{Test This} StriVectin-TL Tightening Face Cream

Can you tighten, lift, and firm your face without surgery?

StriVectin believes you can, with its TL Tightening Face Cream ($89 for 1.7oz). This titan tightener aims to “strengthen skin’s ability to hold natural collagen,” according to the manufacturer. “So facial contours look lifted, firmer—more youthful.”

The cream includes algae and alfalfa extracts, xanthan gum, sorghum, and shea butter. It’s best to apply it in the morning and at night.

“It’s the essential facial skin care for every skin regimen,” says the manufacturer. Are you ready to put it to the test? 10 FOFs will win!

To enter to win,

comment below by answering the question:

When did your skin start sagging?

10 FOFs will win. (See official rules, here.) Contest closes June 12, 2014 at midnight E.S.T. Contest limited to residents of the continental U.S.

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  • maryannfitz

    I noticed it at about 50 years old. It’s been downhill ever since!

  • Kim Irby

    I guess at about 51 or 52, I started to see some sagging, especially on my neck. It is undoubtedly my worst facial skin problem.

  • dopey1947

    I guess it really started in my late 40’s early 50’s. The trouble was I didn’t do anything about it. I just thought that it came with age and all of the harm I had done to it earlier. Too much sun, smoked, etc.I would love to test this product and see how it works. I have used their products in the past and really liked them.

  • Francine Farmer

    I am 54 and I noticed some sagging on my lower cheeks within the past year or so along with turkey neck 🙁

  • karen

    at 50

  • margaret

    started in my late 40’s. after that it just keeps getting worse. I have always wanted to try Strivectin but did not want to spend alot on it unless I was sure it was going to help. I spent so much money on other creams with promises and they did absolutely nothing. Would love to test Strivectin for sure.

  • Kathleen Goode

    Started after turning 50 , would like to try something that could possibly work that doesn’t involve surgery.

  • Liza E

    When my mom died and then got laid off. It seems that the stress and depression has me going amok.

  • Joiceann Fromm

    My skin started sagging at 21 🙂

  • sharon

    about 50, would love to try this product

  • Simply, way too soon..

  • Valerie

    On my dad’s side of the family, which I take after, sagging starts in our mid 40’s. If I could afford it, I’d have a lower face lift.

  • Early 50’s.

  • Rebecca B

    My skin hasn’t started sagging yet and I hope that by using quality products I can delay that from happening

  • I am 59 years old now and started noticing the actual saggy skin( no fat in it, just plain skin flap )about 1year ago when I had gone through a quite extensive weight loss caused by depression. It is just under each side of my chin, like jowels…,then the lines on each side of my nose attached to the corners of my mouth sank also, about 6 months ago. I would love to try this product BEFORE I have to plunk 10,000$ on a plastic surgery visit!!

  • Donna V

    I was in my 50’s. It would be great to have a product that really works.

  • MARIA simon


  • Kathryn C

    my neck- turkey waddle- about age 39 sadly

  • Patricia

    When I was 55.

  • I noticed sagging about 2 years ago, when I was 55.

  • kelley c

    I’m 37 but I’m starting to notice that things aren’t where they used to be. 🙁

  • Vicki D.

    For several years, my skin has really sagged by my eyes especially.

  • Connie Tucker

    A couple of years ago after I lost a good amount of weight.

  • Mihaela Day

    I would have to say I first noticed my skin sagging on my face and body parts after I lost a lot of weight

  • Ashley

    I believe that my skin has recently started sagging and I need to do something to stop it!

  • It has been gradual, but say in my mid 50’s.

  • Kathleen Klajbor

    When I was around 61…

  • Deborah Johnston

    48…after I lost 62 lbs! Yeah!

  • Nancy Monts

    I just turned 40 this year and it does seem like my skin is changing. Becoming dryer and less elastic. I don’t like it!

  • Leisa

    Over the last few years. They had been stressful and it really took a toll on my skin

  • Renee Rosa

    Early sixties.

  • Kim S

    I believe it started sagging in my 50’s and no longer has that glow. I definitely need a picker-upper!

  • In my mid-40s I noticed my jawline was sagging a bit.

  • Jewel Hopson

    In my 50’s I started doing the skin comparison Madonna used in a movie. With both hands I pull back my skin to see how I used to look

  • Jewel Hopson

    I noticed my skin sagging when a sit-com demonstrated romantic positions. I immediately got a mirror. Holding it above my head, I looked up and saw a good reflection. However, when I peered downwards into the mirror, I was shocked at how my loose skin fell forward.

  • Lori

    Last year when I turned 50. Mostly around my jaw line

  • Suzy Buker

    I noticed the jowls in my upper 40s.

  • Brittney House

    It started around 30.

  • Marie Park

    My skin started to sag under my chin when I turned 51 🙁

  • Jennifer Phillips

    I started sagging just the past couple of years but it is in the jowels area and really bugs me. This year it it getting a bit worse, but I had a few surgeries over the past year that I think added to it. With having my neck muscles cut into that had to add to it. I would love to see if Strivectin is really all it says it is. The eye cream I like a lot so this should be good too.

