{Test This} Gray Disappear


“There’s no reason for your grays to show with so many excellent touch-up products on the market,” says Lois Joy Johnson, a beauty and fashion director for over 30 years.

Enter Gray Disappear (retail value: $15.99)  from Generation Klean. This touch-up hair mascara comes in four shades (gold, blaze, espresso and onyx) and according to the company, it “will cover grays in seconds…no muss, no fuss.”

The product is also rich in antioxidants and vitamin E and it’s paraben-, sulfate- and propylene glycol-free. It’s not permanent and “rinses out with just shampoo.” Sounds like answer to our hairs…er…prayers. But, let’s get to the root of it:  Is Gray Disappear a wonder wand or a washout?

7 FOFs will test it. Click here to find out more about Gray Disappear, and then leave a comment below for a chance to test it.

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(See all our past winners, here.) (See official rules, here.) Contest closes April 4, 2012 at midnight E.S.T.

  • I really don’t like having to get my hair colored every 6-8 weeks. that’s when the grey sprouts. This product sounds like it would prolong the times between salon visits and that would make me very happy.

  • PrincessTamera

    I sure need this product! It seems that just a few days after coloring my hair, my roots grow fast & are totally white. I love Vitamin E too-that would be healthier than the OTC products definitely!

  • Carolyn Humphrey

    Boy, could I use this product RIGHT NOW!

  • hoppupp

    I wonder how long it takes to mascara your hair.

  • Debi

    This product would be fantastic to travel in your pocket book to work, meetings etc. I’ve notice lately that my grey hair is coming in faster these days. The problem is that with work and all that I do plus the damage to my hair it isn’t good to color your hair every 3 weeks. I love my hair to look good every day. I would truly love to test this product.

  • Kathy

    Anything that can extend the life of my color (money in my wallet) I’m all for! Please sign me up!!

  • paula

    Would love to try this product..in fact I could really use it right now!!

  • virginia martin

    Gray hair —ugh! Help!

  • msortet

    My husband has been going gray for a long time now and I just started noticing the gray strands here and there. He teases me all the time when he sees a new gray wirey strand sticking out from my roots and gets such a kick out of it because he’s younger than me! I would love to try it!

  • Maxine

    I am looking for a gentle and easy product to extend the time between refresh (dye) time. My gray’s are in my forehead area, and the grays break in 4 days. My hair grows fast. I would love to try this product.

  • i am totally gray and get covered every 5 weeks with gray starting to peek through even during the 3rd wek would love to use this because I am also compulsive about my coverage

  • couponmom5

    I have tried several touch up products but none work well.
    I would love to try this new product that sounds amazing and would solve my problem.

  • Lee

    This sounds like what I’ve been looking for! I have short hair, which makes the gray all that much more obvious as it grows out. I’d love to be able to stretch out the time between appointments for cut/color, even just a week or so.

  • Patricia Chambers

    I really need help in between coloring it when the greys pop in!! This product seems that it would work really well, and I would love to try it!

  • robbie753

    I love looking like my Mom, just not her hair yet ! This product sounds amazing!!

  • Beth Young

    Boy, do I have a lot of gray hairs to test Gray Disappear with! I want to try this product!

  • Diana

    Sounds great. Don’t have much gray, but what is there is really noticable. Would love to see how this works

  • audrey dirisio

    Sounds great, why haven’t we had a product like this sooner? I will be a regular user of this if it works as good as it sounds!

  • hofken

    I certainly have the gray hair to put it to the test. Thanks!

    [email protected]

  • junogirl

    My hair grows so fast and it’s all silver! But I hate having to color it before it’s ready for a cut. This sounds like a lifesaver!

  • Kathy Handerhan

    I’ve never colored my hair and at 56, I am just starting to show a little gray near my temples. I would love to try this product because I am not ready for an all over dye job yet, but am self-conscious about the small amount of gray.

  • Allyson

    I am new to grey and not taking it so well : (

  • Zoe Lee

    I would love to to test this for my annoying gray roots.

  • fran

    Sounds great for thoes of us who have a difficult time fitting coloring our heair into our schedules.
    I like that it is supposed to be quick and immediate- now if just doesn’t flak off or rub off on our hats.


    Would love this. Sure need this now.

  • Deborah / Bellevue WA

    With only four color options, this product may have limited appeal. No where is there any indication how these restricted colors will work, especially on salon color treated hair.

