Treating the Skin of Modern American Women with Ancient Indian Beauty Rituals

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Visiting her grandmothers in Calcutta during Christmas, or at home in Detroit with her mother, young Rooshy Roy would often catch a whiff of turmeric wafting out from the kitchen. But the aroma didn’t necessarily mean she’d be enjoying a luscious dinner that evening. Indian girls like Rooshy grew up watching their moms concoct the creams and solutions for their faces with the same ingredients they’d gather to cook their families’ favorite meals. Now brilliant and glowing, grown up Rooshy is bringing centuries of tried-and-true Indian beauty secrets to American women through aavrani, her carefully conceived and curated collection of skincare products.

While working in finance, Rooshy rediscovered the beauty rituals she learned during her childhood. “I started to fully appreciate them in my 20s,” said the young woman whose composed manner belies her 29 years. Taught from their youth that beauty emanates from the inside out, Indian women fully embrace healthy lifestyles, from what they eat and how they sleep to the ways they center their minds and bodies. Think yoga and meditation. “We understand that how we live our lives, not only what we put on our skin, is vital to looking and feeling our most beautiful,”Rooshy told me in her downtown Manhattan office. 

Clean Recipes for Beautiful Skin Passed Down From Generation to Generation 

Determined to keep aavrani beauty formulas “as authentic to ancient Indian rituals as possible,” Rooshy uses the same clean natural ingredients, in identical combinations, favored by her mother and grandmother. “The recipes are so rooted in our culture, passed down from generation to generation, that It’s hard to pinpoint when I learned which elements work together best,” she explained. Rooshy choose the name aavrani (rani means queen in Hindi) to signify female empowerment and the celebration of natural beauty. 

                       Rooshy Roy

The aavrani collection is handcrafted in the United States from high-quality ingredients that are sourced from around the world. Organic manuka honey comes from New Zealand, for instance, because it’s the best variety for preserving hydration of the skin, Rooshy noted.  And neem comes from India. Extracted from the neem tree, this natural herb acts like a strong anti-inflammatory agent and is amazing for blemishes, redness and calming the skin, she added.  

Remaining true to ancient rituals also means sourcing naturally derived preservatives that will prolong the life of each unique aavrani formula, but won’t alter its potency and integrity. “Natural preservatives aren’t easy to find and don’t all work well with the ingredients we want to highlight, which adds time and expense to our research and development processes,” Rooshy said. “The inexpensive preservatives used in many mass market products, such as parabens and mineral oil, wind up being harmful or associated with harmful effects.” 

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A Modern Four-Step Skin Care Ritual Rooted in Ancient Traditions

Women are becoming more and more educated at younger and younger ages about what they’re putting on their bodies as well as into their bodies, Rooshy related. “We’re want to appeal to them when they’re exploring new beauty products at transitional stages in their lives, whether they’re 20-something professionals or 50-something women with new skin concerns. These women are willing to spend a little more on better quality, more efficacious products,” Rooshy maintained. 

Aavrani provides solutions for every woman’s essential skin care needs, including anti-aging, brightening, resurfacing, hydration and moisture retention, Rooshy said.  Seeing her brand as the pioneer of iBeauty, her mission is to introduce Indian beauty rituals to American women in a way that has never been done. Unlike K-Beauty (Korean beauty), which can have up to 20 steps and intimidate women who are looking at their skin in new ways, the complete aavrani ritual takes only four steps. 


             The wonderful four-step aavrani ritual

Aavrani’s hero product, formulated with organic turmeric, neem, jojoba and honey, this acts as a cleanser and mask to gently exfoliate, brighten and even skin tone. Neem is an “amazing and superior alternative to alcohol because it doesn’t irritate the skin and can be used on sensitive skin types,” Rooshy said. 


Formulated with tea tree oil, cucumber extract, chamomile flowers, and witch hazel, this toning polish removes toxins, reinstates the natural moisture barrier of our skin, and enables aavrani Hydra-Whip to work more effectively. 


Formulated with coconut, meadowfoam and rosehip seed oils, plus shea nut and lavender extract, this ultra-hydrating yet lightweight solution locks in moisture, nourishes, and soothes skin. “We wanted to create a moisturizer that maintained the hydrating benefits of coconut oil but didn’t feel heavy and greasy or clog pores. You only need to apply a pearl-sized amount for the entire face, and it will last for hours and hours,” Rooshy explained.


Formulated with sweet almond oil, rosewater, avocado oil and vitamin E, this revitalizing eye treatment minimizes dark circles and puffiness, stimulates collagen production, and decreases the appearance of fine lines. A metal rollerball at the top is cooling and depuffing. 

“This set is amazing for women of all ages. Dryness and wrinkles all come down to lack of hydration. The aavrani ritual can maximize your skin’s ability to retain water and make it look its best,” Rooshy said. 

The aavrani Complete Ritual Set of skin beautifiers comes in TSA-friendly amounts so you can experience the ritual before purchasing the larger sizes. And, it would make a distinctive Christmas gift for the important and beautiful women in your life. Check out the hundreds of outstanding reviews online.

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