  • Kristi C

    My skin under my neck started sagging when I turned 40 (thanks Mom).

  • michelle

    It hasn’t

  • Toni Knuth

    I turned fifty as my youngest daughter was diagnosed with cancer. Not really caring how I looked through the next years I ignored the mirror. Now facing multiple life changes — I just took a good look in the mirror — and can see that the stress of these last years has taken a toll. There are several signs of again – including some sagging – that I could use some help with. I will be 55 in a few weeks.

  • Jennifer Russell

    The ol’ neck started sagging in my late 30s. Guess all those years sunbathing caught up with me!

  • tracey byram

    My skin started sagging at age 50.

  • Tobi Drabczyk

    I am just starting to see some sagging at 48, would love to try this product.

  • Maureenh

    at age 55

  • desiree melton

    I dont remember exactly but I woke up one day and it was noticeably different. It seemed to happen in the blink of the eye. Im 54 so im comfortable with it, I just wish I could roll back the time just alittle bit!

  • desiree melton

    I dont remember exactdly but I woke up one day and it was noticeably different. It seemed to happen in the blink of the eye. Im 54 so im comfortable with it, I just wish I could roll back the time just alittle bit!

  • desiree melton

    I dont remember exactly but I woke up one day and it was noticeably different. Its like it happened in a blink of the eye. Im 54 so im comfortable with it, I just wish I could roll back the time just alittle bit!

  • desiree melton

    I dont remember exactly but one day I woke up and it was noticeably different. I knew it was coming but it seemed to happen in a blink of the eye. Im 54 so im comfortable with it, I just wish I could roll back the time just alittle bit!

  • Debra Nicholson

    Don’t know. When I look in the mirror I don’t see it, but when I see my pictures I see sagging.

  • Debbie Cornett

    In my youth, I spent a lot of time in the sun with no protection. Now I’m pushing 60 and need all the help I can get.

  • Helene Galek

    I just turned 60 and while I can’t say my skin is sagging, I have noticed the first tiny drop in the jawline!

  • Carolyn Barnett

    When I turned 50

  • Shelton

    I started sagging about 4 years ago at age 50.

  • Laura

    About 48-49, right about menopause time.

  • Marymargaret Worley

    After having six children everything seemed to sag

  • Kathy Robertazzo

    I started sagging at 60, I’m 62 now.

  • julie rosier

    I noticed it last summer at age 46. I had gone for a year without a period so my hormones are changing as well. I can see grooves and lines in just a couple months.

  • Myrna

    My skin started sagging late 50’s. I have tried everything but no success. PLEASE HELP.

  • Elizabeth

    Late 50’s

  • I would say mid 30’s

  • Valeen

    I started noticing it a few years ago, when I hit 50. I think its the miles, not the years!

  • sue

    i would love to try a sample of your cream i tryed everything else.thank you

  • janet

    started sagging at the age of 51.

  • Diane Giorgio

    My skin started sagging approximately 8 years ago.

  • Lynn Doescher

    My skin started sagging probably around the time I turned 45. Gravity is not my friend!

  • linda

    didn’t think I was sagging until I read about this product I took a selfie and there it was sage city help



  • Ronda c

    I did not notice the sagging until about 2 years ago, in my late 40’s.

  • Karen

    My skin started sagging in my 40’s My chin and neck are making me look older.

  • MAG

    I started becoming unhappy with my skin in my mid 50’s.

  • Rosemarie

    I am 65 and stared noticing sagging about a year ago.

  • k forbes

    I noticed a change in my skins elasticity a few years back when I was diagnosed with cancer. The depression has such a strong hold, I neglected my skin. I am 56, and would like to try something that may help my skin, and in turn, uplift my spirit.

  • Vicki Wurgler

    I started noticing sagging about the age of 50

  • Leslie Goller

    At around age 40 I noticed less elasticity to my skin, which I believe is the start of sagging.

  • Michelle Castagne

    Started noticing in early 50’s.

  • vicki gonzalez

    around 60


    My skin is not as tight as I would like it to be. It started about 5 years ago.

  • Annette D

    I first noticed it when I was around 50.

  • R Dawson

    I really noticed sagging when I hit 54. [sigh]

  • Mary A. Hebda

    My skin is just starting to sag and I am 52

  • Megan S

    It began sagging after I turned fifty.

  • My skin sags so much I look like a shar-pei!!

  • Debbie Spearman

    About 3 years ago. But life goes on.

  • Michelle

    When I turned 50. Coincided with getting sick with a few illnesses; which resulted in taking many medicines. I am still on many meds and feel like the result is saggy skin in various areas.

  • So long ago I almost forgot but tried almost every product to help!

  • Sherry K

    Pobably about ten years ago, everything was loosening up.


    50 it started.

  • Kathy

    My skin starting sagging at around 45. My mouth is naturally turned down at the ends and the sagging makes me look like I’m scowling. Unfortunately the women on both sides of family had jowls, so I think I’m doomed. LOL!

  • Joann langdon

    Sagging started about 3 years ago. Starting to feel like sleeveless tops should be avoided. And never lean forward to dry my hair in front of anyone.

