Dreamy, Creamy, and Hydrating

L’Oreal’s Age Perfect Lipstick by @LorealParis: Glides on, Stays on and Looks Luscious 

When it comes to wasting money, I am a champion in the lipstick department. I try out so many shades my lips become irritated. Then I dislike the color I finally chose. After a few more guilt-driven applications, I shove the tube in a drawer, eventually tossing it in the trash after months – sometimes years – when I’m on a cleaning binge. 

Age Perfect Satin Lipstick in (l to r) Pink Petal, Glowing Nude, Vibrant Fuchsia, Subtle Primrose, and bRadiant Bronze (my personal favorite!)

I’ve bought reds so bright I look like a clown to pinks so pale I resemble a ghost. Long-lasting color that dries out my lips to lipstick that fades before the evening even begins.  

Once in a while I find a shade I like, but never so much that I stop my quest for GPL (Geri’s perfect lipstick)!

When L’Oreal Paris asked if I’d try its Age Perfect Satin Lipstick, I thought a drugstore product couldn’t possibly work for me when a parade of lipsticks from upscale department stores didn’t.  As a certified makeup snob, I’ve long been convinced that the more a beauty product costs, the better it would be. Nevertheless, I told L’Oreal I’d be delighted to try its lipstick, as well as other products in the Age Perfect collection. After all, I had absolutely nothing to lose!

Surprise, surprise. I adore these products – including the Satin Lipstick – which are specifically formulated to address the needs of aging skin. The Age Perfect foundations don’t cake and settle into wrinkles, and protect against sun damage. The mascara gives volume to thinning lashes.  The eyeliner goes on easily and precisely, and doesn’t dry out my lids. 

And the Satin Lipstick – oh, the Satin Lipstick – is dreamy creamy, nourishing and hydrating, thanks to precious oils like rosa canina, extracted from the seeds of the wild rose, and luxurious jojoba butter. Its rich pigments give my lips vibrant satin color, which glides on smoothly with no resistance at all!  What’s more, the non-drying formula stays put for hours without feathering. Feathers are fun for boas, but not around my lips. 

Age Perfect Satin Lipstick comes in 10 super shades for every woman’s taste, including Blooming Rose, a classic red; Petal Pink, as pretty as its name implies, and Radiant Bronze, my favorite. It’s warm and lightens up my face.

You might also want to try Age Perfect Luminous Hydrating Lipstick, which is infused with nourishing serum and deeply hydrating Pro Vitamin B5. It will keep your lips delightfully moist for nine hours and won’t feather. Comes in 10 shades, too. 

I admire L’Oreal Paris for creating makeup for women like you and me. There’s nothing like it in the beauty business. Then again, there’s nothing like FabOverFifty women! L’oreal knows it and now is the time for us to know L’Oreal Paris. #Loreal Paris Partner


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  1. Bessheit says:

    sounds great. Can’t wait to try it as soon as I can stop wearing a mask. Whenever I put lipstick on it comes off on these wretched masks. Looking forward to that day…Bess


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