Your Skin’s in the Sun and You’re in the Dark

If you’re a woman over 45 years old, it’s likely you haven’t the foggiest idea how to take complete care of your skin to keep it healthy and radiant looking. You probably know that drinking water is crucial for skin hydration. Smoking ages the skin prematurely. And, adequate sleep will help reduce under-eye puffiness. But you’re clueless when it comes to the skin care products you use. Sure, you’ve been buying serums, creams and lotions for decades. You’ve also undoubtedly tried countless brands that made innumerable claims. So, of course you think you know what’s best.

But you don’t!

How do we know? We know because 209 OF YOU TOLD US in your answers to an exclusive eight-question FabOverFifty skincare survey. 

Two-thirds of the respondents aren’t satisfied with their skincare products because they fail to treat their concerns. Yet, only 11 percent say sun damage is something they want to improve. And, 13 percent use sunscreen! These answers reveal their profound lack of skincare knowledge.

Sun damage, not age, is the single biggest contributor to aging your skin. So, if 87 percent of you don’t use products with sunscreen, and 89 percent of  you don’t even think about improving the sun damage to your skin, you are seriously misinformed! Fact is, while aging itself certainly contributes to wrinkles, fine lines and discoloration, the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays are responsible for the vast majority of the visible suns of aging. Vast majority, as in 90 percent! 

Rubbing cream on your crow’s feet and having Botox injected into the wrinkles on your forehead aren’t doing much good if you continue to let the sun play havoc on your skin. 

See how your answers correspond to those of the women who responded to the FabOverFifty survey.  In the upcoming weeks, we’re going to introduce you to hard-and-fast facts about skincare products that will probably astound you. And, we’ll tell you the four types of products you absolutely must use every single day. I, for one, wasn’t using three of them.  Now I am.

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