  • paula

    I would say it started sagging in early 50’s. I’m 56. I think menopause is a major factor.also, auto-immune disease and rosacea and stress. would love to try this product.

  • deb preston

    I would say my mid to late 50’s

  • I started sagging after I had my ovaries removed and went smack into menopause AT 38 🙁

  • Bonnie

    My skin started really sagging in my early 50’s! I hate it

  • Tom Bedford

    No sag yet, but I do work at skin health and use many products to maintain and prevent age related signs.

  • I started noticing it about 4 years ago. I just turned 49 and really want to stop it now!

  • Pamela Svendsen

    I believe it started sagging after menopause !

  • LisaShaw

    Maybe around 50, although I certainly had more wrinkles gathering up around my eyes and ‘marionette’ lines before then.

  • Rita Leonard

    I think it began around 55. I am 64 now and can really see the difference

  • Denise S

    I think it started around age 40.

  • Barbara

    I noticed my skin started sagging around the age of 51…YIKES!

  • My skin started sagging in my early fifties especially under my chin.

  • Mary Grace Gallagher

    At the age of 58, I’m getting jowls!!!I hate them!!

  • Mary Gregg

    In my fourties.

  • Do not really know. It just kind of slipped up on me!!!!

  • Aileen

    I noticed changes when I hit 45…I think a lot has to do with yo-yo dieting, but over 50 i just don’t bounce back like I used to!

  • jennifer

    around 40….. stress, sun damage!

  • Jennifer Sitz

    I just recently noticed this.

  • Susie Brunson

    I started noticing changes in my skin at about age 50. More wrinkles, blemishes, lack of hydration. I get cysts now that scar. I had flawless skin as a teen and now have adult acne. I probably don’t eat as good as I could and I know I need to drink more water. I am trying various “natural” remedies and they seem to be working. I know that most products are absorbed into the skin thus into other organs. I am suspicious of products that can damage my liver, etc. My body is already polluted from environmental toxins! I am 65 and am lucky to have good genes but I could use a “lift”!

  • Asia

    At 49. I can handle wrinkles, but bummer on the sagging.

  • Thelma Rodriguez

    I use good products on my face and lately I have noticed I need some extra oomph! This product might just do the trick.

  • Patty

    somewhere in my 50’s is when I noticed

  • Judy Rockwood

    I would with love to win this for my skin.

  • richelle bowers

    it just started sagging

  • Cheryl Avery

    Started at age 55. noticed some subtle sagging changes.

  • Jansprout

    Jowelly jawline entered the scene at about 57, I am 58 now and trying some other StriVectin products

  • ginny

    My skin lost it’s elasticity & started to sag around 54

  • Brenda G

    In my 50’s.

  • ginny

    about 55

  • joyzkim

    I just started to notice in the last two years when i turned 50. I also lost 20 pounds recently and even though it’s great to get rid of the extra weight, but my neck looks a little looser…ca
    n’t win!!

  • Lisa Danchick

    My skin started to age when I was 55 years old!

  • Janis

    I am 57 now and noticed a difference in the last 3 to 4 years

  • Karen C.

    I just turned 57 and I’ve noticed sagging along my jawline and neck within the last couple of years.

  • Mary

    About 5 years ago…

  • Michelle

    I was around 45 when I noticed some sagging around the jawline, (I’m 49 now) but this year especially the brow and mouth are joining the party. Is this hereditary, I wonder? My father’s side seems to have it worse than my mother’s. I’m up for trying anything and everything, before I completely melt!

  • marilyn

    I am 56 now and I think I started sagging about two years ago on my face..imperceptible to the onlooker but I sure noticed the “corners” of my face getting a bit lower…now I can see it on the rest of my body.

  • Joanna Lymburner

    My skin started to sag when I lost weight and kept it off at about 45.

  • Soledad

    I started to notice sagging a few years ago. I am now 56. I could really use this!

  • Ellen Katz

    In my fifties especially after losing a lot of weight!

  • Sagging – i really noticed about 3 yrs. ago.

  • Yvonne A.

    I noticed the sagging around the jawline after surgical
    Menopause. Then it became more pronounced
    with weight loss.

  • Kathryn

    My skin started sagging in my mid-forties. I’ll tout this to the heavens if it makes a difference!

  • Jean

    As soon as I entered my 50’s

  • Peggy Armijo

    I’ve noticed, at about 55, the little sags around my jawline appeared. They are minimal, but obvious to me.

  • Debra Guillen

    I think I first noticed my skin sagging when I hit 40

  • thomas christopher anthony

    when i hit 30 years old

  • Dianne Blue

    I will be 60 later this year and my skin is just beginning to sag, this products would help me to look and feel younger.

  • linda harvey

    Not just face! Everything headed south! It’s a daily battle, will try all products to fight off and delay the inevitable.

  • Sandra Santos

    My skin started at the age 50.

  • Lisa Foster

    My skin hasn’t really started sagging yet, at 51, but I’d like to hold that off as long as possible!

  • annette

    At age 40 🙁

  • Age 50

  • edith greene

    I’ve been pretty lucky but recently as I approach 60 I’m see more sagging especially in the neck and jowels.

  • Sue H

    Way before I wanted it to or expected it!