  • KrisMc

    Just recently, I had the “double nickels” birthday! I am feeling young, but looking like Pepe LePeu’s girlfriend with the white-grey stripe down the center part of my hair has me in a twist!! It has only been 2-3 weeks since my last serious “Loreal” date, and the roots are giving away my real age….touch-up help is divinely needed. And, Grey Disappear may just be my Angel in disguise! Can help be just a brush or two away? Give me the chance to paint the gray stripe of stress away!! Thanks, Generation Klean! =)

  • deborahf2

    I would love to test this and am keeping my fingers crossed that it really works..my hair has been graying since my 20’s and this product could help me cut down on touch ups…

  • c43b23

    I would enjoy trying this as i do have gray roots from time to time, I do not dye as often as I should and it is not very fab to have gray roots showing.

  • Eileen

    Love to see how the color blends…I used other products but they don’t really blend in.

  • Diane

    This would help me out so much.I’d love to try it i have to touch up my gray every week and a half.

  • CarolineZ

    Would love to try!

  • nene

    I swim twice a week and which makes my dye wash out earlier than it should. This would be a great easy fix if it works!

  • shewalk

    I would be interested to find out if this works. I have resistant gray hairs and still have a few grays left even after I just colored!

  • Ann

    I use something similar purchase at the drug store for $5.95 I believe. Not perfect,but along with ‘Root Touch-up’ I can go about 6 wks between color appts.

  • Marilyn

    I’ve tried every haircolor on the market and all the color care shampoos and conditioners “except WEN which I cannot afford”. First wash and my gray roots and sideburns are back. It’s very frustrating and disappointing.

  • Roxyvictoria

    Would love to try this! My hair grows fast so I often have gray roots showing ten days after coloring. Intrigued by the wand, other products I’ve seen require much more “work” to apply. Hope I get a chance…thanks.

  • Fay Swenson

    Have been using the Avon Grey Root Touch Up but am willing to give this a try to see if I like it better as I hate my grays/whites to show between colorings.

  • JanT.

    I am not making it between color/highlight appointments and since my hair is dark brown I really need this product! I want to wear my hair up for summer and I am incredibly self conscious about doing so when I have gray roots.

  • Fashionable60s

    I color my hair in the dark tone. My hair grows very fast that within 2 weeks, I would have a white streak visible on the hair part as well as around the hair line. Would love to try out Gray Disappear product between salon visits. I would be happy to share my findings with everyone, i.e., if the Gray Disappear rubs off on my pillow cases and towels. It sounds like a product we FOFs have been waiting for. Thank you.

  • GenerationKleanFan

    For a limited time, get 25% off of Gray Disappear by using the discount code spring. All lower case.

  • Marsha Crain

    Wow-this sounds so easy!! It would be great to try it!!

  • glorious

    This product sounds incredible!!! Simple and to the point!

  • EDreyer

    Sounds like a good alternative to the eye shadow I use for this purpose.

  • divaliz

    A must have for divas.

  • novastorm

    I only have a small patch of grey. This would save me the hassle of dying my hair.

  • Phoenix

    This is very innovative. I’d love to give it a try!


    Would love this as my gray hair makes me look older.

  • kellykat

    yes, I’d like to try this in “espresso”.

  • Joan

    I would love to try it. I really could use it between
    color apptments. If I had somethig like this I could probably wait 8 weeks between appointments.


    I love how It can be used between coloring, brushes in easy & my husband can use it on his beard.

  • Padma Narasimhan

    This would be ideal for me. Though I color my hair (permanent dye) I have resistant gray hair in the front.

  • Laura Bryant

    Wow! This sounds like a great product. Does it come in different colors or is it one color for all? I can’t wait to see this on the market!

    • gk

      It actually comes in four shades. Blonde, Black, Brown and Red

  • ilenep

    Would love to try the product, since I have scattered grey strands, I think this item will be a great cover between trips to the salon!

  • Barb Mazzara

    Sounds like an awesome way to hide the gray peeking out at the roots only 2 weeks after my dye job.

  • leo39

    I really like to try this product, it is awesome!

  • Diane

    This would be perfect for me because the only grey I get is a little in the front. I could just comb it out!

  • Irene Grundy

    My grays show up 2 weeks after salon dye treatment. I need serious grey coverup to cover the lapse in time till the next salon visit. Would love to try the product.

  • Jewel Hopson

    I want to know if Gray Disappear rubs out easily. I don’t wouldn’t like to see it under my finger nails. If it doesn’t rub out or run with sweat at the gym, it would be great for hair cuts with sideburns.

  • Kathy

    Wow, this product sounds awesome. I like to make one trip to the salon for a haircut and dye job, the problem for me is my gray roots start to show before I am ready for a haircut, this product definitely fulfills a need I have!!!

