See How You Could Look After A Cosmetic Procedure

Thanks to technology, you can see how you’d look with new makeup, eyeglasses and clothes, even before buying a single thing. And now, a brilliant new tool will let you see what you could actually achieve after having any number of facial procedures.

The innovative tool, designed by New Look Now, is a cinch to use, and once you’ve submitted your responses, and a photo, you’ll have your New Look within 24 hours.

Your photo will travel through a series of steps, including an analysis by an aesthetic professional, before you get to see your New Look. Only people trained on cosmetic procedures will see your picture to approve the quality.

You will not be seeing a photoshopped image like they publish in magazines.

You will see results you can realistically attain in the hands of  leading doctors!

Until now, you could only determine the effects of plastic surgery by visiting a plastic surgeon, who would manipulate your photo with a fancy machine. If you didn’t want to pay $150 or spend the time  at a consultation, you were out of luck.

“Now that women can actually see how different treatments will make them look, it takes consultations to new levels, by easing fear of the unknown,” said Devon Niccole, the creator of the New Look Now tool. “Women don’t hesitate when they’re offered the opportunity to try the visualizer,” Devon explained. “Plus, if you love what you see, and wish to consult with a leading board certified plastic surgeon in your city, we can arrange that too. Gratis!”

96 percent of you, over 45, told us in a poll that you’d be curious to see what you’d look like after facial rejuvenation. You can, within the next 24 hours!

New Look Now is offering 60% off its regular $50 price to use its visualizer.

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to get your NEW LOOK NOW! Takes just minutes. Only $20.


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