  • chiara ciofolo

    at 20 🙁

  • Nancy Reid

    Sorry to say that my skin started on my face in my mid 50’s. I make everyone take pics of me from above. lol

  • Cheryl Lynch

    In my late 40’s I noticed my skin sagging particularly my neck.

  • karen

    soon after i turned 50.

  • Colleen

    My skin started to sag after I had my last childat the age of 48. Everything about my body and my skin started changing.

  • karen

    I’d say at 50

  • Cyndi McNally

    I started noticing it about a couple years ago when I was 53. Mostly around my jawline, but now it’s in my neck area as well. Would love to try something to help the saggy look.

  • Cindy

    Around 50.

  • Barbara Whalen

    I am 67 and my skin started really sagging about 5 years ago. Very nasty, especially the under eye area and neck. Ugh

  • gretchen h

    in my 50’s

  • AJB

    Within the last year

  • Tina Rath

    My skin started to sag when I lost weight because I was stressed out at age 50.

  • It started sagging about ten years ago.

  • amy mayer

    Probably my late 40’s–I was more overweight and I noticed more on the jowl and neck area, especially when I started losing that extra weight.

  • Mar g

    After the age of 50.

  • Valerie Clark

    I first noticed fine wrinkles after surgery in 2006. I always thought the surgery has something to do with it but I don’t think so anymore. It’s like somone turned on an age switch.

  • StriVectin skin tightening cream is something I’ve always wanted to try. I would love to be in the test. I started to really notice that my skin was starting to sage in my mid fifties. Help.

  • tfabglam5

    My skin has always been a little slack because it is on the oily side with large pores. So, I am guessing that the sagging started in my mid 40’s and now it is more pronounced. Whatever I can do to firm and tighten, I am all over it!

  • susan Householder

    When I left my guard down and started to worry about everything. Now I just try to relax and forget about What I can not change from the past and enjoy my future. Hopefully they turn in to laugh lines

  • Virginia Rowell

    I am 44 and am noticing the sagging starting.

  • Ellen

    Like most other women my face started sagging in my later 50’s. I would love to try something that would help, as once again I am getting ready to hit the job market again.

  • Sharon Goulet

    I noticed my skin changing at about 45 things have been going south since but I still smile.

  • Marcie

    Early 20s

  • Kathy S.

    I think that my skin became more sagging after 50. Makes me look tired 🙁

  • elaine

    5 years ago

  • Marika Borger

    I’ve probably been an “old wrinkly” for a while but didn’t really notice until I looked in the mirror—–REALLY looked—when I turned 50.(gaah!!)

  • Sally Cunningham

    I noticed sagging about a year ago.

  • Now that I am in my 50s, I need these really good products, especially for my face.

  • sue galati

    I would say I noticed around 60…but then again–I can’t see either–so who knows!

  • Jean

    My skin started sagging around age 55.

  • Skin change in 50 with menopause .

  • Jenny N

    My skin is starting now and I am 41.

  • Raine

    I’m 39 about to be 40, I am noticing less firmness in my skin and I want to address the issue before I noticed any serious sagging, this sounds like the perfect product for my age and just at the right time.

  • Tina Renee B.

    I first noticed skin sag in my late forties

  • debby


  • Pamela Goldman

    My skin started sagging around 50. I would love to do something about it before it gets too bad.

  • KIM D

    In my mid-40’s as I recall

  • Marilyn

    It started at age 40 and I am 59 now.

  • William Murphy


  • At 66 now and I have tried endlessly to take care of my skin. The sagging started about five years ago after losing my job. So much stress and so many products that did not help! Sure would love to try a product that really helps. Could this be the one!

  • louise

    In my 40’s when i noticed

  • sarah medillin

    When I was forty

  • janet

    My skin started sagging somewhere in my 40’s

  • Brandy

    It started around 35 but has gotten much worse this year 38…. Ugh

  • Barbara Cenatiempo


  • Amanda Creen

    In my 30’s.

  • I noticed it last summer when I turned 53. I was looking down in the mirror and thought when did I start having a turkey neck! I would love to see if this product would help – gobble gobble.

  • patricia lockhart

    I think about 50.

  • Deanne H.

    I just turned 50 and the last few years I’ve definitely noticed some changes, including sagging….. ugh!

  • Kathy Elliot

    Thanks for the opportunity.

    • Kathy Elliot

      Late 50’s is when I noticed lack of firmness in my skin.

  • Joanne McAllaster

    On May 7, 2009.

  • Pam holloway

    My skin started sagging at about 45. That’s when I noticed it more and more.

  • Mary Lou Bissaillon

    After early menopause. Would love to reverse the trend.

  • My appearence and skin started to show label folds in my late fiftys. I vowed
    I will go out kicking and fighting to look as youthful as I can.

    Marty B.

  • melody brown

    I believe my skin has been sagging for some years now, but I’ve only noticed it recently

  • gmc

    a long time ago, sadly. It really became more apparent around age 62.

  • I really need some help in that area.