  • Rebecca

    I’ll test it, since I really don’t like the other temporary grey cover-up things I have.

  • Carolina

    I want to try it……….PLEASE!!!
    I spend a lot of money to be gray free……….would love to have other choices…………..

  • sharon

    My fifteen year old just exclaimed: “Mom what happened to you?” He saw all the grays that seem to show up more profusely around my face. We just came home from his school concert and with all the angst that come with teen years, I don’t want him to feel that Mom looks older than his grandmother. I would love to test this product since it can’t be healthy to color your hair every two weeks.

  • dmnyes

    Hey, I’m all for looking and feeling younger. By the way what happened to Pennsylvania? There are no outlets for this product in our area.

  • Judy B

    My grey shows first at my temples. It would be great to try a new product that would cover this problem grey and lengthen my time between coloring!

  • babysteps74

    Would love to put it to the test! Keep wasting money on the current ones on the market-like Joan Rivers product, but takes time to blend

  • Susan A

    I have just a touch of gray at my temples and would love to give this a try

  • sherry9453

    This is such a great idea! Hair color in a magic wand…love it! Would love to give Gray Disappear a try!

  • fes5128

    Hey if it helps cut down my going to the beauty shop then that’s more to spend on other fun things!

  • 56at55

    Would love this! I get my hair colored once a month, but my hair grows so fast. Go away gray!

  • amy

    I have been gray since I was 20 so I’ve tried every product on the market. I’d love to give this one a try and see if it works!

  • Kai W.

    This would be the best quick touch up job on my grey when I’m too busy to dye my hair. I would go weeks without dying my hair and I could feel my co-workers looking at me and wondering if I’m really old, old, old.

  • Maggie

    I would be thrilled to test this product. I have those “stubborn grays” that show up within two weeks of coloring my hair and this sounds just great to take care of those stubborn grays!

  • MAS

    I have colored my hair for years, simply for fun. However, in the last decade, my natural hair is getting more grey, especially at the temples, and this often shows through before I am ready to color my whole head again. It makes me look older than I feel! So I would love a product that could easily cover up the grey hair in-between colorings.

  • blondie4la

    I’d love to try this product, need blonde.

  • lynn_ann_burke

    Have had gray streaks since I’m 16 years old. Wish I had this since then. Now my roots could really use this all over.

  • Diana Verner

    Have used numerous products that did not deliver. Would be willing test this product and see how effective it would be.

  • Becca

    I currently use traditional mascara to cover my roots, i use brown but it is usually super dark brown because it is made for lashes. I would like to test their espresso, maybe it is a more medium shade of brown.

  • tlynn76

    have used Avon’s version . Would like to try this one!

  • Mary

    this product is definitely something I would try. I would love to find a gray cover up that didn’t smear, or feel sticky. Surely, something must be out there!

  • Anne-Marie

    YES please!! If I can find an “honorable” way to stretch my color appointments to every 4 weeks instead of 3, please count me in!!!

  • Christa

    Anything that would extend my hair color is definetly a plus! I would love to test this product.

  • vskidd

    This would be great for that in between colorings time.

  • Sandy B.

    There are times I just don’t get around to coloring my hair to cover the grays. It would be wonderful to be chosen to test this product.

  • jeanne nelson

    Love to test this one. Have lots of grey

  • Yvonne

    I use mascara to temporary brush away the gray. I would love to test Gray Disappear and let you know how well it worked.

  • carrieobrien

    Sounds easy–hope it works better than the root fill in products out there–love to try!

  • Christy Piwowarczyk

    Would love to test this to find out if we finally have a product that works and is not messy!

  • Franni

    Would love to test thsi product, I have tried others and they work temporarily.

  • Julie

    I would love to see if the magic works.

  • Bobbie Gillette

    Count me in to test this product….thank you.

  • Paula

    I’m trying to make friends with my gray hair, but it’s hard. My sister’s hair has been completely gray since she was in her late 20s and it’s beautiful. Mine has just started and it’s definitely NOT beautiful. I can only sighhhhh! 🙂

  • Mary Schultz

    OK, I NEED this!!!
    Love that it is paraben and sulfate , and proplene glycol free to be sure!!
    I will try it and let the truth be told!!

  • Stephanie V.

    stubborn grays – oh yes. would love to test

  • elizabeth

    I would like to try a wand since I have only a few strands that are gray.

  • Catherine

    Blond is always mistakenly judged as the easiest color to blend in with gray. Let me tell you, if it was so easy, I woud not have to go every six weeks like everyone else! I bought pens from home shopping and they were okay, but if this beats them out, I’m sold! Isn’t it expensive enough being a woman without spending more than we have to being attractive to the opposit sex?

