JeNu Vs. Clarisonic – Reviews and More

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Sonic is the hottest word in beauty care today.

Besides keeping our pearly whites pearly, and our pores squeaky clean, smart devices are using low-level sound waves to help infuse creams and serums into our skin—far more effectively than using our fingers alone—to diminish unwelcome lines and wrinkles.

I’ve been using the new JeNu Ultrasonic Infuser System for the last month, and love what this little wonder worker is doing for my skin, so I decided to try out another sonic unit—the Clarisonic Opal Infuser—to see how it measures up.

Where can I use them?

JENU: You can work this convenient device on your entire face. Whether you’re concerned about the frown lines on your forehead, the laugh lines around your mouth, or anywhere in between, the JeNu Infuser helps your skin care products work better and faster. My crow’s feet, and the lines running from the bottom of my nose to the top of my mouth, are far less prominent after using JeNu once a day for four weeks.

OPAL: This device can be used only on a small area around my eyes, for crow’s feet/dark circles/puffiness, and on the contour of my lips. So even if it works as well as JeNu on those areas, what happens with the wrinkles and lines on the rest of my face?

Looks like my vote’s still for JeNu.

How do they work?

JENU: First, I apply my favorite skin care products, as usual. Then I put a pearl-size drop of an exclusive “conducting gel” (sold separately, and the key to making our skincare products absorb up to 3 times more) onto the smooth metal head, turn it on and run the small, sleek wand over a section of my face, in a circular motion, a minute at a time. The ultrasound energy transfers through the gel, giving my creams a “push” and helping my skin to absorb them more completely.

PROS: JeNu is ultra quiet and gentle, and will work with any skincare product you use. When I’m finished using the water-resistant unit, I can quickly clean its head with a damp cloth. The charging base and JeNu wand plug directly into the wall, without a power cord, and stay totally out of the way.

TIP: JeNu works best when it’s focused on one area of concern at a time, but you can use it all over your face, in larger circular motions, if you’d like!

OPAL: You apply the Anti-Aging Sea Serum, included with the product, to a concave-shaped, silicone applicator tip (the size of an ear plug) on the oval-shaped device. Designed to fit in the palm of the hand, the Opal is then gently moved in an overlapping circular motion over one eye area. It shuts off after 30 seconds, when it’s time to move to the other eye area.

PROS: Opal also can be used with your favorite eye product, but the brochure implies it reportedly works best with the company’s exclusive Anti-Aging Sea Serum, which contains marine extracts and botanicals to hydrate, firm and tighten the skin, and reduce the appearance of fine lines, Opal’s applicator tip can be cleaned with a tissue or cotton swab.

CONS: Opal vibrates noticeably, and if I apply anything but light pressure, I feel a slightly uncomfortable, prickly sensation. The device isn’t water resistant or waterproof and its applicator tip must be replaced every three months. The charging base plugs into the wall with a power cord, and the Opal (and its magnetic protective cap) magnetically attaches to the top of the charging base. The unit takes space on the bathroom vanity, and the cord is a nuisance.

I’m still staying loyal to JeNu!

Clinical studies you can trust

JENU: In the short time that JeNu has been around, there have been 7 different studies in which hundreds of women have tested it out, according to its website. “Time after time, JeNu has been shown to be safe as well as effective, with 100% more women reporting softer, smoother skin, decreased fine lines and wrinkles, and a brighter, more radiant complexion when using a leading anti-aging serum with the JeNu Infuser versus alone.”

An additional 160 person independent study stated the following, after just 1 week:

  • 81% of women reported their skin care products worked better
  • 84% of women reported a decrease in the look of fine lines and wrinkles around their eyes, forehead and mouth
  • 4X more women reported significant results
  • 7X more women were satisfied with the appearance of their skin

OPAL: After 4 weeks of use, 80% of women saw improved anti-aging results when using the device with the Anti-Aging Sea Serum, according to the copy on my Opal package.

JeNu, I’m still with you!

My firm conclusion

I think Opal is a fine product, but “JeNu is the game-changing beauty product you must have in 2015,” reports Vogue, and I agree. When you stack it up, side by side, with the Clarisonic Opal, it’s pretty clear that JeNu is the ultrasonic infuser with just what we need to help make our skin, all over our face, look sensational!

I was just on its site and I see there’s a special deal being offered right now. On top of a discounted price, they are giving away some free gifts + free shipping! What’s more, there’s a 30-day money back guarantee. They really believe in their product and know you will, too!

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  1. Kara La Russa says:

    I agree with theabroma about the lighting….either take the 2 photos under EXACTLY the same circumstances, or don’t even bother.

  2. theabroma says:

    The lighting is vastly different in the two photos, thereby casting doubt on the efficacy of the device, but casting no doubt on the fact that lighting can be your friend … or your enemy.

  3. Sarah Antos says:

    I see an improvement but unfortunately the eye area is still baggy. Those wanting instant results will benefit from “Instantly Ageless”. Strong Peptide with two minerals that retract the skin cells for a smoother more flawless finish.


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