  • Kimberley Thomas

    I would say I noticed my skin beginning to sag in my early 40’s

  • Stella Ferraiuolo

    My skin began sagging at the end of my 40’s into my 50’s. All around the button of my chin especially the corners of my mouth. I look in the mirror and see my mother. Yikes

  • Amy Parsons

    40, my eyes started drooping.

  • Connie Parker

    My skin started sagging and wrinkling in my early 40’s, I will be 46 in July and it just makes me feel so old!! I have drawers full of wrinkle creams that didn’t work. I would love to see if this one does!!

  • Stephene Dinovo

    My skin begannto be more slack around the jaw line neck area around the age of fifty.

  • Geri Greene

    While I had some signs of gravity doing its work, since my cancer diagnosis and resulting weight loss, I have more sagging than ever before. I won the wrestling match with Pancreatic Cancer but it took its toll on my body. I’d love to try this product to see if it will help bring back the sparkle to my face! Thank you for the opportunity to ask.

  • Stephanie macdonald

    30s boohoo pout pout

  • Barb

    Well it probably started happening before it was really noticeable to me, and that was around 55.

  • Sue Pompetti

    Late 40’s… not getting better 😀

  • Jan

    At about 53. I would love to try this.

  • Mia Pacht

    How nice it would be to try this wonderful strivectin cream……clearly, better than having a surgical procedure and less costly for sure…. !

  • Janice Cash

    At 50

  • Sharon Jackson

    It started sagging noticeably at age 45.

  • Carol Lawman

    My neck starting getting crepy at 38 but my facial skin didn’t suffer until I was in my 50’s. I do facial exercises when I think about it but should do them daily!

  • Teresa H


  • Susan

    I would love to test this out my chin and neck need it.

  • Diana Wales

    I first noticed I was developing jowls at 49 or 50. Please, make them go away! This contest ends the day before I turn 54 – this would make a great birthday present!

  • Glory to goodness this Ozark Farm Chick would sure like to give this Strivectin’ stuff a run for it’s money.

    I began to notice gravity workin’ against me ’round the ripe old age of 52. Ya’ll ever notice how upkeep gets more expensive from the neck up the older ya get??? ‘Just sayin’…

    From the green green hills and hollers of the majestic Missouri Ponderosa, you have yourselves one spectacular blessed day!!! :o)

  • About 10 years ago I noticed bags under my eyes. About 5 years ago I developed crows feet. Two years ago I developed laerge circular wrinkles on the left cheek. I am now 67 years old.

  • Deborah Blake

    In my early 50’s..

  • Yesterday!!!


  • Merrill

    One word…..menopause! Uuuuggghhh…need I say more?

  • Jennifer Herrera

    When I lost 40 lbs for health reasons at the age of 52! Yay for my health. Boo new sagging skin!

  • Within the last year

  • Robert Curtis

    the day i started working in a kitchen

  • diana shenderovich

    i think around 48

  • Carla

    My skin totally changed and started sagging around the age of 55. I have tried so many different anti-aging and anti-oxidants to no avail. It is discouraging to suddenly be truly experiencing the force of “gravity” with my face. I am developing jowls and do not like the look at all. I will not,however pursue botox or anything of the like. I would love to try a product that you feel will truly show some results with consistent use.

  • Natalie U

    It hasn’t yet!! Hallelujah
    pedidentalasst at yahoo dot com

  • sandra kirkland

    I’ll be 71 next week and so far I have not experienced any noticeable sagging, but I’d like to forestall it happening. If your product can do that, then I’d love to try it.

  • wendy

    I just started to notice my face is sagging.

  • My skin has just started to sag in the last couple of years. This product is what I need to make my skin look more youthful

  • Deborah Curran

    in my mid 40’s after chemo is when I first noticed it. in my 50’s its even more noticable

  • rhonda

    noticed sagging with weight loss,…some on my neck and neckline, but on my cheeks and eyes Ive noted moreso,.. why does skin age before we do ?? 😉

  • Rebecca Fornell

    I believe that my skin started to sage somewhere between 20 and 30 years of age. I believe that we start to get old as soon as we are born. I think it all really starts when we notice. I noticed at the age of 55 that my face was starting to sage.

  • Rita M

    Sagging snuck up gradually. Now really noticeable. Would love to find something that really helps.

  • Nene

    In my 50’s my skin changed drastically but recently I visited with my sister who is 4 years older and I was told at a cosmetic counter if she was my younger sister. I laughed it off but came home and cried.

  • Pamela Behrend

    My skin started to sag pretty early. I have a combination of bad genes and too much sun! HELP

  • Vikki P

    About six years ago when I turned 50 I noticed some sagging

  • bernardina

    I started noticing my face sagging about a year ago and have been trying everything and anything to stop it!!! Help!

  • Kristie Ballew

    About 40ish, after I lost some weight.

  • Frances

    Before I was ready!!

  • Beth Lowe

    I am beginning to notice some around the jawline and neck and I am almost 56.

  • sandy haber

    Within the past two years, I think. Not surprising, I find I look like my mother and grandmother!

  • tiffany gallehugh

    Now I am going through early menopause. I hate it. So depressing watching the changes and not recognizing the person in the mirror or the clothes that just fit a few months back. I hate it.

  • mell

    I just woke up one day and noticed that it was sagging.