  • AJB

    Looks interesting

  • Suzy

    I’ve tried them all. I’d love to see how this one compares.

  • cathy

    I would love to test this product. I need something like this because I my gray starts to show around my hairline.

  • elisse

    My gray drives me NUTS and I am loathe to color more than 2X a year, so YES I’d LOVE to try it!

  • Norma Axel

    Since I have reddish/blonde hair, the grey comes through rather quickly so I would love to test this product to see if it really works. I have used several others and they must be applied daily, which is a real hassle. This would truly be a blessing, so I will test it for you…Norma

  • Roxy

    I would like to try this, mainly because my husband and brother always tease me when the grey starts showing up at the roots

  • linda

    I’m on a quest to find the perfect quick fix for root coverage.
    So far the wand products I’ve used have all ended up being clumpy and globby. I’d LOVE to find one that wasn’t!

  • Marilyn

    I was just telling my colorist that I’m disgusted with having to touch up my roots within 2 weeks of coloring them. I’m almost ready to let my hair grown in because of it. BUT, if I could find a product that worked I would be very happy, so I would love to test Gray Disappear. I would even pay the price to test it!!!

  • Laura

    I would like to test this product. I would love to decrease my frequency to my hairdresser!

  • v

    The women in my family either go completely (and gloriously) white somewhere around age 18, or they don’t grey until they’re in their 80s. As a kid, I prayed fervently that I would be in the former category, but alas I am in the latter. Almost 60 and maybe eight or ten grey hairs — but I use all-natural Miracle Coat Radiant White horse shampoo to make the most of the greys I do have.

    White hair is GORgeous! It can be very sexy, and even “youthful.” I wish more women would make friends with their greys, rather than spend so much time and money resisting and bemoaning them. Just my $.02.

  • Connie Bagnoli

    I would love to give this a try on my gray hair, i am not happy with the other ones i have used.

  • Kathrine Iacofano

    If this works it would be a perfect solution to my “not quite ready to go to the salon for a dye job” and “I’m tired of plucking out my grey hairs!”

  • Kathy

    I would love to test this product. I have tried many products claining to make the gray disappear but they all have left my hair feeling and looking greasy. It owuld be wonderful to find a product that actually does what it says!

  • Victoria

    I would be very happy to test this and see if it works. The other wands on the market aren’t very good, although they’re better than nothing.

  • dbo

    like to see if this works. hate those roots showing before I can get hair color done.

  • Carol

    I’m a natural blond, and when the greys, silvers and whites started to appear, I called them ‘highlights’ lol
    But now that I’m a new grandmother, they bother me. I would LOVE to test this product!

  • S. Kay

    I absolutely love this product. No toxic chemicals and it’s so easy to use.

  • bajjmayer

    This is a great concept–would love to test for efficiency and viability!

  • spurnky

    Would love to test this! THANKS! 🙂


    I color my hair and would love to try this for those inbetween touch-ups.

  • mmimilinda

    Wow-this sounds like the perfect touch up-so easy to use, and so healthy sounding. I’d love to give it an unbiased test!

  • Karen Guerra

    I’d be interested in testing this product.

  • starsmom

    I’d love to try this. I’ve not had the best results with other similar products, so I’m curious to see if this one does the trick!

  • kgritts

    Great idea! Would love to try it!

  • Sharon

    It would be great not to have to color your whole head just because of a few grays along the side of your face and little ones poking up on top of your head. It’s a losing battle. If it works when trying it, I would definitely keep buying it.

  • Nancy Reilly

    I would love to test this product!

  • I hate my grays

    I have grays all the way around the crown of my face. The color my stylist uses washes away right after I’ve had it colored. It’s so frustrating. I’ve been using this product for five months and I think it’s a miracle. I haven’t seen anything like it and my friends have said that they can’t even see my grays anymore. God Bless Gray Disappear!

  • amelia

    Just ordered this online at their website. Can’t wait to get it.
    I love that it’s pg free. My doctors told me not to color my hair all the time b/c it’s dangerous.

  • mink

    I’m having trouble finding someone to color my hair – I need this NOW!

  • frankieg

    I use this stuff on my beard. Saw it on The Doctors last year. Works great.

  • Cate

    Sounds terrific! Will work great for long hospital stays with my daughter!! Gold is my color, I think…

  • Diana Tenes

    those pesky little gray hairs are sooo bothersome.
    If this works I’ll be very happy!

