I never know what to wear in a downpour in the city. The RainRap in Brown and Bronze would be a lifesaver!

  • cranepuffin

    I like the Black + Gray RAINRAP – it would go with most of my wardrobe!

  • Moonchime

    The blue one is my absolute fave!!!!

  • Heather Boegler

    I love the brown rain wrap! I can hardly move in my rain slicker!

  • BlueBear

    What a fantastic idea! I am a wrap gal and that charcoal rainwrap would be ideal, as it goes with everything. They are all great, though, and choosing a color is hard! I hate putting my arms through raincoats and messing up my blouse or whatever and this is just a super idea and one that I didn’t know existed!

  • Carol Bailey

    I have been looking for something like this for the last 5 years. I volunteer for Meals on Wheels deliveries every Thursday and it never fails that if it is going to rain that week it will be on Thursday. This would be so easy to throw on on those days. I would love the orange/pink one to brighten the day for the seniors that I deliver meals to.

  • Gefield

    Okay, I am tom between the pink and orange and the navy and turquoise, guess I will need to get one of each!

  • swhite

    Blue and Turquoise~~~~~ I live in Oregon need I say more about always needing rain protection on a minute by minute basis. Having a rainrap would solve many fashion issues!

  • ogden

    wow, pink and orange! like a wild flower!

  • kalee123

    Blue is breath taking.

  • Ianete

    The pink and orange one! When it’s rainy here, it’s usually pretty gloomy. But how could a gal feel gloomy with those wonderful colors?!?

  • rosiey60

    Bronze and brown, looks like a great item to pack for a trip “just in case” of a shower!

  • kalee123

    Wonderful, this would be fantastick. My clothes would not get wet. Love it in the BLUE.

  • A. Chenevert

    I like the blue the most, but the coral is pretty also!!


    I love them all, sigh… pick one…. i guess the grey and black…


    I love them all, but I’ll take the black and grey one. xx thank you x

  • Carole B Martin

    love them all so difficult to decide but go with the greyish one, second tan

  • KweiYin Lastrico

    Perfect for my daily walks this winter. The blue wrap was made for me!

  • jenny

    What a wonderful looking rain slicker! Love the black

  • jenny

    I would love the black and grey one!

  • Mary Ann Offenstein

    I like the blue one!

  • Toni

    I absolutely love the the pink/orange and the blue/turquoise, i would love to own anyone of them!

  • Kim

    My favorite color is the brown and bronze. Too Cute!!!!!

  • katie novotny

    Navy and Turquoise, but I would love one in every color. Will you be selling them on FOF?

  • dropastitch

    Love the turquoise and blue…would perk up a rainy dreary day for sure!

    [email protected]

  • Glenda Steffee

    The brown/bronze would suit my style. BUT, if I won that color, I’d most likely go online and buy one or two other colors. Did you check their site? They have free shipping to US!!!! and the raps are very reasonably priced! Absolutely perfect for packing in your handbag or suitcase for travel. And don’t forget stocking stuffers for the holidays!

  • Sandra Zumbrun

    Any shade of blue has always been my favorite color; so, naturally I love the navy & turquoise Rainrap! : ) It would be my pick if I am the lucky winner!

  • saintm

    I love the brown & bronze! What a great idea.

  • Kim Cage

    I love the pink and orange!!! Would be nice and bright on a
    drizzly day!!!!

  • bonsny

    Great idea! I love the pink and orange.

  • Susie

    I love the pink and orange one! Such a summery color!

  • Leeann Cochrane

    I like the pink & orange wrap because it’s a nice bright accent for a dreary day.

  • Susan

    I love this! I really like the blue one but would probably get more use out of the black/gray one. Any color would look good!

  • Susan


  • Janeace

    I have been looking for the perfect rain cover-up for two years! This is the one! Perfect! I love all the color combinations but the black and grey would probably go with everything in my wardrobe. So happy to see these girls came up with the perfect solution for a rainy day.

  • mink

    Brown + Bronze

  • Jan Jessup

    The Navy & Turquoise Rainrap would make me very happy on a drizzly day!

  • Sheila Foley

    love the blue!


  • ktpotat

    I like the grey and the blue

  • Patti N.

    I like the pink/orange! I think when it rains color pops brighten anyone’s day! Pick Me!