  • Lisa Fosses


  • smfsprout

    My skin may have been sagging for years, but I really started noticing it happen when I hit 50.

  • mimi taylor

    in my fifties I noticed a difference

  • Dayene Fritz

    My skin started sagging about 3 years ago. It would be nice to try this to see if it helps.

  • Jennifer H.

    My skin started losing elasticity in my late 30’s. Not yet sagging, but don’t want to get there either!

  • vicki walsh

    At age 50

  • Kimberley Maggard

    I noticed my skin sagging a couple of years ago…help!!

  • Susan Lewis

    Probably started to notice a slight change in my late 40’s.

  • chris

    About 10 years ago. Have been trying everything with no results. Would love to give this a try.

  • Robyn Fergeson

    I have very good genes and it actually surprised me when I noticed my skin sagging around 60. I’m now 64 and frequently pull everything back in the mirror and wonder where that younger-looking woman went!

  • Alona Y

    It’s strange how gradual it is, you just look in the mirror one day and go “hey!”. Mine is just starting now.

  • Lisa A Santee

    45 in April! I’ll try anything once

  • It just happened gradually.

  • Robin

    My skin started sagging about 10 years ago. I watch what I eat, exercise, never smoked and watch my sun exposure so I think I am a good candidate for the StriVectin- TL Thanks, my positive attitude and joy of living is also a plus!

  • Fran

    My skin started sagging in my early 60’s. I pride myself intaking care of my skin and just the last 6 years I’ve noticed my neck sagging. I wish I could wear scarves all the time but I’m rather warm blooded and they are just too hot. I’d love to get rid of my turkey neck….

  • Robi

    When I hit my 50’s.

  • Cerise

    Did not start until 59, now yikes!!!
    Gobble, gobble….

  • ali moss

    It started in my early 40’s.

  • Amber

    My skin started sagging just a few years ago but I’m trying to slow it down!

  • Debra S

    My under-eye area.. oooo that started to go a while back. Seems genetic! But other areas, were pretty good til bout 58!

  • Mary Hodnett

    IN my 40’s

  • I noticed my skin starting to sag in my middle fifties. I’ve tried quite a few skin products but nothing seems to work and I can’t afford a face lift or any other kind of procedure. I try hard to keep my skin looking good but it’s been a losing battle. I need help. Thanks

  • Kathy


  • I am not sure when it happened, all I know is every time I look in the mirror lately, I just cannot figure out who that person is in there! I have not figured out what happened to me…

  • Colleen M

    In my fifties.

  • Lynn Z

    I would say when I hit 50 🙁

  • L. Rose

    Who remembers? I think I tried to block the memory

  • bryan

    At my 40’s

  • Susan

    Very stealthy … One day I was young and then …. BAM!! … I got all saggy, baggy old 🙁

  • Jo-Ann Brightman

    I noticed the sagging over 10 years ago , but it is worse in the last 2 years.

  • Corinne Davies

    I first noticed my skin sagging in my mid 50’s and it just gets worse.

  • Pamm Peterson

    I noticed my face starting to drift after 40. I’d love
    To be able to pull it back to where it was all those
    Years ago

  • Carol Clark

    well when i hit 35

  • Sheryl Gossard

    It is time to tighten my skin as it is just beginning to show signs at 57.

  • Barbara M.

    From the past few years of very high stress. In my 40’s I looked 30 something. Now, I am catching up to looking my age. I can “see” the toll the stress and lack of sleep has taken on my face.

  • carol catto

    Not sure, but I seem to notice it more in the past year

  • Judy G

    In my mid 40’s 🙁

  • Karen Holtmeyer

    I really don’t know but I am 53 and my neck has the most damage….

  • Myrna

    I would say it starts in my mid 40s. My skin started losing elasticity. I am desperate and hoping Strivectin can help me. Thank you for this giveaway.

  • Sue Miller

    Within in the past 5 years-make it stop!

  • B. Lerner

    I would say my skin started sagging about 45, most noticeably around my mouth, chin & nose. Now, of course, it’s finding its way all over!

  • Talex

    around age 50 – it kind of sneaked up on me, then ‘poof’ I really could no longer pretend it wasn’t happening

  • Lynn Dobriko

    I would say about age 55.

  • Angie

    At 41!! Help please!! I need a miracle 🙂

  • bonnie

    At 53 I had stomach surgery and with losing so much weight I started to notice wrinkles in my face, each year there seems to be more and more showing…

  • It was around 30-35. I need help!!

  • Yvonne Girela

    As soon as I saw this product! Help!!! ;-D

  • Theresa A

    about age 50 – it kind of snuck up on me, I didn’t notice it at first, then ‘poof’, couldn’t pretend it wasn’t happening

  • Bunny

    My skin only really started showing its age when I turned 50. Now, at 59 – ugh! I look so much older, especially around the jowls/chin line. I really hate it.

  • RoseMarie

    I really don’t know when it started sagging, but suddenly I found the “apple” cheeks down around my jaw line!!

  • Carol stark

    My skin started sagging about 16 years ago and when I first
    Noticed it it was devastatingly depressing! I would love to try
    Strivectin as I heard it really works and it’s a lot cheaper than a facelift!