  • judy

    Just in time for my 60th birthday this Sunday!! April 1st!! Would love to try it.

  • ouida stokes

    i have dark hair and have had gray since i was 17. this, i would love to try and if it works,where can i buy it? this would be characterized as one of the worlds great wonders.

  • Yvonne Thompson Davis

    I have been looking for a product like this as I can not always get into the salon before my roots are showing. Sometimes it keeps me from going places as I am embarrassed by my roots!

  • Peggy

    I would love to test this. I get tired of dyeing my roots so often and this might prolong it a little longer!

  • Carol

    Seems like a great way to eliminate some of the dreaded gray! Plus I like the idea of it containing antioxidants and Vitamin E. I’d love to try this product!

  • kls_sea

    I was looking for something like this forever! I am tired of endless coloring. I WANT to try if this is the product I need!

  • Pam

    No matter what product I use for hair coloring the grays start to show on the sides of my face. Ugh. Very noticeable. I need help!

  • smfsprout

    I would love to see how it looks and if it feels natural.

  • Acaulfield

    I’ll give it a try!

  • ALEJANDRINA quiles

    yes i would love to try this.

  • Frances Gramlich

    Sounds quick and easy and that is what I like.

  • Deniseac007

    Got to try this..i’ve been looking for something like this for a long time.

  • Jonny C

    My mother has been using Gray Disappear for quite some time. She had cancer a few years ago and she can’t color her hair anymore b/c of all of the harmful ingredients in hair dyes. Gray Disappear is amazing because it does not have parabens and many of the other harsh cancer causing agents that most cosmetic products have! You will love Gray Disappear!!!

  • lisa mcfarland

    I would love to try this – the hair that frames my face is always gray – it is very hard for me to get the color to last there.

  • bernardina sims

    Would love to try it, looks pretty conveniant and easy to use!

  • Thereislightonthehorizon

    I am truly interested in trying this and feel there is a need for it. I have tried a few of these products for in-between colorings and haven’t been too impressed. I have also made the mistake of buying two colors of another brand because their color suggestions were vague. Now, if only this one doesn’t leave a greasy, never completely drying glob, yet flat, surface…….I will sing it’s praises to the rooftops! I really do hope that Generation Klean has got it right!

  • Cynthia

    Love to test and review this product in expresso. I spend a lot of money every 6 weeks to have my roots touched up.

  • Jables

    I would love to try this! Have lots of gray!

  • LuminousBeing

    I would love to test this product – my greys are strategically placed in areas that mean I most color my whole head to deal with them and this really could be resolved by testing to see if this product would work.

  • Mary W

    This is perfect for the grays around the side of the face.

  • Patricia

    Sounds like a good solution to my streaks of gray!

  • Alanna

    Oh, I so want to test this product! Four weeks into my hair color and I get more and more gray roots!

  • jen

    I’ve used this product and its awesome. It really has saved me so much money with color treatments! Love it!

  • Carol Lawrence

    I don’t want to start coloring my hair for the little spot of grey that I have and this I think would do the job! Would love to try it.

  • czechchick

    Yes … I struggle w/this gray thing on a monthly basis! … would love to try it!

  • Leta

    I’ve used something like this before but it left the hair stiff and clumped. I’d love to try this to be able to compare it.

  • bclaxton

    Loce to try it in Gold.

  • Diane Mary

    That is all I need at at this point I think…

  • Ellen

    I have not been happy with the current wands or powders that are supposed to cover gray. They’re either too strong or disappear quickly. I’d love to try this to see if it really works!

  • Suzy Reschke

    I would love that!

  • Liz Rosner

    Short hair (post-chemo!) and enjoying the new look very much. Curious to see how much cuter I might look (age 52) without the grays mixed in?

  • anne

    Sounds great!

  • carol krajewski

    Been coloring my hair since I was 20. Would love to try this for touch up near my ears

  • 3thingsuneed

    I love the idea.. I have very long thick hair down to my butt so I don’t color anymore because it takes at least 3 Boxes and they are expensive. So A magic wand to cover my grays would be just awesome..

    even my hubby of 20yrs mentioned why I don’t color my grays any more ! Gasp!!! lol

  • Tina

    Hmmmm, I am very curious to find out if this product is the “holy grail” for temporarily covering grays in between colorings. I currently use a similar product from another company, and it works “OK”, but the coverage is not full or long-lasting. Would love to try this on my stubborn outgrowth at the 4-week interval before my next coloring and see if it is the best, cheapest and most convenient option out there.