  • angelaamy2001

    the blue, my favorite color! this is such a good idea and looks like would drape over power chair arms too. electic power chairs are not made for use in the rain but if you’re out and are caught by an unexpected shower this wrap would be pefect!

  • Cristina

    love the orange/pink! Reminds me of the tropics…

  • spartn88

    The Blue to go with my eyes! smile.

  • Nancy McCaig

    The brown and bronze is stunning, but I would choose the black and grey as it is the most practical. It goes with everything.

  • Liz

    The Navy and Turquoise RAINRAP would be my choice. I love that combination.

  • Kathy M.

    Love the black/gray as it would go over anything (color and style). I congratulate Rachel and Stacy for such an innovative idea! This would work so well for travel too! Love it!

  • wizardewu

    I love the Navy + Turquoise one.

  • evans s

    the brown one

  • Brenda

    What a wonderful and unique idea. Love the idea that it is light. Since I live in Arizona, we do get rain especially in the summer during monsoon time. I hate wearing a raincoat, because it is so hot to wear during this time. This would be perfect when I walk the dog in the rain to keep my clothes dry.
    I love the blue one.

  • jeanie

    love all the colors but especially the blue!!

  • Betty Herbert

    They’re all terrific but I think the one that cought my eye right away is the blue one. The red would be my #2 choice.

  • cyndib1

    I love the pink and orange one – i live in Florida where it now rains everyday so i could put it to good use!

  • Lisa

    hi Fab over fifty!! well, I’m 49 but I’m almost there and I love your comments and ideas. I live in Good Old Nova Scotia on the east coast and it can be sunny, rain and snow all in one day. I hardly ever leave the house without an umbrella!! This wrap would be the gatest thing to own. I love the blue!!!

  • Katherine

    I like the navy and turquoise one best!

  • ec

    I love the blue/turquoise look, and the practicality of the brown/bronze one. Both would work well in Oregon’s rain.

  • sandy haber

    i like both the blue and the pink one — the latter would certainly cheer one up on a rainy day!

  • Karen Scheinberg

    I would have to get two: the pink and orange are my favorite summer colors; the gray and black is great for winter. What a terrific idea!

  • Lisa Stroud

    Love the look and the concept just throw in your purse and go….I love the black and grey would go with everything…

  • Dympna

    I love the Brown and Bronze.

  • babelangan55

    Navy + Turquoise RAINRAP

  • KatieQ

    The blue is definitely my favorite, but if I were choosing for practicality, it would be the black and gray.

  • Catherine

    the mocha/espresso one will be a great travel item for a week in Rome in Sept… where I will be sipping espresso

  • maciberkeley

    Love the black one – since I would be using mostly for traveling I would have to go for practical over pretty!

  • TuKute

    How can you pic? I love all the colors. Would have to get the scarf also. Wether or not I win one of these I would definately end up owning a couple.

  • An

    I love them all!
    I would have to choose the grey/black combo as it would match anything. The Rainrap is a fantastic idea!

  • KatieQ

    The blue is definitely my favorite, but if I were choosing for practicality, it would be the black/grey,

  • Cathy

    I love the navy rainrap!

  • Bettie

    I love the navy and turquoise one best.

  • Marta

    Great colour to brighten up a dreary rainy day – pink and orange.

  • Pat

    What a brilliant idea! I love, love, love the pink and orange, and it would definitely brighten a rainy day. Unfortunately, I’m cursed with OPD (Obsessive Practicality Disorder) and would probably choose the gray and black one, or, if I was really feeling adventurous, the brown and gold one.

  • Evan Hosie

    What a smart idea! I like the black on black since it would go with all my suits.

  • Susan F.

    What a wonderful creation. It will so easily pack for those trips where rain may appear without having to pack the bulky rain coat. The gray would be my choice as it will go with most everything.

  • Kathleen L

    My favorite is the Navy + Turquoise.

  • Janet Atchley

    I love the orange and pink one, but, of course, orange is my favorite color.

  • pat

    As much as I love the salmon colored one if I was buying I would go more conservaive with the black/gray one. ‘Great idea no matter what color.

  • nonstpcute

    Ooh LOVE the black/grey! Seems so easy to wear, put on and off, when coats can seem cumbersome during a rainy adventue!

