A Cosmeceutical Collection Taking Skin Health and Beauty to New Heights

Who can forget the bewildered look on Benjamin Braddocks’ face – played by Dustin Hoffman – when he hears these words in the 1967 movie, The Graduate: “I just want to say one word to you, Benjamin. Just one word. Plastics.” They’re uttered by a well intentioned friend of Ben’s parents, offering advice to the recent college graduate about his future. 

Instead of going into plastics, 21-year-old Ben has an affair with another of his parents’ friends, Mrs. Robinson, brilliantly portrayed by Anne Bancroft.

Collagenil is helping me keep my skin healthy and beautiful

Now, I just want to say two words to you, my FabOverFifty friends. Just two words. 

“Collagenil Cosmeceuticals.”

That’s my advice about what to use when it comes to the future of your facial skin, whether you’re 35 or 65. 


Simply put, cosmeceutical products offer both aesthetic and therapeutic (medical or drug-like) effects, and are intended to benefit our skin health and beauty. Like cosmetics, they’re applied topically as creams, serums or lotions, but contain active ingredients and delivery methods that reach down deeper to  influence skin cell function. This helps  improve our skin tone and texture, pigmentation and fine lines.  

You’ve probably heard the names of many of these ingredients over the years, such as hydroxy acid, retinoids and elastin. But just because a cream or serum includes them doesn’t mean it’s going to do a thing to improve your skin. That’s because the mass market beauty companies either don’t use the highest quality active ingredients or use insufficient concentrations of decent active ingredients. They want to keep their costs as low as possible. 

Beauty might only be skin deep, but ingredients that don’t go deep into our skin won’t help maintain its beauty. Especially as we age. 

Cosmeceuticals should ideally deliver sufficient amounts of active ingredients to the skin, in biologically effective forms, to successfully target and help improve our concerns. They don’t take the place of plastic surgery or minimally invasive aesthetic treatments. But, even if you go those routes, every single doctor will stress that you use cosmeceuticals after your procedures. 


I’m pretty safe in saying that you’re not going to find the best quality cosmeceutical lines in mass market drug stores or your local Walmart. But now we have access to a world of beauty products online, and scores of new indy brands – many created by dermatologists –  have hit the market. 

Choosing the right cosmeceutical can be challenging, if not downright exasperating! Do you rely on reviews? On the reputation of the doctor who is touting his own line? On the advice of your best friend? I say while any of these approaches might work, it’s still hit or miss, because every woman’s skin is unique and will benefit from a unique combination of active ingredients in different cosmeceutical formulas, 

That’s why Collagenil is the cosmeceutical line with the edge: Each of its nine collections is tailored to address specific skin concerns for all the different skin types. Originally available exclusively by prescription from aesthetic doctors and surgeons, but priced so it didn’t break the bank, Collagenil’s  professional-grade products are now more widely available – and without prescriptions.  

The brand enjoys a devoted following throughout Europe and has started to spread the good word to American women. 

This really works on my wrinkles, fine lines and all of the areas that stress and years of California sun have weakened,” says Diana P of Collagenil’s antioxidant rich Bio Longevity Serum. “This serum makes me look and feel 10 years younger,” she adds.


Collagenil’s experience in the cosmeceutical arena goes back to 1985, when it teamed up with the Italian Society of Aesthetic Medicine to create its first products. Thirty five years later, it still collaborates with aesthetic doctors to develop new answers to their clients’ skin issues.

That’s a whole lot of experience over many decades, and Collagenil remains a leading choice among Italian women who take especially good care of their appearance and skin. Improving tone, laxity, sun damage and pesky wrinkles like crows feet are among their most pressing concerns. 

As editor of a trusted website, I’ve tried countless skincare products, and give Collagenil a solid five-star rating.  After having aesthetic treatments last year, I now apply only top-quality serums and creams to keep my skin looking its best. 

Collagenil Detergente Restitutivo gentle cleansing cream has been a trusted part of my skincare routine for four years.  It’s created with natural oils, including jojoba and sweet almond oils,  that are similar to our skin’s sebum and produce a soothing and softening effect. 

I love the cream’s velvety texture and delightful fragrance  – I detect the aroma of roses – and how it glides over my skin. Unlike aggressive soap or foaming facial cleansers, which have the same cleansing properties as dishwasher soap, creamy and gentle Detergente Restitutivo preserves my skin’s protective barrier while it performs its cleansing magic.

I recently added Collagenil Liftensive and Re-Pulp 3D to my regimen. The high concentration of peptides in Liftensive 24-hour formula acts on the skin structure to temporarily tighten, lift and tone my face, neck and decollete. I also notice it has a Botox-like effect to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.

Re-Pulp microspheres penetrate the upper layers of the skin to deliver hyaluronic acid and extract from the Konjac plant and hydrate and plump the skin. It also strengthens the collagen network to help improve the density and firmness of the skin. 

Unlike many cosmeceutical brands with highly inflated prices, the Collagenil collection is reasonably priced so more women can take advantage of its outstanding benefits. 


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