Vogue: “Game-Changing” Beauty Product You Must Have For The New Year

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Vitamin C. Vitamin A. Retinol. Peptides. Stem Cells. Take a close look at the skin care offerings at any beauty counter, and you’ll be inundated by a whirlwind of ingredient “buzzwords.” Rows of product labels call out, urging you to snap up the latest, cutting-edge formulas. And hey, they really are on to something. Effective anti-aging skin care does begin with the right ingredients. But it doesn’t end there. In fact, ingredients are just half the equation. How they absorb into your skin is the other.

Beauty’s next buzzword—and why it’s sure to stick around

Absorption hasn’t reached buzzword status just yet, but that’s about to change, and for good reason. Without it, your serums, creams, and lotions simply sit on the surface of your skin, and it wouldn’t matter if they were made of the most advanced ingredients known to beauty science. They won’t do a thing if they can’t travel where they need to, and do things like stimulate collagen, which keeps our skin tight and youthful.

What absorption used to mean

Dermatologists and plastic surgeons have long known that absorption is critically important for any anti-aging strategy to be effective. That’s why they use procedures such as micro-needling, ablative lasers, and chemical peels, but they are expensive and often painful. And, they often require downtime of at least a week, something few of us can afford these days, unless we’re willing to walk around in public with a red, peeling face that can’t take makeup.

The game changer

Costly in-office procedures used to be the only ways to prepare our skin to properly absorb products, so it would stay healthy and beautiful. But now, a ground-breaking skin care innovation, called the JeNu Infuser, can produce the same effect, for a fraction of the cost, right in the comfort of your own home. With no pain and not a minute of downtime!

It’s no wonder that VOGUE magazine named JeNu a top game-changing product to own in 2015, “The slim high-tech wand utilizes ultrasound energy to increase the skin’s absorption of any product—from retinol creams to free radical-fighting gels—by a factor of ten”, Vogue wrote. Best of all? It’s pain-free, quick, and safe for home use.

In fact, in the short time that JeNu has been around, there have been 7 different studies in which hundreds of women have tested it out. Time after time, JeNu has been shown to be safe as well as effective, with 100% more women reporting softer, smoother skin, decreased fine lines and wrinkles, and a brighter, more radiant complexion when using a leading anti-aging serum with the JeNu Infuser versus alone.

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  1. Neilfan1957 says:

    Too expensive. I’d go $50 no more.

  2. Street_Rodder says:

    Agreed!!! Changing the lighting, pulling back the hair… Seriously??? Hell, I could do that at home and it won’t cost me $200.00!!!

  3. Bernadette Cooper says:

    Yes, I agree the person has clearly had fillers to fill in her frown lines and her nasolabial lines. Do these people think we are blind and stupid.

  4. Jesse Kemp says:

    I was like you until I tried some of these products on my husband, mother, and sister didn’t have enough for me but you could clearly see the results and they could too. so everything out there give it a try, they’ve come out with some amazing products out there now, and I don’t believe anything. thanks

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