  • Francine Tucker

    I come from a family that grays at an early age. I love the ladies who grayed so gracefully in my family but I do not like it on me. I would love to try this product to stump out my gray.

  • Maggie T

    just have a few areas around my forehead that never seem to last between colorings….would love to try

  • Martha Cruz

    This sounds awesome!!

  • Barb

    I think it would be neat to try

  • Marcie

    Love the ability to touch up while on the road or for any time when you just can’t color!

  • Carol

    Perfect for greys that appear just before a night out!

  • MARY K

    I be interested in trying this. I’ve tried similar ones before that I was not too impressed with. It’d be nice to have one that really worked.

  • Virginia

    I would love to try this product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No matter how much that I color my hair, I still have those stubborn gray strands at the temple that come back right away and stick out.




  • Joanne

    Hi there – Coloring my hair every four weeks may seem a little self indulgent to some but I am just not ready to give up the look. That being said I get angst when the grey begins showing – I stop lowering my head so people cannot see my part with the grey creeping in!!!! I would love to test this product to see if there is a product out there to match my auburn hair.

  • blueeyedgal53

    Would love to test this. Anything to add some time between costly salon visits!

  • Julie

    Would like to test this.

  • IntoTheMist

    I’m tired of finding my tweezer, because they are all over the place, and you never know when you notice them. Unless, I use the very strong permanent hair dyes, color does not take. So, for the future, I was looking for such a product.

  • Joanne Van Genderen

    This is a relatively simple approach to keeping those grays at bay. I have tried to use mascara, but it got to glumpy. I would definately give this a product a try.

  • Faith

    Well my temple area is increasingly gray so this would be great!

  • Valorie Davis

    This product would be nice for travel. I notice I’ll first have ‘grow-out’ at the temple. I can usually comb curl hair forward until I have time to color, but on a windy day – all bets are off.
    Limited colors, would like to see how the match is, very sharp difference? Does it rub off on skin or clothing?

  • Teresa T

    Wow! Awesome product!

  • Sandie

    I love this idea! I really enjoy and love my freshly colored hair and the feeling it gives me. I hate however, when the greys starts appearing again in my roots so soon. It would be fantastic to have this to use in between colors to give me that freshly colored look.

  • marlene seelig

    Always looking for a new product that really works!

  • Arlene

    Whoever discovers the graying gene and figures out how to disable it should get an Extreme Nobel Prize! In the meantime, this is not a bad idea.

  • Pamela Ray

    I love this! Sometimes I can’t get to the salon as quickly as I would like. This could be my life saver.

  • JayneY

    I would love to test this product! I turn 51 on Saturday and my hair coloring appointments are getting booked closer and closer together! Thanks!

  • pmernick

    I so need this for in between salon colorings!

  • deb preston


  • Pat Bender

    I’ll be the magic age of 65 in a few months. The conversations between my friends seem to alway include how much of our gray is showing between hair appointments. Imagine their surprise when I can show them there are no grays on me!!

  • Donna Watson

    My hair is dark brown and I color it myself, but always halfway between colorings I hve some hairs around my face and roots on top where new growth is silvery and shows. It’s not time to color my hair, but the lighter strands make me look like my hair is very thin. I’ve tried other temporary color sticks, wands, sprays, but they either smell bad or do a poor job of camouflaging those roots. I’d love to find a better product to use.

  • Cheryl

    I would love to see exactly how this works! It seems like it is along the lines of mascara for your hair. I have just turned 50 (but still feel like I’m in my 30’s) and even though I feel young, my hair tells me otherwise. It seems as if I sprout grays within a week or so of coloring, and to be able to use this product would help oh so much, as it isn’t a good idea to color so often. I am starting a new job in 2 weeks, and I would love to look younger when I start. PLEASE help me with this! Thank you!!

  • Cindy Jones

    I could really use this! Sometimes I’m so busy I let far too much time go between colorings. I’d keep one at home and one at work in case I discovered grays under the fluorescent lighting that I didn’t see in my bathroom!

  • donnalundberg

    I’m 62 and fighting gray roots every month. I would love to find a product to ease the pain!

  • Dee

    I can test it anytime.

  • dorothy

    Magic wand needed around temples. Could this be th magic I need?

  • beachwoman

    Gray Disappear sounds perfect to cover those sneaky grays that appear near my ears! Getting to the “root” of it works for me!

  • Cheri Partain

    I have been wanting to try this product for quite some time. I HATE the mess of coloring my hair, and this would be a great solution to wanting to extend the time between colorings!

  • Dianna

    OMG if there was ever a candidate to try this it would be me I have to do my roots ever week and a half!- Working in a public forum its a demanding thing to keep doing… Pls let me try this!