  • Sunny may

    My skin started to look old at 35 and the sagging and dragging down at 40.

  • Darcy La Fountain

    My skin probably started sagging in my late 40s. For a while, I could afford Botox, which kept it less noticeable. Now I cannot afford it and look old at 58!

  • Donna C

    I cant remember when this turkey neck and jowls started. They just appeared outta nowhere!

  • ilenep

    My skin started to sag fairly recently. One of the many results of menopause.

  • Nancy Tortorella

    Mid-50s. Recently I’ve thought about a facelift but I really don’t want to have any surgery. I’m always on the lookout for something much less invasive.

  • Not so much sagging but crow’s feet around the eyes are beginning.

  • About 5 years ago…..not bad, but would love to try some firming creams, especially this one!!!
    Would love to try Stivectin!

  • Lisa Fury

    I noticed My skin was not as tight around 42 yrs old. it’s not sagging yet, and i hope to prevent it from doing so

  • Betsy Domingue

    I am 37 and my skin is starting to sag now.

  • Amber Krueger

    Mine starting sagging EVERYWHERE at 30.

  • Lisa G

    I noticed when I hit 40 things started to change. I am now 50 and notice my skin starting to sag

  • Denise B.

    My skin isn’t sagging; and, hopefully, it never will.

  • Leisa Wooten


  • Debbie Terry

    I noticed at 35 – it is from sun damage

  • Melissa Robertson Marcum

    I have noticed some sagging in my skin just within the last year or so, I am in my middle 40’s and would love to try this product to see for myself what a difference it could make!!

  • wilma crissien

    Definitely noticed sagging in my late 30’s.

  • Marygrace

    Blah! In my forties, around 45. Jowls b gone!

  • jane valencia

    at 55

  • Jenn M.

    I noticed it in my early forties.

  • Around the age of 50. I have always had drier skin, so I have always tried to moisturize but I would love something to help firm.

  • Tari Lawson

    My skin started sagging in my late 40’s.

  • Felicia Johnson

    I noticed sagging skin when in my late 50’s, but more on one side than the other.

  • I would like to find something that really works.

  • I believe everyone is concerned about sagging skin myself included. Would love to try.

  • paige chandler

    My mid 40’s…UGH!

  • Denise Hart

    Mid to late 40’s. Would like to find a product that works!

  • tracy davis

    I noticed the sag around 38

  • Terri Phillips

    My skin started heading south in my mid forties…it hasn’t look back since…

  • Phyllis Taylor

    Just recently started, I’m 54 years old.

  • Dallie

    I noticed my skin sagging in my early 30s but I really starting looking worn-down and bag-of-bones-ish about 2 years ago. Now, I really notice it around my eyes and mouth. My mom, grandmother, and great-grandmother all have sagging skin on their face and neck, so I know what to expect. But, I am hoping that there is a miracle product out there that can tighten & firm my skin back to a more youthful appearance. The sagging and wrinkles around my eyes are pretty intense and make me appear much older than I really am.

  • Cynthia C

    I started noticing sagging around age 40.

  • Sylvia Thomas

    In my early 50s, everything dropped, so much so that people think I’m angry when I’m not. Nothing I’ve tried seems to help.

  • Alicia Thibadeau

    My skin isn’t sagging, but I’d like to win this for my mom.

  • Lataevea Burke

    My skin hasn’t started sagging yet, this would be a gift for my mother.

  • karen Daniels

    My skin started sagging in my late 50’s

  • julie fowler

    Noticed it on my neck in my late 40s. That’s still the most noticeable place for me. Although the skin around my eye’s has started ….Ugh!

  • Alison James

    My skin started losing tone when I was over 50

  • I topped the hill at 50 and I’m trying so hard to dig my heels in and not look so baggy saggy.I soo need!

  • Janet Woodling

    I was in my mid fifties when one I noticed sagging.

  • Barbara Lima

    About 60

  • james young

    3 years ago

  • Christina Day

    About 5 years ago after I turned 40 🙁

  • heather s

    It is just starting too so I want to stop it

  • Mine started after I lost some weight. My life has been sooooo stressful, I wonder why it isn’t sagging even more than it is!!!

  • Jan

    I started to notice sagging about age 58. Would love to try this! Do they make it in the gallon size? LOL

  • Joc

    I think my skin started sagging around 55 – I really don’t like the double chin look and my cheeks aren’t as perky!

  • Bettie

    It started 2-3 years ago and I’m 65 right now.

  • Christine

    3 months into age 50 full on menopause started and so did the sagging around jaw and neck – yuck !

  • Rita

    I was pretty fortunate. My skin didn’t start to sag until turning 60. Even then, it held up pretty well, but I lost weight due to health reasons, and it showed in my skin tone. Even after gaining some weight back, the firmness didn’t return. I’d love to see if this product helps.

  • Dutch

    I really started to notice the sagging around 45 – nursing my husband thru terminal cancer really did a number on me – body and soul.

  • Lynda C

    I don’t remember exactly but I’m in my early 50’s and I’ve started noticing sag…ugh.

