A Hair-Raising Giveaway

If you crave the voluminous and vibrant hair you once took for granted, this exciting giveaway is just for you! 5 lucky ladies will win the game-changing Hair Volumizing System by VOLAIRE.

Typical volumizers may weigh down your hair by coating the strands to make them thicker. Exclusive VOLAIRE AirWeight Technology combines nourishing ingredients with unique,  positively charged microspheres that literally attach to each negatively charged hair shaft to create more space between individual strands for beautiful, weightless volume.

It’s not magic. It’s science. And it works.

The products in the VOLAIRE Hair Volumizing System include Weightless Volumizing Shampoo, Weightless Fortifying Conditioner, Uplift Volumizing Mist and Air Magic Texturizing Spray. Winners also will receive Shine Angel and Tangle Angel Hair Brushes and an eco-tote, for a total value of $178. A grand prize winner will receive all of these innovative products, plus a travel size VOLAIRE Hair Volumizing System, for a total value of $252.

Actress Kristin Davis was so impressed with how VOLAIRE made her hair move with “natural, beautiful, weightless volume,” she became a brand ambassador.

The lucky ladies who win this hair-raising giveaway will surely become ambassadors, too!

To enter to win the Volaire Hair Volumizing System, fill out the form below.

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5 FOFs will win. (See official rules, here.) Contest closes Sunday, November 19th at midnight E.S.T. Contest limited to residents of the continental U.S.

  • Seyma Shabbir

    Signed up!

  • honeypie411

    I’d love to try this!

  • kathypease

    Thanks so much for the chance 🙂

  • 1alwaysnyc1

    I take supplements and use minoxidil but I haven’t found much luck with volumizing shampoos that don’t make my hair feel like straw. So I’m excited about Volumaire!

  • susansmoaks

    oh i want to try this. my hair needs something new.

  • Dana Rodriguez

    These sound like great products. My fine lifeless hair could use a boost!

  • jerseygirl137

    I love to try new products that will help my fine hair look fuller and have more body.

  • micabrown

    At this point, I have tried SO many products that promise to give volume to fine hair, only to be disappointed. I also live in a very humid climate, which adds to the problem. This product seems promising!!!

  • Patti Kollar

    Any hair help I can get would be a blessing!

  • Seems I have tried everything under the sun…My hair has always been my crowning glory until about 3 years ago.. I would love to try this and have my “mane” back!

  • RosemarySimm

    My hair is thinning with age and my double cowl-lick parts my hair to make it look like I’m balding. Help!!!!!

  • jerseygirl137

    I sure would love to try this product line. I am always looking for products to make my fine hair look fuller and to give it more volume.

  • calvad

    My hair has been thinning and really could use this. Thanks for the chance.

  • ezrasmom

    My pool hair needs help.

  • thank you for the giveaway opportunity xo

  • Ida Khodorkovskaya

    Desperatelly need it. My hair become flat and unatractive with time.This product can be what I am looking for.

  • Mrs. Dianna

    I would Love for my hair to get a lift- I am at a point were I do not know what to do with it- This may be the answer!!!:)

  • Dilgal

    I already use Viviscal and other hair supplements, but still have a thin spot at my crown and no volume without curling my hair. I’d love to see a real improvement!

  • Sheila Totten

    Would love to have my hair look like the after picture.

  • vicki dunn

    who woundn’t want to give this a try . i know i would and if my hair could look like the after picture , well heck i would spend more time on my hair other then putting on a hat .

  • Harmony Mercedes

    Sounds like an interesting product. Would love to try.

  • Joyce

    here today! hair tomorrow…….

  • Anne Flickinger

    I could definitely use this.

  • califmt

    Boy, could I use this stuff!!!

  • Mary in Michigan

    My hair is more than limp and flat and boring — it is very thin, owing to thyroid cancer – which thankfully was cured, but between that and menopause, fahgetaboutit!!!! It would be awesome to try this, and yes, if it worked, I’d DEFINITELY be an ambassador!

  • Liza Plaisted

    oh my i would love to try my hair is limp,dull,and boring

  • dorothy borgese

    I could sure use this. After years of having to wear my hair back due to being a Police Officer my hair is so flat. Thanks for chance.

  • cdmtx65

    OMG what a difference ! I have been on the flat ,thin side for a while now. Would be nice have having fuller and healthier hair again

  • Linda Kish

    I’m always on the lookout for great products for my hair.

  • Suzanne Carter

    I am extremely challenged with my hair right now. Used to be thick and beautiful and now thinning! I am 63 and have tried many products without much success. I would love to win these products to see if they help. The before and after photos are truly amazing.

  • susansmoaks

    I would love to try this system. It looks like it will work wonders on my hair. The before and after is awesome.

  • Cheryl Lee

    I would love ❤️ to try this hair care system! All my life through weight gains, weight losses, normal aging, etc., my bright spot has been my hair. It’s always been full and shiny. Now as I’m getting older, though, it seems to be losing its fullness, and smooth appearance. Would like to see if this would work for me!