  • Linda Matthews

    Here, off the coast of Charleston, we have been getting quite a bit of rain. With that, we also have the heat & humidity. The wraps would be perfect in this climate. We wear such colorful clothes here, I would want the black & grey to go with them all.

  • eddyrobey

    brown and bronze

  • Kim

    black and gray! 🙂

  • Margaret Goldsmith

    I love them all. Think the blue might go best with my clothes. However the black would be great to have to wear to something special or to work.

  • susan

    i like the pink and orange wrap. so colorful!

  • Sue

    What a perfect solution in having a raincoat
    that able to fold up carry without it being bulky
    and so obvious yet so great looking. Reminds
    me of the coat my mom use to wear in the 50’s.
    I get so tiresome in having to bring an umbrella
    or bulky raincoat just in case when weatherman
    predicts rain but hasn’t rained yet.

  • Maggie T


  • Tressa

    Good Morning! I love the blue one! My mother is 82 years old and loves anything blue! I would love to win one for her. She has a frozen shoulder so it makes it extremely hard and painful at time to get her into a rain jacket or any jacket for that matter. This would come in very handy for her!! Thanks…

  • Judy Yacker

    So hard to choose a favorite color! The pink and orange is so cheerful – especially on a rainy day, but the brown and bronze looks so elegant. I guess I’d have to pick the pink and orange to lift my spirits (but I wouldn’t turn down the brown and bronze!).

  • Carole Johnson

    The black/gray would go with any color outfit. Love it!

  • Geri B.

    I love them all but for my lifesyle and job, I would go with the black/grey combination. It would be great to have this all folded up in my purse, just in case! We’ve been getting so much rain here in New York, it’s a necessity!

  • Mary Ann

    The salmon colored one is really pretty and would brighten up any rainy day.



  • Carole

    Oooh, I love the Pink/Orange one! Need something cheerful on a gray rainy day. Price is right too, very affordable and I could get more than one.

  • grace CISS

    I definetely love all the colors and will match each one according to what I wear.

  • Sharon C

    Turquoise and blue

  • donna

    These wraps look great! I think I would love the turquoise one the best! Great idea!!

  • Elaine

    Gray—will go with everything.

  • Jacquie

    The greys for me. The bright colors are beautiful, but the grey combination would go with everything.

  • Mary

    I would LOVE to take the black one with me on my upcoming trip to Europe – PLEASE PICK ME!!! 🙂

  • Debbie

    What a great idea!!! All of the color combinations are very nice but I would choose the black/grey as my favorite because I think it would go with anything. Thanks so much for asking my opinion.

  • Paula

    Love the rich brown color – classy!

  • Kathy Nickelman

    Love the pink! It would for sure brighten a gloomy, rainy day.

  • tammy

    Oh please let me win, I would love the brown one…Clever idea!!!!!

  • Pam

    The pink one is the best, my favorite color!

  • Mary

    I REALLY need this Rainrap! I would LOVE the black one to take for my upcoming trip to Europe – PLEASE PICK ME!!! 🙂

  • Heleen

    Really hard to choose which one I like best between the practical grey/black and the fun navy/turquoise wrap. I am going to choose the navy/turquoise because I like a bit of coulour when the world is drab with rain.

  • Kathy Nickelman

    Love the pink as it would for sure brighten a gloomy, rainy day.

  • mtwheat

    Pink! Totally, Girly Pink! Love it! 🙂

  • Pat

    I love the two shades of blue the best.

  • mona

    I like the black/grey one…:)

  • mona

    I like the brack/grey one…:)

  • susan s.

    I love the blue combo, although they all look smart.

  • Patricia

    Oh yeah! We gotta be in great style, even in the rain!
    Love this look!

  • mary kay baynard

    Would love the black and gray one.

  • Sharon Saunders

    I think my favorite is the navy & turqouise; second would be pink &I irange

  • campton

    Love the blue and pink ones. However, no hood? I’d buy one now if it had a hood- without which there is no protection! Too bad…..

  • Donna

    I love the pink and orange color! I live in Texas where the weather can change in minuets; this would be perfect for me and I love that it folds up and can fit in your purse so I can have it at all times.

  • cyan721

    Love the Navy and Turquoise!

