Revitalize Aging Skin Cells With Restorative Cellular Nutrients

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I’m 73 years old chronologically, but my millions of facial skin cells are acting younger every week since I began feeding them a seriously spectacular serum packed with restorative nutrients.  My skin is firmer, brighter, smoother, and the softest it’s been in years, thanks to Avenoir Cosmetics’ Cell Repair Serum – Clinical Strength. There’s nothing remotely like it on the market. More on this in a minute. 

Cellular nutrition is a hot topic these days, now that scientists have uncovered a critical connection between how and why we age and the health of the 30 trillion cells in our bodies. And, it’s anything but a fad! 

Alas, the cells throughout our body start slacking off and producing less high-quality nutrients when we’re in our 40s. We tire faster and become weaker with each passing birthday; have decreased mobility and endurance, and are more susceptible to illness. The cells of our skin secrete less collagen and elastin, the proteins that kept our skin taut when we were young!  Older cells also hang around. We develop wrinkles, fine lines, redness and discoloration. Our skin sags, dulls and dries out.

Feeding targeted cellular nutrients to our cells can help restart and restore their processes as we get older, scientists have learned. And the precise ingredients we need to revitalize our aging skin cells have recently been discovered by biomedical engineer Dr. Ramon Coronado while he was researching stem cells in his lab.


The Authentic Avenoir Difference 

Combining powerful combinations of 2500 growth factors and proteins that help our skin cells perform like they did when we were younger, Dr. Coronado has introduced Avenoir’s Cell Repair Serum – Clinical Strength and Cell Repair Moisturizer. 

The concentrated serum is a cocktail for growing stem cells to help combat chronic inflammation that we all develop at some point in our lives,” Dr. Coronado explained. It stimulates the younger skin cells, so they grow faster and overcompensate the harmful effects of the older cells as well as environmental toxins entering our skin,” he added.

A friend of Dr. Coronado saw immediate results when she used his new serum on a skin problem she had for years. Another woman used it on her age spots, and two weeks later they were gone. Fine wrinkles began fading away on the  skin of a third woman. “Although each woman had a unique skin issue, it indicated that the overall health of her skin was suffering. By providing the nutrients their cells needed to be healthy and perform at their best, the serum cleared up their individual problems,” Dr. Coronado noted. 


of participants saw an overall improvement


saw improved skin texture (smoothness/softness)


> 90%
saw improvement in general redness and irritation


reported a younger appearance

Avenoir Cosmetics is the only company in the world using Dr. Coronado’s proprietary Cell Repair Nutrient™, as well as his confidential formula that makes the clinical strength serum incredibly effective. Since use of the ingredients has traditionally been confined to laboratory settings, they’re harder to get and more expensive than those used in other skin care products. “But well worth it,” Dr. Coronado said. “It’s virtually impossible that the serum won’t benefit your skin,” he enthusiastically added.

The Dynamic Duo 

Avenoir’s Cell Repair Serum – Clinical Strength costs more than other products on the market, but it includes “molecularly sophisticated components and growth factors that you simply don’t find in other products,” Dr. Coronado stressed. Besides, it’s a great deal less expensive than laser treatments at the dermatologist. Meant to be used before bed, the serum will feed your cells at an especially  beneficial time – when your body is at rest. Only a small amount is needed to do the job.  

Avenoir’s Cell Repair Moisturizer has the same ingredients as the serum, but is less concentrated and can be used day and night. It penetrates deep into the layers of the skin to significantly increase elasticity and tone. Using it regularly will invigorate and nourish the skin, leaving it feeling smooth, supple and firm. The effectiveness of the moisturizer alone cannot be matched. 

I’ve been using both products for one month and, as I mentioned at the start, my skin is tighter, brighter and baby soft. As the editor of a trusted website for women, I’ve tried many excellent skin care products over the years. The science behind Avenoir is second to none. 

Avenoir expects to introduce a toner and products for the eyes and neck this year with the exceptional benefits of its serum and moisturizer. I can’t wait. Thank you, Dr. Coronado. 

And start revitalizing aging skin cells with Avenoir’s Cell Repair Serum – Clinical Strength and Cell Repair Moisturizer. 

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