  • Leslie Haller

    It all started to go downhill when I went through the Big M(menopause)! Please help pause my sagging jawline,mouth and forehead/eye areas!

  • Aida

    I recently started to noticed that I’m starting to look like a bulldog :(! My jawline has dissapear and my neck looks like a Turkey!!Can’t stand it!!! I could definitely use this, since this year I will be a milestone for me! I will turn the big 5 0.

  • Eugenie

    My face started sagging about 5 years ago.

  • Sue

    50 seemed to be the ‘magical’ year for me! I need a pick me up!

  • Frances Herzig

    It seems like forever that my skin has sagged. Maybe it’s that as my skin sags, my memory is getting worse. Wrinkles on my brain?

  • Kathie

    Around mid 40’s I noticed my skin started sagging.

  • Pam Fleener

    I started to notice my face sagging in my 50’s. Really more of a tired look, but it has gotten worse due to lack of fullness. I would love to try this StriVectin product to see if it would help give me back me.

  • Susan

    My skin started sagging the past 2 or 3 years. I’m 57 now and although people tell me I look much younger, there is noticeable sagging around my eye areas and I now have the “jowl” line!!! Help!!!

  • drz

    Probably around 45…

  • Linda Nan

    Post TAH with BSO for Carcinosarcoma and early surgical menopause
    Tried the top brand serums and creams on the market slong with a few salon microlift facials…waste of time and money … Still have the expression lines by my mouth nothing works… Afraid to get filler imjections on anticoagulation medication
    .. Would be willing to test your product but have doubts..becoming a skeptic on skin care company product promises

  • Alissa Anderson

    At age 28 🙁

  • Laura

    Most noticeably around age 53. (I’m almost 57 now)

  • Ida K

    For some time mow. I am over 50, so my face and the face on my 10 years old photos are so different… If I could got this product that would turn time back for my face and make me look younger…

  • Deborah Blake

    Started in my late 40’s I think

  • Christine Norman

    Late 40’s around eyes and mouth.

  • Madonna

    It is just starting and I want to try and minimize it as much as possible. plastic surgery is not in my budget.

  • kgritts

    I’m 56 and just lost 18 pounds. I knew I was starting to sag a little but the weight loss has really made it noticeable! So, I guess I notice it … now!

  • Nancy Jachcik

    Noticed sagging at age 63

  • Karen K.

    Started noticing around 50. Would really like to try to improve it.

  • Sandy Bonesteel

    My skin started sagging about 10 years ago; when I was 50. That’s when I noticed my jowls.

  • Barb

    A couple of years ago is when I started noticing saggy, baggy skin…… sigh……..

  • Jill

    Wow, I don’t know. I looked in the mirror one day, and thought, when did this happen?

  • shirley ramirez

    my skin started sagging after i went though menopause at age 52.

  • Jean

    It started sagging when I entered my fifties….and hasn’t stopped. Would love to try this!

  • Mary A

    I’m not sure, probably in my 50s but it wasn’t bad then.

  • I noticed my jawline sagging
    about 10 years ago.
    I’m 82 now and I look tired
    even when I’m rested.

  • Elizabeth

    Around 52 is when I noticed it wasn’t as taute as it used to be. I’m in denial and do not want to say “sagging or drooping.

  • Sue

    Late 40’s! Dang sun and stress!

  • Anne

    I receive it on my email.

  • Sonia Hall

    I started noticing my skin sagging at age 50, and wrinkles developing around my mouth as well. It’s quite depressing. Doesn’t make one feel confident or attractive.

  • Tracey

    Skin started sagging at 50 when I first got reading glasses and could see it!

  • gretchen h

    In my early 50’s

  • Megan S

    It began sagging in the last two years. Please help!

  • Anita

    Around my jowels, and neck.

  • 45

  • Susan

    Im 58 and starting to not even recognize myself in the mirror. Would love to try this.

  • patti lovecky

    As soon as I hit the big 60. It seems to have started sagging almost monthly now. I have tried so many different products, but haven’t found one that really seems to make much of a difference yet.

  • gina

    I have just noticed over the past year my skin beginning to sag, I can even feel it’s lost some of its firmness.

  • andie

    My face started sagging way too early!!..and hasn’t stopped..please help!!!

  • My skin started sagging this year – I’m 53. I don’t drink, smoke or do drugs however I do take high blood pressure and (hypo)thyroid meds each day. I don’t mind aging but it’s difficult seeing a different person in the mirror…

  • Cynthia

    I would love to try firming products. I just turned 60 and my eye lids sag plus my chin sags. Also around my mouth sags. Really would like to test and review products.

  • Cathy

    My skin started sagging about 5 years ago. Would love to win this giveaway!

  • Nancy

    Around 40 need help!!!! Pick me! Pick me!

  • Stephanie V.

    In my late 30’s but much more the last couple of years. Heard this is a fantastic brand!
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  • tammy durmaz

    My skin started sagginh after I had my second baby

  • Stephanie O.

    I noticed it at 37. I am sure all the stress I have had in my life has not helped. Just waiting till I totally look like a saggy baggy elephant.

  • Cynthia

    My skin started sagging in my late 50’s. At least that is when I noticed