  • pameladw

    Having a son who is a special forces Marine in Afghanistan has given me gray hairs around my temple! I would love to test this product!!

  • pmsmedic

    This sounds almost too good to be true. First the cost is reasonable, and then the product looks incredibly easy to use. This I need because I’m somewhat of a klutz. lol.

  • Sally

    This looks like an awesome product. I love the “mascara” like wand to make it easier to reach all those grey hairs. I would love to try it.

  • paula

    Might work for me!! Would love to try it..

  • dolores

    I would love to test the gray disappear. I have found nothing that really covers up grays well.

  • Kathy Dunaway

    I would love to cover the gray.This product sounds great.I would love the chance to test it.Thanks for the chance.

  • kklazar

    Having dark hair that grows out very fast, I’m often in need of an item that can quickly touch up may gray hair along my part and my scalp line. It would be great to find out if this product does what it says it will do!

  • Hotforfifty

    I could use this around my hairline.

  • Debra Barber

    Awesome new invention!! Would love to try it out!!!!! Away with Grey!!!!

  • Pamela Hansen

    this is something i could really use i would love it in blaze red

  • joan

    Even if my last name is gray….it doesn’t mean that I want it in my hair…I’d love to test this product

  • mlh125

    This would be ideal for when the first grays appear after my last coloring….not enough to recolor yet but you don’t want them to show.

  • Ann Altaher

    Becoming 53 in April. I could definitly use this cover up to celebrate my age.

  • Cathy Taylor

    Would love to try this out. I’m about 50% grey and my hair grows so fast I look like a skunk between those expensive salon visits.

  • mybigyard11

    It would be awesome to fill in gray where the roots of my hair grow out. I could put off another trip to the salon for a few more weeks, maybe! SAVE$$$$$$$.

  • Heather Rudy

    I’ve been looking around online at products that promise this. I’d like to test this one first. In my research I saw tubes like this one, the mascara wand. Spray on, and the comb which has a block of color you wet and comb through your root. They all wash out with shampoo. In the end, I need gray coverage between my salon visits.

  • Joan Sims

    I have dark hair – almost black – and I so I think this product would be great for me. My hair is short and it grows quickly so I have to touch up at least every three weeks which is drying out my hair – not to mention the expense. Let me check this out please.

  • susan s.

    I have been dealing with grey hair for thirty years! I’m always looking for ways to extend my coloring past the two week period. I would try anything to help achieve that goal!

  • sandy haber

    Oh would this be marvelous! The thought of being able to touch up spots w/o doing an all-over color — wow.

  • Sharron

    I try to look STUNNING each time my husband and I go out with our friends! I have to make my highlights/lowlights last as long as possible due to the expense. I would LOVE to try out this product at my roots! If it works, man, oh man, this will be a GREAT product and will not stay on the shelves! I would LOVE to be chosen and would give an honest review quickly!

  • Laurie Grimes

    I really have a problem with roots popping through. I would like to try this product.

  • Karen Transue

    It must be a wonder wand, I need to test this desperately!! help! thanks!!

  • Angela K

    I would love to test this!

  • mermaidsblood

    I could definitely use a little smoke and mirrors when it comes to taming the greying locks!

  • Fern

    I’d love to test this! Working 7 days a week 2-3 weeks per month doesn’t always give me time to “make friends with Ms. Clairol” and “wash away the gray.”

  • Cassi97

    I tried something similar once; _a felt tip pen type of applicator. Worked ok but not greatl

  • Auntie

    Wow!!!! This would be awesome if it works and is easy to use, and not messy. I have to color my hair every 4 weeks because the roots grow out sooooooo fast! This would save money AND time!

  • Jane NC

    Sounds easy- a real plus! If it works, it’ll be on my counter to use regularly.

  • jenni104

    I would love to try this. My DH likes that my hair is turning gray and really hates it if I color my hair. Whereas I hate my grays, they make me look run down, older, and just like I don’t really care about my looks right now. If I had a full head of shiny silver maybe it would be different, but I don’t. Not yet anyway. So this might be the perfect compromise. I can color it when I really want to, just for the nights out, or the day meetings, or when I feel like I really need it. And I will still have my gray hair, getting grayer daily for him on a regular basis. As long as it doesn’t run, or rub off on clothing it seems like it would be a great item to use or try.

  • Sharon Haas

    I’ve been thinking that a product like this is one I could really warm up to. I hate dying my hair just to cover gray and, to be honest, the only gray I have is in a pretty noticeable ‘frames my face’ area. I’d love to try a product that wasn’t permanent so that I could just cover the gray I have until the rest of my hair catches up!