    Love that you can just throw it over your shoulders and go!
    No buttons or zippers.

  • Nancy

    The blue is gorgeous… And what a great idea..Only wish it had something to protect the hair!

  • Lori

    The Blue…on a gloomy rainy day I like to wear color !!

  • Dian Crystal

    My FAVORITE RainRap color is Orange & Pink… LOVE the vibrancy in the colors…

  • Susan Lockwood

    The orange and pink for me!!!

  • Cynthia Myers

    Navy + Turquoise RAINRAP
    Looks like the ocean.

  • Ann Russell

    The choice of colors is fantastic! With great difficulty I choose the gray combo. The brown is a close second.

  • Jody

    The blue one is pretty beautiful!

  • Connied54

    All the colors are great! I like the Navy/Turquoise combo best. It would work well with my summer wardrobe.

  • Karen H in NC

    My favorite color is blue….any shade of blue and I love this blue combo.

  • Cynthia

    I like the black and gray rainwrap. It will go with whatever you wear whether dressy or casual.

  • Joann B

    The orange and pink would make me happy on a rainy day!

  • bvolker

    I love the gray/silver combo – it will go with everything.

  • Tracey See

    Orange and pink would definitely keep me safe!

  • Deborah

    All of the colors are beautiful and would coordinate with so many things and seasons but if I had to choose, I think I would choose the brown/bronze RainRap. It’s warm lustrous hue’s remind me of a warm cup of hot chocolate and in a rain storm I always want to be warm and dry!


    I like the black and gray.. great rain coat

  • Tracey See

    I would live to sport a bright colored wrap so that I am noticeable to traffic as I walk to and from work!!!
    Thank you,

  • Mara Kaplan

    I really like the two-tone brown/gold one. These are a great invention.


    Love the blue.

  • Kathy11016

    I thought the yellow/orange was sensational but would
    be hard to match with most clothing. My favorite was
    the blue. I think I saw this wrap in Good Housekeeping
    magazine. I thought it was a great idea but I would love
    to have a hood on the wrap. I suppose just pulling it up over the head in a downpour would work. I could see
    this being an essential wardrobe piece. Would be easy to pack in a suitcase I imagine. I WOULD LOVE TO WIN THIS> HAVE NOT WON ANYTHING FROM MY MANY EFFORTS TRYING> I BElieve this item would be truly

  • Karen

    I just love this idea. I would go with the dark black color as the bright colors don’t suit my style of every day conservative wardrobe. Thanks for the great contest.

  • Rallo

    Two tone brown!

  • SuzieQue

    Love the blue one!

  • wufferhund

    I absolutely love the pink combo! It would be wonderful to have something cheery for a rainy day!

  • soap

    I keep hearing from other people I wear blue and orange well. Blue is more practical, but I love the orange colors. I vowed to myself in 2012 to rid my closet of so much grey & black. My husband complained I looked so drab all the time.

  • michelle moore

    I love the blue rainrap! These are wonderfully stylish. Way to go!!!

  • Carol Myers

    I love the Navy and Turquoise. Looks so classy and elegant. I love them al!

  • Michele Cox

    I would probably choose the blue one, but I am drooling over the coral and orange!!! They are way too fun!!!

  • Julie

    What a wonderful idea-why not look pretty while staying dry. Love the blue and turquoise colors together.

  • Elaine Sojak

    I love the navy/turqoise combination of Rainraps. What a wonderful idea.

  • suezqh2

    I love the Brown and Bronze. Rich color combo

  • Lynn Fagerhaug

    I love the pink/orange combo..How else to brighten a gloomy rainy day?!

  • Bonnie Faith

    They are all lovely viid colrs, but my favorite is the navy/turquoise.

  • Freda Witt

    I’ll take any of them, but the navy/turqoise would be the most practical for me. I need this! I attend all my grandchildrens games (they play everything) so i’m outside in the rain a lot. This would be such a stylish way to keep dry and still look good! ME! Pick me, please!

  • vasslt

    The pink and orange, it would so brighten up a rainy day!

  • Michelle Settle

    I love the black and gray-it isn’t as bright as a lot of what I am wearing, but it goes with so much!


  • Darlene

    the Gray!!! How beautiful!

