The Game-Changing Device That Will Help You Get More Out of Your Favorite Skin Care Products

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Most dermatologists and estheticians agree that a solid regimen—one you follow religiously, day in and day out—is the single most effective way to maintain the health and beauty of your complexion. But no matter what products you’re using—expensive and exclusive or from the drugstore—you could be getting a greater return on your investment than you do now.

Ingredients Do Matter…

What’s abundantly clear is that today’s most beneficial anti-aging ingredients—retinoids, peptides, antioxidants—really are the fountain of youth. Unlike the goopy creams our mothers and grandmothers used, the most popular products on the market right now have actual science to support their merits. How the skin actually absorbs these ingredients? That, unfortunately, is not quite as clear.

…But Only If Your Skin
Can Absorb Them

Basically, your skin acts as a barrier, one of its primary functions. It keeps the outside world out just as well as it holds everything in. With that in mind, getting optimal results from any skin care product is not as simple as slathering it on a cleansed face with your fingers. This common approach is actually a great way to ensure that much of your products sit atop the surface of your skin, where they will eventually evaporate… much like the money you spent on them.

The Easy Way To Increase The Return By Six Times On Your Skin Care Product Investment

You can help your skin to better absorb the products you apply by using a variety of methods—but most of them are expensive, painful, and require “downtime.” Thankfully, there’s also an easy, at-home option: the JeNu Ultrasonic Infuser, which is getting rave reviews from magazines like Vogue and Elle, as well as from a renowned dermatologist, Dr, R. Sonia Batra, and a regular on the hit show, The Doctors.

This sleek little handheld device leverages the power of ultrasound energy to give your favorite treatment products the push they need to really perform
—and it’s backed by solid data.

During a recent study—where 160 women used over 200 different products from 80 different brands, ranging from Olay to La Mer—81% reported their products worked better when using them with JeNu vs alone. Meanwhile, 84% of them reported a decrease in the look of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, forehead and mouth.

On average, the JeNu system is proven to increase the absorption of leading skin care ingredients by six times, so they have the power to work six times better.

If you can’t wait to experience the powers of JeNu, you’re in luck. Right now, there’s a limited time offer, and it’s such a good one, we have a feeling it won’t last.

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  1. Carol says:

    I am 65 an a “late bloomer” when it comes to any beauty regime. I took the plunge and recently began going to an esthetician who is using those scary looking machines on my face. It is a very expensive process (and somewhat painful) but I am pleased with results so far. I would much prefer Do-it-yourself at home products. I would like to try this very much.

  2. Michelle Howard Tarabishy says:

    If you want a TRUE skin care game changer, ya’ll need to check out Luminese serum by Jeunesse! My mom turned me onto it. She used it for just 10 days and looked 10 years younger. The science behind it is incredible. I ordered it and after using it for a month, crows feet and forehead lines are gone! you can ck out all the info and before and after photos

    • Lilpup says:

      I have heard good things about that product!

  3. Sarah Wallace Smith says:

    Does this product help clean out pores?

  4. Cecilia Crawford Miley says:

    A device is only as good as the product of ingredients in it are! Some ingredients you don’t want penetrating into your tissue! Check out Osmosis, all natural products. All ingredients are what your own body produces. They help replace where age has helped depleted. They also penetrate to the cellular activity, correcting damaged cells and increasing new growth of healthy cells. Then consider a device for more penetrating. The iDerm, Dermaculture treatment has been doing this for YEARS!!!

  5. Judy-Richard Stark says:

    There’s another game-changer that’s about to enter the market. I’ve been using it since it’s pre-launch in Feb. 2015m and I look 15-20 years younger within 75 days. It contains a brand new science never before seen.

    • Sheryl White says:

      Can you tell me the name of this new game-changer? I sure would like to look 15-20 years younger!! Thanks!

      • Lois Hereria says:

        Looks like you’re in my area so I would like to see this video as well.

  6. Fab55 says:

    I followed Geri’s advice, and bought one. Not too sure if I see any results yet and I really have to ask: isn’t that the same photo you used for your Before/After for the Roc test? But nevernomind: I still wanted to chance it. Jury is out on results, because I am SO unscientific, I am not using the same creams every night.

  7. fedele says:

    Please… embrace your face, embrace your age. Guess what.. even after spending $250. for a device that only 80% say it works, your the same age and as old as you felt without it. Spend the money going on a trip, get a massage, get a new haircut. NOTHING is going to make you younger, it’s all in how you feel. Waiting and hoping for a miracle that will never happen. Be happy in your own skin…

    • CJBinCT says:

      I believe in fighting it every step of the way. Personal choices are ok

  8. Roylene Bynum says:

    I would love the opportunity to test it as well.

  9. kATHY hAAG says:


  10. Denise ker says:

    I would also love to test the JeNU device.

  11. Lisa Brown says:

    I would love to be able to test the JeNu device. I know my face could really use it and it is a product I would test and share my reviews on my blog and all of my followers on my social networks.


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