  • angeljazz

    I would love to try this product. I have hair that grows in gray, not a hair here, a hair there but full-on gray! I have tried a mascara type from Avon but the shade wasn’t quite right. I currentyly use Rita Hazen for my “in-betweens” but it is expensive. If this works and comes in my shade of blonde then I will be a lifelong user.

  • Mamavalveeta03

    I live around 45 minutes from my hair colorist, so I’d love to have something that could get me through til my next appointment with my Pro!

  • Angela Howell

    Looking forward to trying it and see if it’s really what they say it is….been looking forward to something like this 🙂

    Thank you.

  • Sandee Rosha

    When someone says, “My your grey is starting to show!” my first thought is I need a quick fix. This is something that is compact, easy to store, and make for a quick-fix.
    The fact that gray disappear has rich antioxidants and Vitamin E would be beneficial to my dry hair. Testing this product would be fun as well….

  • mary

    Would love to try this product in between colors appoinments which seem to be needed every 4-6 weeks!

  • Mary

    I feel like a slave to my hair appointments – I would love to try this product!

  • Camilla Wilson

    Would love to try this!

  • gkim999

    Pick me! Pick me! I need to try this product to see if it works. I color my roots tooooo frequently, and I need help with a product that’ll save me!! Pick me!!

  • april vogel

    Would love to try this in between my visits to the salon.

  • gshep

    Oh I do want to test this. My gray is right in the front . I have even used a mascara in between colorings.Yuck! I like the Antioxidants and Vitamin E.

  • Lori Lyons

    My hair grows really fast and this product would be a product that I would so I would not have to color my gray between colors.

  • sharon

    Would love to try this! I tried something similar, a stick, which was terrible and just made my hair sticky …

  • veritas2011

    I would like to try this…I have very long hair, and so far I get most of my grey along my middle part. I can’t afford to go to a salon for coloring, so I do it myself at home. But, with all the hair, it is a big undertaking and the bathroom looks like the bloody shower scene in the movie “Psycho” when I am done! (I am a brunette – so the black and white movie is appropriate!) I need to do touch ups almost every week…and I have been using the “For Men Only” mustache and beard color. It is a gel and you can mix just a little bit at a time – and it costs less than women’s root color! Occasionally, I have had to use mascara at the last minute – but it is thick, and clumpy and makes my hair look dry and glued….not shiny at all. I hope that this product would look more natural…and it sounds like it would be safe and beneficial for my hair. Pick me and I will give it a try! (I have very, very dark brown hair…almost black!)

  • Anastasia Coza

    Ohhhh, this sounds perfect for my skunk strip! I’d love to be able to try it, please!

    Thanks so much 😉

  • Debbie T

    If it worked I would buy it. I would have to try it first

  • Mary E

    Always looking for ways to make grey disappear.

  • Monica Tagabuel

    I would love to try it!

  • Constance Dittberner

    I would be interested in finding out if this works.

  • Laura Abshier

    I have my hair done at a salon and it never lasts more than 4 weeks, at $70 a visit I always have gray roots for 2 weeks til my next visit. Ugh. I would absolutely love to try this!

  • MagandMe

    Would save a lot of time. I don’t always have time to color my hair so this would be a great way to make it between color treatments.

  • Leann

    Sounds like an amazing product would love to give it a try!

  • akrew24

    I have tried other products like this before and they left me wondering why I did. I would love to try something that really worked and did not leave my hair feeling like cardboard.

  • Donna

    Can I test this Gray Disappear? I really need this product BADLY!!!

  • campton

    Often need something temporary between colorings if it actually worked and didnt wipe off!! Would love to try it!


    Love to test.

  • puertoricolady41

    Since I am going through chemo right now I can’t color the few hair I have left and would love to get rid of the gray.

  • Laurie

    Would love for this to work! I have stubborn gray and fast growing hair, an awful combination. I could touch up more often and avoid my “skunk” look!

  • Lynda Zimmerman

    I’d love to give this a try. I could use a wonder wand in my life.

  • susitravl

    Would love to try this – my hairdresser recommends it but I haven’t used it yet. It is expensive to get all over color to hide the 50 gray hairs I have right now.

  • joyweave

    How interesting! I’d like to test this. Does it work for eyebrows too?

  • nancdep5

    Would like to try this for my roots. I have to touch up after 4 weeks and this would be nice if it really works.

  • Chelsey wheatley

    Hope it is a wonder wand! Would really be a great product idea if it works the way they say it does!

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