  • Phoenix

    Great idea, & beautiful colours & style. I love the brown & bronze combination.

  • gratheeus

    Brown and bronze!

  • skwilson5904

    I love how vibrant the pink & orange combination looks!


    Hey, I live in Portland, Oregon.. it rains 9 months a year and NOBODY whose ANYBODY uses an umbrella…I need the Bronze/Brown Rainrap!

  • Diane

    I so love the blue. An essential wardrobe piece. Love it.

  • AJB

    The blue wrap.

  • Soledad

    Of course all the colors are nice. The black/gray however would go with just about anything.

  • kathyire50



    the brown is just lovely!! certainly would come in handy living in a wet and windy northern ireland!! thanks…in anticipation 🙂

  • Diane

    The two tone gray wrap is my favorite. It goes with virtually any color one might be wearing when the raindrops start falling. I am bad to leave my umbrella in the car….it is unhandy and adds weight to an already heavy purse. This could stay tucked inside at all times and I would never be caught off guard. Thanks for a great idea~!

  • Judith

    What a wonderful idea! I like the blue/aqua version. Great for jeans or dress-up too.

  • Kathierose

    I love the black/grey one!!!! Would love to have one of these!

  • lynda

    Beautiful – I love the navy/torquise the best, but the pink/orange is almost at the top for me too. Love them.

  • karen

    I love this idea especially the colors. Coral is mine

  • Jeralee

    The brown shade is beautifully warm looking especially for the coming fall. I think when women try them they will probably buy them in all colors

    Jeralee 🙂

  • Marshadee2001

    Navy + Turquoise RAINRAP™ Looks good for anytime!

  • travelgirl

    I really like al of them! If I had to chhose just 1, it would be the pink & orange. It would make the rainy day seem a little brighter!

  • mandrada

    What a great idea and timeless too, I’d love to have the navy/turqoise in my wardrobe collection. This wrap surely gives you a stunning look…that fabulous I am I am look!

  • Muzzik

    I definitely go with the black/grey; and give it to my 85 year old mom! When she gets dressed up for an occasion, she is really stylin’! She loves black and has lots of it in her wardrobe. This would be a perfect addition to it. I also like it best because it would go with so many different colors.

  • j27

    I love the Navy + Turquoise Rainrap — after all if it’s raining it’s nice to wear something colorful.

  • Jill Grant

    I would most likely get two…pink/ orange and the black/gray. What a great idea! Once again I am saying to myself…why didn’t I think of that 🙂

  • Joan

    I like the blue best, but I would go with the grey /black because its the most practical . It goes with everything.

  • Patty Mongan

    I adore blue and always pick that color!

  • Gail

    Love the brown bronze multiseasonal

  • catherinenorris7

    I think they are all smashing but I am drawn to the blue…I would probably buy the black and grey since it would go with anything. Nice job, ladies.

  • Kelly

    OMG AWESOME!! I love the whole idea, and the navy and turquoise is my favorite!

  • carrieobrien

    Pink/orange is most appealing to me!

  • MTammy

    I definitely want the black/grey combo RainRap, they look so classy.

  • gshep

    The black with gray. The pink and orange is nice for summer . Oh well, I would wear them all!

  • Charlotte Schell

    The navy/turquoise Rainrap is my favorite–although I had trouble choosing it, they’re all beautiful! And what an ingenious idea. I love the whole concept!

  • Viki Lai Hipp

    I love the pink/orange combination. The style concept is very cool – the wrap can be worn different ways making it versatile and stylish in addition to keeping me warm and dry.

  • yyoerger

    Brown & Bronze, since I’m an “autumn” and have many coordinating shades in those hues.

  • Lyn

    Well, I know it’s boring, but I like the black/grey combo – goes with everything!

  • Jill McNally

    I think the blues are particularly becoming. I would love the opportunity to show it off in the rainy state of Vermont.

  • Carol

    I love the navy/turquoise combo but the brown/bronze combination is calling me too. Of course, those are the main colorways in my wardrobe.

  • Suzanne

    I love the pink/orange combo but being a practical type, I would pick the brown/bronze. It would go with more of my wardrobe.

  • Jodi Jennings

    I love the navy/turqoise combination of the Rainraps. The different ways of tying and wearing make it an essential wardrobe piece!