10 Ways To Make Your Hair Look Younger

If our hair really is the first thing someone notices about us, we better start paying some more attention to it! Here are 10 tips for younger-looking locks:

1. Get a new, shorter and edgier haircut

2. Cover your grays with a temporary root concealer

3. Wear a ponytail, if your hair is long enough

4. Avoid overspraying and making your tresses too stiff to move!

5. Let your hair move freely, and even keep it a little tousled

6. Go lighter, especially around your face

7. Accessorize with cool-looking headbands or clips

8. Add a few kooky highlights in pink or green. If Helen Mirren could do it, so can you

9. Start taking a non-prescription supplement, designed to make thinning hair fuller

10. Always protect your hair from the sun, all year long. Many haircare products are formulated with sunscreen.

home_cansIf you think your gray hair is aging you, look into temporary root concealers. We’re big fans of Gray Away, which covers gray roots in seconds and easily washes out when you shower. The spray works on light brown or dark brown/black hair and is just $9.99 a bottle. Try it now!

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  1. Judi Hume says:

    I’m 66, and my hair finally started looking good again when I got the courage to stop coloring it. It’s a pain to let it grow out, and I know grey is not for everyone, but for me it’s worked well.

  2. perkymom says:

    Why do women always get told to cut their hair off when they get older? That’s why I never go to a hair stylist. I haven’t let anyone touch my hair since 1997. I got the most horrible haircut then and I vowed never to let another “professional” touch my head again. She didn’t listen to a word I said. She cut my hair so short, I looked awful! The length of my hair is just fine, thank you. I’m not cutting it off just because I’m over 50.

    • eeriesponsiple says:

      Doesn’t make a difference either way. Neither helps.

  3. Anna Delgado says:

    I agree with all of them except the ponytail. I think that ages an older woman even more. It says, “I don’t care enough to take time with myself”.

  4. Uncurly.comDIYBrazilianKeratin says:

    #5 Let your hair move freely, keep it a little tousled. Totally agree. For those of us with crazy-curly, excessively frizzy hair, a keratin treatment can let you take advantage of your natural volume, wearing it straight or curly but without the pouff, even in high humidity. Plus, it repairs damage, adds youthful shine, and lasts 3-5 months. Definitely an anti-aging hair move!

  5. Bessheit says:

    I have been a short hair fan since I was young going back to Audrey Hepburn. Halle Berry never looked better than in the picture you posted. She looked like everyone else when she went long..glad she’s back to short again. Short hair lifts the face up!.


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