The Game-Changing At-Home Beauty Device That’s Racking Up 5-Star Rave Reviews

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You’d jump at the chance to have those new skin treatments that will help get rid of the “age spots” on your cheeks and crow’s feet around your eyes, but you simply can’t afford them.  As it is, you’ve invested in costly creams and serums that include high-quality ingredients, like retinol and hyaluronic acid, to treat your skin concerns. But realistically you know they can just do so much!  Ladies, now you can get affordable skincare tools to use at home that operate on the identical technology as the expensive machines used by dermatologists, plastic surgeons and medi spas.

I just did my third treatment at home with MicrodermMD

The man behind these innovative beauty devices is Imran Karim, who owned one of the most successful medi spas in Dallas, TX  “Our skin treatments transformed the way thousands of clients looked and how they felt, so I knew the technology worked, but only a limited portion of the population could afford them,” Imran told me. “So I thought, how can we take this very effective technology, scale it down and allow it to be affordable and convenient for more people?”

After a couple of years of research, development and rigorous testing with doctors, scientists and product engineers, Imran launched Trophy Skin. Each of its three professional-grade skin care tools-MicrodermMD, RejuvaliteMD and Jenu Plus–have been clinically proven to do exactly what they promise to do, including revitalizing our skin, reducing wrinkles and furrows, sun damage and age spots.  “We met with the same manufacturers who produced the equipment for my medi spa to determine how to create at-home products that didn’t have to be used by doctors and trained professionals,” Imran explained. “They may not be as powerful as the professional machines, but we work with doctors on our clinical studies to ensure that each device is correctly tested and is highly effective. We also have FDA clearance when it’s required.”

Today, I’m introducing you to MicrodermMD Home Microdermabrasion System, the company’s best seller.  A beautifully designed tool, it smoothes, brightens and revitalizes rough, crepey, dry skin as well as reduces pitting, pockmarks and light acne scarring.

A diamond particle encrusted tip and a pore extraction tip restore radiance to the skin by gently but deeply exfoliating dead skin cells and suctioning away the dirt, oil and makeup residue that cause the skin to look dull, aged and lifeless.  MicrodermMD also reduces or eliminates enlarged pores and buffs away fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth and eyes. It can be used on the neck and body too.

The device features Auto Mode that directs you through the process on an LCD screen and automatically adjusts the suction level for each section of your face. Sensitive Mode provides gentler suction levels, and Manual Mode lets you create a custom treatment. Skin can be treated up to twice a week. “You’ll immediately feel softer, smoother skin after the first five-minute treatment, but when you remove the filter you’ll be surprised to see the amount of dirt and oil that came off your face. You’ll be left with smooth, soft, perfectly clean and bright skin,” Imran explained.  

An infusion tip included with the MicrodermMD kit is designed to be used after your treatment to help gently push the active ingredients in your creams and serums deeper into the skin. The suction motor on the device opens your pores so products can more effectively be infused into the skin.

Trophy Skin has custom-developed Argan Stem Cell Serum especially for use after microdermabrasion because your skin will be a little pinkish red, which actually is the sign of a good treatment. Soothing and gentle, Argan has anti-aging and anti-inflammatory ingredients, including hyaluronic acid, algae and mugwort extracts to hydrate, protect, calm and renew skin from the inside out.  When used consistently, Argan Stem Cell Serum reduces fine lines and wrinkles, diminishes age spots, increases skin firmness, tightens and refines pores, and supports collagen and elastin production.

Look at these superb results from a 6-week Trophy Skin clinical study, not to mention the extraordinary before-and-after images:

6 weeks after starting MicroDermMD





The Trophy Skin reviews are phenomenal, from women of all ages.

The Best Skin Care Investment!!!

“Love Love the MicrodermMD!!!! The first two sessions I set the mode for sensitive skin, the 3rd session and after I stepped out of my comfort zone and set the mode on manual. I have sensitive skin and I could tolerate the suction. I am not saying that this would be a good idea for everyone but OMG my pores are starting to disappear, my skin is soft like a baby’s behind, and I’m slowly noticing the age spots fading and the wrinkles are not so prominent. Skin looks brighter as well. I use the MicrodermMD twice a week and I do not regret the purchase.”50-something Mary K.

Magic in a wand

“This has been quite the experience for me. I never realized what a filthy face I walked around with until I started using MicrodermMD…lol. I haven’t had it for very long but I can say I love how easy it is to use and how well it does, just like it’s advertised. I’ll be ordering a couple of other things as I’d like to do more than just my face. Thank you so much for selling a product that does what you say it does.” –50-something Tammy L


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