Your Chance To Own A JeNu For Only $99

Anyone who follows FabOverFifty knows I’ve been delighted how the JeNu Ultrasonic Infuser System continually maximizes the absorption of my skin care products (by an average of 6 times, as a matter of fact), and visibly reduces my wrinkles and lines!

Today, spas, estheticians and dermatologists are fans of JeNu, and so are Vogue and Forbes editors. This is one of the most remarkable little beauty devices ever created.

Now, JeNu has decided to take a dramatic step and lower the price of its JeNu Plus by 71 percent, to only $99. By the way, you’ll also get a six-month supply of Microsphere Infuser Gel, which helps the ultrasonic waves do their thing.

There’s one hitch: This $99 offer, valued at $337, is good for only 100 women from the FabOverFifty community.

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