{History} Bras throughout the ages

If you think your breasts have changed a lot in your own lifetime — you’ll be astounded how breasts and lingerie have changed over the past century. Evolving beauty standards, technology and even historical events have contributed to the bras we wear and breast shape and sizes that we desire. Fill your cups with knowledge when you click through this visual herstory of bras though the ages.


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  1. Linda says:

    There is nothing like a bad bra to ruin a beautiful outfit. We need to treat ourselves to beautiful underthings too! http://www.flirtini.blog.com

  2. Laurab says:

    Mary there are so very many bras without any padding that provide support. I suggest you have a fitting at Nordstroms or at least go there and look. They have some beautiful and sexy ones I’m sure you’ll find something to love, and no I don’t work for them. I’m envious, I wish I could wear them but I just need the little extra that the padding provides.

  3. Corinne Garrett says:

    I agree on the foam bras: they get misshapen and weird in a very short time. Those of us with curves don’t want to add to what we have: less is often more!!

  4. norma.byrd.45437 says:

    I’ve had surgical implants for over thirty years (replaced once but only because of the scare about silicon poisoning and all that nonsense). Before that I looked like a 12-year-old boy. My surgeon was good and gave me a shape and size natural to my body and bone structure. I’ve always been 150% pleased to have been able to do this for myself. I can wear any style of bra I want (or none at all) so I choose the sexiest I can find. Oh, and I’m 76 years young.

  5. Mary in MN says:

    I pick bullet bras over the foam bras of today. I have large breasts and I really do not want any more padding than I already have.
    The bullet bras of my memory were cotton and didn’t last a long time, but at least they didn’t add bulk.
    Remembering the pencil test, which I flunked in Junior High, I just can’t get excited about foam, which dries slowly and just is not comfortable for me. Oh well.

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